Wednesday, October 17, 2018

faux pas

faux pas [1]
by foxy f. fox

faux leather (in your Sunday shoes)
faux fur, faux fire, faux pas:
faux news

·         …and when they get called-out for being faux, they simply talk louder and lie larger.

[1] martino, j. (10.17-1.18). faux pas. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Friday, October 12, 2018


ambiverteitis [1] 
by b. ingred polar

you’re up one day you’re down the next (but this is not a crisis)
brash (yet quiet as a mouse), oh:

·         …and it isn’t going away.

·         you get energized as the center of attention, and then reenergized by reclusing into your cave.

·         social (yet anti), you sway between the poles, morphing.

·         talkative (yet adept at listening), your life is an experiential learning process.

·         sometimes it feels bipolar, but most often… it feels like the ocean.

[1] martino, j. (10.12-1.18). ambiverteitis. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Monday, October 8, 2018

make friends with enemies

make friends with enemies [1]
by f. r. iendship

in neighborhoods, across the ocean (even galaxies)
if there’s one thing that you can do:
make friends with enemies

inspired by star trek, enterprise:
season 2, #13: “dawn.”
a story of fear, mistrust, re-cognition, communion, communication,
cooperation, and (maybe, eventually) friendship.

[1] martino, j. (10.8-1.18).make friends with enemies. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by
[2] inspired by star trek, enterprise, season 2, #13, entitled: “dawn.”

Sunday, September 16, 2018

the best of times (are in the mind)

the best of times (are in the mind) [1]
by anna o. b. server

the best of times are memories (the caring, loving, kind)
the best times are not time (at all)
best times are in the mind

·         think about the best times of your life (they are in your mind).  yes, maybe they are piqued by phohtographs and stories, but

·         now... project your best future.  yes, it is there, in your mind.

·         one person’s best-of-times could be another person’ nightmare.

the best of times are in the mind.

what does this mean, and what implications does it have?

opinion only:

1.       we can summon-up the best of times at will, reflecting backwards and/or projecting forwards.

a.       the mind is our most valueable resource.

b.       the mind can also be our own worst nightmare.

2.       mind… matters.

a.       except that the mind (in part) isn’t matter at all.

b.       what are y/our best of times?


·          [1] martino, j. (9.16-1.18). the best of times are in the mind. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Friday, September 14, 2018

welcome to josephine's

welcome to josephine’s [1]
 by your favorite indie band, the josephines

momma, pack my undies
i spilled my snacks (at noon)
the car floor is a nightmare
i need a hairbrush (soon)

i love to drink my momma’s coffee, lose my shoes today
i want what she has, ‘cause i’m four, it’s time to nap (no way)

...but daddy’s home (and something changes): chaos to pristine!
welcome to my life, yes welcome, here to

* the lines of this thoem are (in most part) quotes from
 ashley martineau's facebook page, as she describes the kids as 
an 'indie band' and defines the band's greatest hits here:


·          [1] martino, j. (9.14-2.18). welcome to josephine’s. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

danger makes us cuddle

danger makes us cuddle [1] 
by anna o. b. server

danger makes us cuddle
appreciate the past
protective juices flowing
we want this life to last

we look beyond our differences
we see the beauty, shine
danger makes us cuddle
we’re going to be fine

(because danger makes us cuddle) 

·         danger brings togetherness.  that’s why politicians falsely create enemies (to unite the populace behind "the just cause") -- while running away with all of the money and the power.

·         when an abdomen is about to get punched, muscles and tissues and cells and molecules and atoms huddle together in close-quarters defense.  we solidify.  we bond.  we unite.

·         family members may complain about each other, but if an outsider agrees with said complaint, it is very possible that the family member will valiantly defend the nest.   btw, never, ever attack the nest.

·         in times of danger, couples tend to put down the gloves and experience gratitude.

·         when hurricanes approach, people become neighbors, friends, communities.

maybe (just maybe), dangerous times are (at times) the best of times.

 [1] martino, j. (9.14-1.18). danger makes us cuddle. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

things happen slowy: quickly

things happen slowly: quickly [1]
by anna o. b. server

things happen slowly: quickly
the warning signs: attack
the courtship phase: orgasm
the duckling phase: the quacks
the winds of fall: thanksgiving
the incubation: sickly
the sowing phase: the harvest
things happen slowly: quickly

·         have you ever noticed that things tend to happen slowly… right up the point when they begin to happen very, very quickly?

·         the growing phase has its growing pains, and then you are dropping your daughter off at kindergarten/middle school/college.

