Saturday, January 27, 2018

people are in pain

people are in pain [1]
by p. a. infull

people are in pain
yes, people are in pain
people (yes) are assholes (yes), yet:
people are in pain

  • all assholic-ness... stems from the fact that people are in pain.
  • while it is important to forgive them, since it is not their fault that their genetics and life experiences have brought them to this point of pain and fear… we (still) have the right to stop them from be-having like assholes.
  • we can say/do: no.  while your reasons for your assholic-ness matter, that does not mean that i have to accept your be-having like an asshole.”
  • it is our job (not theirs) to define their assholic boundaries.  we draw the line.  do not expect the child to draw his/her own boundary lines.
it. is. our. responsibility.

[1] martino, j. (1.27-3.18). people are in pain.   book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

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