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the wellness education blog is written by joal martino, with input from josephine martineau, lenny martineau, clare dunn, and other guest writers (as applicable).

the blog began when, at age 50, lenny took a 12 month international sabbatical -- spending time in thailand, cambodia, australia, new zealand, fiji, hawaii, costa rica and belize.  what (originally) began as a diary of experiences quickly morphed into a theological expression of Love, manifesting as:
  • Oneness
  • the Law of Attraction
  • the Dance of duality (and oppositicality)
  • friend/family memories (including birthdays and anniversaries), and
  • thoetry
 what, pray/tell, is thoetry? ..thoetry is the fusion of thoughts, theology and poetry. ..at times, rhymes..it is usually thought provoking, and it often expresses multiple (hidden) meanings simultaneously.

thoetry (most often) comes into expression via passive writing -- a phenomenon in which the host (thoet) simply allows writing to happen -- without a lot of conscious awareness. ..it's very similar to painting, drawing, sculpture, etc., as the host is frequently surprised to discover that which ends up as the finished product.

thoetry embraces a writing technique called Spiritual Scripting, which uses intentionally unconventional Capitalization, mis-spelling, hyphenation, coloration, punctuation and symbology to communicate mystical messages that might otherwise get lost in the translation.

in any event, the blog has progressively encorporated concepts and feelings that resonate with High Level Wellness, which, at Its body-mind-Spirit core --

is Love.

Love is On(c)e and All-Ways the beginning and the end of It All -- at least that's the kind of stuff that seems to Connect the posts of this blog. 

without going into a "final analysis," the theme of this blog appears to be that All Is Well, and that wIe are extremely lucky to be experiencing the cutting edge of Uni-Verse-All expansion, and It... is at the tips of our fingers, Right Here and Now..In-side.

the blog also hints -- that life is a process instead of a project, a flow instead of a struggle, a journey instead of a destination, a Joy-Full Play in favor of hard labor.

if you embrace the idea of friends/family...
   if you resonate with the sense-ations of Joy, Peace and Love...
      if you aspire to High Level Wellness...

or if you just want to share a laugh, within the wild, wacky world wIe...

welcome, to the wellnesseducation.us blog.
wIe are glad that you are Here.


* "sun of a son" drawing by abby williams (age 5)

* "windows to the Soul" picture taken by lenny martineau in st. thomas, u.s.v.i.

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