·         computer/robotic technology shows incremental progress, and then ASI puts a sudden end to life-as-we-know-it.

·         the globe heats up slowly (with a barely noticeable sea level rise), and then the mega-storm devastates the city.

·         the breakdown in relational communication, and then the sudden break-up.

·         the tornado approaches with a slow howl, and then…

coastal residents have been advised to evacuate, prior to hurricane Florence (days in advance). the sun is shining, the waves are gently easing up to the shore.  if they ignore the early signs, however, they may find that flood waters can quickly create an unmistakable sense of urgency.

it is easy to get lulled into complacency (when all of the signs point to catastrophe).
those who thrive – tend to take preparatory action long before the action (really) begins.

invest in the foreplay.
the climaxes, my friends, will (naturally) take care of themselves.

 [1] martino, j. (9.12-1.18). things happen slowly: quickly. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Sunday, September 9, 2018

no one cares (about your team)

no one cares about your team [1]
by f. a. natical

no one really cares
if johnny scored a run
if billy scored a touchdown
if julie scored (for fun)

no one really cares
if you win or lose
unless you like the same team (then you bond and chat: confused)

  • you already know this to be true, because it’s the same for you:
    •  no one cares if your team wins… in fact:
      • they (secretly) hope that your team loses, which makes their team better, which (pseudo-vicariously) makes them better.
      • yes.  hear it again.  they want your team to lose.
    • deep inside, you (sort of) know that your self-worth doesn’t depend upon what a 19-year-old does with an oddly-shaped ball… but you’ve been trained to believe that wins and losses affect your day.
    •  except for that they don’t.

  • you didn’t play in the game.  you didn’t coach.  you didn’t contribute to the outcome.
  • your ego, however, wants to associate with that team.  ego (separation) is separate from other teams.  to the ego, wins and losses matter.  to the ego, wins and losses are proof of separation.
  • the best of times (for the ego) are when there is proof of separation.  "we" are different than "them."

  • the best of times (oco-consciously) are when we can kick back, enjoy the interConnected variety, and breathe.


[1] martino, j. (9.9-1.18). no one cares about your team. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Thursday, September 6, 2018


foot.ball [1]
by a. f. anatic

something is afoot
isn’t it a ball!
every-body begging/watching/waiting for the call

  • foot ball: a fairly violent ‘game’ that is dis-played by fit young men who are coached by relatively fit, older men, and watched by very unfit, (really) old men.  
  • the old men (at the start) have all of the money.
in the usa (admittedly), the ‘foot’ rarely touches the ‘ball.’

  • the game unfolds as follows:
    • the old men (who can’t play and don’t know how to coach) pay a lot of money to yell and scream criticism at the players and the coaches (who get paid for knowing how to play and coach).
      • the players play together (relatively speaking) as a team.  they are the good guys. 
      • the opposing team is the enemy.  they are the bad guys.

  • the old men also yell and scream at ‘officials.’
    • often, the old men yell and scream at projections of the officials – on a device called a tele-vision.
    • yelling at a projection can occur in the comfort of your own home, or at a gathering place called a ‘bar.’  a bar is a place where no amount of yelling, screaming, or criticism is barred.
    • the officials (who get paid to officiate) can’t hear the old men, subsequently ignoring all of the beverage-enhanced criticism.
      • fans act as if they ‘own’ the team, the coaches, the officials, and the players.  
      • fans gather as a mob (called a ‘crowd’), proudly wearing their team’s ‘colors.’  
      • fans love their team, adore their players, criticize their coaches, and hate the officials.  
((truth be told, fans often hate their team and hate their players and hate their coaches,
especially when the players/coaches don’t do what each (individual) fan wants. 

fans want their team to ‘win,’ so that the fan can feel better about himself… uh,
because his self-worth depends upon victories.))

men love victories.
men hate losses… and subsequently hate any official, coach or player who contributes to a loss.

  • sometimes (in football), the most hated player is the one whose foot actually touches the ball!
  • sometimes, fans ‘cheer,’ being led by ‘cheer-leaders.’
    • cheerleaders (uh...) ‘perform.’
    • cheerleaders (officially) get paid very little.  their performance goal, however, is to get paid (a lot) -- by the men who get paid by the old men who watch the cheerleaders perform!

  • 'women' are non-cheerleaders who may (or may not) give a hoot about football.

  • in general, women are not allowed to contribute to the conversational criticism.  when women criticize, they are called ‘bitches.’
  • the men (both young and old) get to converse ‘bitch’ about everything.  when a male 'bitches' ...that is defined as ‘in-depth analysis.’

