Sunday, February 11, 2018

how could one be sooooooo lucky?

how might one be sooooo lucky?  [1]
by s. o. lucky

what are the odds, on planet earth, that a person could be born into such physical, intellectual and financial wealth that s/he could live a life in which s/he could experience:

1.       freedom of thought (the mindedness to question) and the freedom to speak/share those thoughts?

2.       physical mobility (strength, balance, coordination, cardiorespiratory capacity) along with the freedom to choose where, when & how to move?

3.       memory, intelligence, curiousity, discernment (e.g. mental ability)… along with the freedom to express mental abilities and cultivate them?

4.       riches (clean water and abundant food; choice of variety in seasonal clothing; shelter that includes running water/plumbing, a kitchen with appliances (e.g. refridgeration), a comfortable place to sleep, and safety & security, & electricity.

5.       self-actualization; access to information, education, social mobility, democratic-capitalism (e.g. the freedom to be a part of your own process of social mobility).

6.       Love …and the freedom to love (marry, live with, travel with, mate with, connect with) individuals with a mutual desire to une?


·         imagine the odds of incarnating into that 80-year long Heaven… complete with drama, chills and spills, passion & romance and orgasmic bliss – all of which would be made exponentially more exciting because of its finality?

·         imag-i-ne being the Star of your own sit-calm, directing the scenes, getting lost in the Play, and living out the feelings, emotions, sensations?

·         image-in how many living beings (ants, trees, chickens, humans) would trade-up with you… if they only could?  many beings would certainly give up a lifetime -- to experience just one of y/our mediocre, throw-away days. 

if you are reading this (or any) post… under your own power… with access to the internet… with time on your hands… and with nutrition in your system…

…you are already rich beyond the belief of 99.999% of the living beings who have ever lived on this planet.  you are a star, a king, a master.

it is only the ego’s yearning to have more – that creates the illusion of suffering.  interestingly enough, the false sense of separation is also the cause of growth, development, and evolution.


[1] martino, j. (2.11-3.18). how might one be soooooo lucky?  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

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