it's all G∞d


G∞d (spelled "Capital G - infinity symbol - d"); ..pronounced "gahh-ood":

Infinite Good. ..Complete, Whole, Absolute, All-Ways Good. ..Unconditionally Good.
Love; ..One; ..the All; ..the Is; ..Omni; ..Macro. ..Absolute

mmmm, mmmm,

antonym: fear. (apparent) movement away from G∞d (which, of Course, is i'mpossible).
i'mpossible (of Course) is the false sense of separate self, which has been defined as ego.

when e = energy, e-go = "energy, on the go" (or "the material world").

deduction: fear, ego, separation, split-mind, etc. isn't the "opposite" of G∞d, but rather the mind-body manifestation of G∞d, which means that:

It's All G∞d!

* from the book "Spiritual Play" (2001), unpublished.

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