  •  women (of course) wish that they could be cheerleaders; old men (of course) wish they could be young men; and players (of course) play – in an effort to acquire the old men’s money.
  • subsequently, the players’ hard-earned money is used to date (and marry) cheerleaders who become women, growing old with the men who (consequently) bitch about players, plays, coaches, officials, calls, politics, taxes, and women.
…and that, my friends, is usa football!

[1] martino, j. (9.1-1.18). foot ball. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Sunday, August 12, 2018

sinning isn't sin

sinning isn’t sin [1]
by a. s. inner

what if everything that you’ve been told resides within?
what if sinning isn’t sinning?
(sinning isn’t sin)

* what if… people could communicate with us, after death?
what if they told us (what we already suspect is) the truth?
    *  what if they said that some of their best of times occurred while sinning?
   * overeating, cheating, excessively imbibing, recklessly driving?
   * coveting, over-and-above-eting, questioning our elders?
    *  sexting, over-texting and communing with our welders?

* what if sin is just a thing that elders can’t control?

* what if sin is just the thing they’d do (but they are old).


[1] martino, j. (8.12-1.18). sinning isn’t sin. book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Thursday, August 2, 2018

i love the rain

i love the rain  [1]
by r. aining

i love the rain (on Mondays)
i love the rain (at noon)

i love it when the clouds rise up (it will be raining soon)
i love the way you wash away the past, the guilt, the pain
i love it when the rain comes down

i love
i love the rain

  •  the beginning.
  • love. the rain. beginnings.  the best of times.

[1] martino, j. (8.2-1.18). i love the rain.  book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

when right is dead-ass wrong

when right is (dead-ass) wrong [1]
by w. r. ong & r. ight

when fox has been in hen house
when right is dead-ass wrong
when cries of “no collusion” echo out about the farm
when lies become the fairy tales that parents tell (by night)
when fox is faux (cat out of box), again:

when wrong is right

·         now that we know that:

o    no meetingwas a meeting, and
o    nothing happened” means “a lot happened,” and
o    no collusion” means “collusion, for sure,” and
o     even if there was collusion, it’s not a crime,” and
o    collusion” might not be a crime, but “conspiracy”, well:

§  it’s time to figure out the fox’s next move.  

·         the faux news playbook (a prediction):

o    state that (for the record) there was “no conspiracy.”
o    accuse others (namely, democrats and past leaders) of conspiracy, loudly and often.
o    hint that “conspiracy” (when done right) could/might be a good thing.
o    intensify the “fire!” & “pardon!” mantras.
o    find anyone, anywhere (on the other side) guilty of anything!  i.o.w., take the focus in another direction.

o    …and on and on…

·         what you should do: prepare... to be (once again) be completely dumb-founded as certain (highly intelligent) friends and family members recite the faux talking-point mantras.

·         important questions (as all of this becomes painfully obvious, even to the ‘right’): 
          1. what is faux news trying to protect and cover-up, and why?  
          2. who is in charge of faux news?  
          3. why are politicians allowing it to be numbed-down and covered-up? 

·         it might be one helluva money trail.  involving (you-already-know-who):

o    news reporters,
o    politicians (you can guess which ones),
o    lobbyists,
o    those that supply lobbyists with $$$ (namely, huge corporations),
o    the very, very few people that own:
§  the corporations,
§  the $$$, and
§  the people.

…the end.

chess matches can seem to take forever, but,
when the end begins, 
things can happen quickly and furiously.

unfortunately (as we are spectators in this human game),
there may not be a winner --
as even the spectators are consumed 
as collateral damage.

these may not be "the best of times."


[1] martino, j. (8.1-1.18). when right is dead-ass wrong.  book 82: what are the best of times?  © 2018 by

Monday, July 30, 2018

you're going to stike out

you’re going to strike out  [1]
by i . remember

you’ve hit a hundred homers
you’ve scored a thousand times
you’re laughed and howled and written thoughts (at times, they even rhyme)
you’ve made it seem so easy
you’ve left us with no doubt

but every now and then (again)
you’re going to strike out

·         every baseball player knows that that it is inevitable:
·         during your life’s dynasty... and (mostly) as it comes to an end, a very simple message does present itself (again):

you wonder what in heaven/hell this journey was about
but there’s one thing (for sure, my friend)
you’re going to strike out

you’re going to strike out

[1] martino, j. (7.29-1.18). you’re going to strike out.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by
[2] inspred by watching a documentary on mickey mantle.