Saturday, January 13, 2018


Free [1
by f. reedom

free to wake (at sunrise)
free to drive to school
free to speak and grow and think and contemplate the moon
free to let you be yourself and free to be (well), me
free to live and love and give (so grateful to be):

  •  i’ve determined that i love people, and i’m best (with people) for short periods.  after short experiences, i like to step away, to gather myself, and to contemplate.
  • i believe that commitments are essential to relationships, and that commitments are renewed, every moment.  there are no usa/marriage/contrat ‘guarantees’ to commitment.  a commitment is something that you earn, every, single day.
  • some people have this idea that if a person says (or professes) that he/she is committed, that it guarantees that they will stay committed, forever.  this is silliness.
  • take a look around.  it is obvious that commitments do not last forever.
  • anyone who meets you – and who quickly wants you to make them a lifelong promise – should not be trusted (as sane).
  • beware (of yourself)… if you expect the same.

[1] martino, j. (1.13-1.18). Free.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by
-inspired by tinder, and someone looking for an "ltr."

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