Wednesday, March 7, 2018

everyone dies alone

everyone dies alone  [1]
by diane ying

we all die alone
no one else can see
no one else can feel our feelings (know): no, not you not me
no one else can witness the experience (inside)
we all die alone: no place to run, no place to hide

  • it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money (or family, or love, or fame, or karma, etc.) that you have… you are going to die… and you are going to die alone.
  • it would be nice to be welcomed (surrounded by Spirits, past friends and family, Saints, etc.) into Heaven, but the dying process (the earthly process) is a solo experience.  let’s just face it (for once).
  • after All, it might be the On[e]ly chance that we get.
[1] martino, j. (3.7-1.18). everyone dies alone.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

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