Spiritual Scripting

(note: this piece is written as a Spiritual neophyte, not as a master.  it's a process, to please take it for what it's worth.)

alternative title: 
"All of this is In code."

"Spiritual Scripting" is the pre-requisite to understanding the thoetry that is expressed in the wIe blog and on the wellnesseducation.us "poem of the day" engine.

in Spiritual Scripting, intentionally unconventional Capitalization, hyphenation, mis-spelling, coloration, punctuation and symbology are used to better express mystical meanings that are not easily visible through conventional written language.

in short:

* unconventional capitalization happens when Capital letters are used when referring to that which represents more of a movement toward Higher-Self, Oneness, Love or G∞d. ..note that sentences do not necessarily begin with capital letters. ..example: the meaning of the word "i" (meaning "individualized human, be-ing") would take on a different meaning from "I," which refers to the All, the Is or the I Am.

* unconventional hyphenation changes the meaning of a word (example: the word "remember" means "to recall" -- whereas to "re-Member" refers to the Knowing experience that wIe are All "members" of One, flowing One-ness).  re-Member means to "Member-again."  .....to experience Union, again.

* unconventional mis-spelling is often used to unearth hidden meanings.  ..for example: the word "mystory" hints that life is a mystery (of sorts), and that each of us has our own perspective or experience or story or role to Play -- in the Grand scheme of things.  ..nowadays, it's hard for me to use the conventional spelling of words such as "mystery." ..eeew.   :)

* unconventional coloration simply uses the color blue to convey a movement toward Higher Level thoughts (e.g. Spirit; Love), while the color red is used to convey a movement toward material, matter, individuality, ego and fear..any colors would work (of Course), but i usually go with the red/blue theme.

sometimes, coloration will not be used 
(because the reader is invited to figure it out for he/r-self).

in addition, blogger.com automatically colors links "purple," but links are often colored "blue" on microsoft word, so you'll have to figure out whether the blue or purple colors are being used to convey a meaning or to show a link.  ..unfortunately, blogger.com (as of 2-7-2010) does not yet allow for underlining, so it is more difficult to identify links.

* unconventional punctuation is used to help describe complex ideas.  ..for example, the word "s/he" is used to connote "either he or she," while "S/He" represents the idea that Oneness couldn't have a gender -- but maybe more of a fusion of gender-like tendencies (as seen from the human perspective).  ..from a Higher Perspective, the term "S/He" could easily refer to "I Am" or to similar-meaning terms such as One, All, Gd, Complete, Omni, Macro, etc., etc.

* unconventional symbology can most often be found among the thoems that are found on the wellnesseducation.us "poem of the day" engine.  ..we use circles, arrows and infinity symbols to facilitate communication of oppositical concepts and non-linear phenomena.

symbology appears more often on the "poem of the day" engine because the circles and arrows do not easily copy over to blogger.com posts.


knowing what you Now Know

the opposite of love is fear (or ego) -- both of which exist here, with-in the Play...
which appears to be a dual-ing Dance of relativity that (in Essence) is Love, Love-ing.
there is no-thing to fear but fear himself, and even that can be seen as an illusion of Light
re-Flecting upon HE/r-Self as 
a Holographic Uni-verse of

particularized, yet Whole...
individualized, yet One...
matter-ial, and I'mmaterial...
every thing, and Nothing...

All for One and One for All.

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