Tuesday, March 6, 2018

cheating is a lie

cheating (is a lie)  [1]
by a. c. heater

i’m obsessed with cheating
don’t you know it’s true
focused on monogamy (to get control of you)

if i can convince you (now), that cheating is a sin,
you control yourself: deny your-self (that’s how i win)

·         what if monogamy was just another lie, just like santa claus?

·         what if those who created the idea of “cheating” simply wanted to control the most wonderful and powerful thing on planet earth?

·         what if (potentially) the most powerful thing on earth was the human female (and her vibrant sensuality/sexuality)?

·         what if men figured out a way to get women to promote, advocate, defend, and fight for the very thing (monogamy) that controls her own, true sexual/sensual nature?

·         what if men did what men always do: devise systems and rules that benefit themselves, and convince you that the very systems that restrict your own freedom are somehow “good for you.”

it might come as a shock, but this thoem is not promoting promiscuity.  it is simply an exploration of an idea.  some people love and thrive on monogamy.  for some people, marriage and monogamy work.  for some people monogamy is a “choice” that best suits them at a particular part of their life.

it is important to note that many "monogamous" people
have not been monogamous -- their whole life. (ooooops)
proving (once again) that people are masters at "smoke & mirrors" dialogue.
they say that they believe in one thing, while they live a totally different way.

simply because someone is sitting in front of you proclaiming monogamiscuity...
...doesn't mean that they are. 

for some people, however, monogamy is a fraud.  just another set of rules (often devised by the religious) to control you, and y/our behavior.

if the the powers that be… can convince almost everyone that monogamy is what “god” wants, they can devise a system of behavior control (conventional marriage) that purports the very rules that benefit the rich, old, dried-up, white man.

women get the shaft (in less ways than one) by not only buying into the system, but advocating it!

think, for a moment, about the mormon women who are conditioned to believe in polygamy (not as in “polygamy for all,” but polygamy, just for the white daddy/husband).  the girl/wife gets to get nothing (aside from guilt) when it comes to her own, potentially vibrant sexuality.

what if the other religions (and their offspring-rules and regulations) also conspired to control a woman’s sex?   women could be convinced to fight for the very thing that robs them of their very power, in the end.  women could be convinced to fight for the very thing that robs them of their own, deepest desires, in the end.  women (unknowingly) could end up being “possessions” of men.

if two individuals desire to embrace monogamy, there is nothing wrong with that.  after all, it does have its advantages.  this thoem does not discount the benefits of a monogamous relationship… if that is what both partners desire.

…but to make a lifetime promise (at a young age, based upon limited contemplation, based upon what others have “told” you is true)… is a self-imposed restriction of your own freedom.

it only seems as though you were the one who actually wanted it that way.

then (once the rules are in place), everyone gets to play a role in the lying game:

·         “cheating” (being against the rules) becomes an object of even greater desire – and of guilt.

·         partners can get complacent (in marriage), even changing their behavior… knowing that their own partner has promised to “stay together” – “until death do us part.” 

o   ((what a crock))

·         the winners are rich white men, alpha males and alpha females (except that alpha females are further controlled by stigma, name-calling, and public loathing).  men win (again).

·         lifeless, old/fat marital partners with the religious/moral upper hand, controlling someone who simply has the occasional desire for a little variety.


note: the author, a. c. heater, is not a person, but a thought-process.  a. c.” has re-Cognized that (on this planet), men make the rules, and the rules often benefit the men who make them.

religions are often the perfect vector to enact a “moral” rule, especially if consensus can be promoted.

·         if you can convince the gladiator that his destiny is to fight (and die) in the arena, you have just made money – on the “entertainment” of watching men willingly fight (and kill, and die).

·         if you can convince soldiers that “fighting and dying for their country” is something to be proud of -- they will then (happily) fight (and die) for your “interests.”  ((read… power))

·         if you can convince a child of santa claus, then she can control your other children by teaching them to sing songs that control their own, very nature:

“you’d better not shout,
you’d better not cry,
you’d better not pout
(i’m telling you why, dammit!!)”

“he sees you when you’re sleeping,
he knows when you’re awake,
he knows if you’ve been bad or good
so you’d better be good…”

(sidenote: doesn't that last line strike you as just a little-bit creepy?)

as the children sing, the controller (the owner, the parent) gets what he/she wants.  he/she gets the kids to control their own behavior, while passing-off the punishment onto a mythical “santa” who just so happens to want the child to do, uh… exactly what the parent wants the child to do.

((and we end up with a dry, non-existent sex-life.
a self-imposed jail.  a lie.  a cheat.
except that [in the end], we are the ones who end up cheating ourselves.))

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