Wednesday, January 17, 2018

bank (robbery)

bank (robbery) [1]
by youcan b. ankonit 

alternative title: the banks are banking bank

the banks are banking bank; while they rob you (blind)
no interest (in your mad, distracted, overcrowded mind)

no compassion (as they charge another hidden fee)
banks are banking bank with no regard for you or me

we make them what they are: rich
and they, in return, rob us blind.
the banks are banking bank.

1.       the system:

a.       the bank encourages you to open an “account” which allows you access to the money that you have earned.  the representative explains the rules, and you engage in a contract – regarding how they are going to manage your money.

b.       the banks encourage you to “go paperless” order to [1] save themselves money, and [2] create complicated forms that provide massive amounts of information – along with “small print” information that they bank on you not reading.

c.        instead of giving you “interest” on money that you are (in essence) allowing them to launder, they create complicated systems, rules and regulations that allow them to charge “fees” for you to use, harbor and access money that you have earned, as a working member of society.

2.       they understand (all too well) that your mailbox is bombarded by offers, advertisements, and junk that creates a “numbing effect,” in regard to your ability to process all of the information.  eventually, you discard a lot of the junk-mail without reading it.

a.       understanding this, the bank (even if you “go paperless”) will send junk-mail to your mailbox, with offers of loans, refinance-ings, insurance, etc. – so that they can (see #3, below).

b.       this ‘numbing’ phenomenon happens collectively.  several companies (including your bank) send you mind-numbing amounts of information – all designed to get you to pay less attention, while extracting a little bit of your money.

c.        when they get a little bit from everybody, the bankers laugh themselves all the way to the bank.

3.       the banks, then, in a shrewd money-grab, can “modify” the rules of your contract, disguise the changes, and add or increase the fees that you are paying them to manage your money... without your agreement. 

"Guess what, dumbass, you signed a form,
saying that we can change the terms of the contract
just by e-mailing your statement and attaching some small print
(that we know you'll never read)."  

a.       note: this is also happening to your investments.

b.       money “managers” are (1) making commission-money on everything that you make, (2) taking money from your account even when you are not making any, and (3) laughing as the government attaches taxes to the meager interest that your money is earning.

4.       people used to rob banks.  in a weird twist of reverse-robin-hood fate, the banks (the rich) are now robbing from the poor.

[1] martino, j. (1.17-1.18). bank (robbery).  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

[2] inspired by visiting my bb&t bank, in good faith, expecting them to retract the erroneous fee which they added to one of my accounts.  i found that not only had they not retracted the fee, but they had charged another one while i was arguing the previous one!  FBB&T!

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