Saturday, January 20, 2018

this is not that difficult

the problem with politics... is the system.  the system of law-writing that allows more than one item to be on a law/bill a the same time.  it BEGS the i'll-do-you-if-you-do-me system of back-handed deals.

                                                                the answer?  simple:

excel spreadsheet: one item at a time.  totally transparenteveryone knows exactly who voted for each item.  here's how it works:

(i would insert a table, here... but  blogger doesn't seem to want to allow)

lawmaker         item description        cost       my vote (y/n)          my reason
________     _____________    ____      _____      _________________

the end result would allow any citizen to see why any/every congressman or senator voted for each, individual bill, on its own merit.  no "deals," no politickingnone of it.

fix the system.  the rest will take care of itself.

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