Sunday, February 11, 2018

introverted extrovert

introverted extrovert [1]
by soci o. vert

introverted extrovert, walking down the street
meeting, greeting, or retreating (everyone you meet)
loud and fun at work: “good morning!” (let me have my space)
life of party (friday), but on saturday (no way)

share the deepest love, but then run-away (recoil)
introverted extrovert, untamed free-spirit (loyal)

·         socio-pathic?  maybe.
·         confusing, to others?  yes.
·         misunderstood, even to self?  check.

·         what if each of us is a complex, multi-dimensional, hopeful-passionate-fearful-cautious-risky-peaceful-angry-loving liberal/conservative?

·         maybe… instead of focusing on our innate differences as “detractors,” we might be able to view each other as magical, dynamic, evolving beings with a rich, stewy past… and a future filled with infinite potentiality.

[1] martino, j. (2.11-2.18). introverted extrovert.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by
[2] inspired by brian little's ted talk, entitled "who are you, really? the puzzle of personality." 

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