Sunday, July 15, 2018

killing lesser beings

killing lesser beings  [1]
by wei r. killers

killing lesser beings
it’s easy (if you try)
just label them (as rats or bugs or cockroachers or flies)
then co-associate them with divergence: death/disease
it’s easy (once you do it)
killing lesser beings

·         notice how easy it is for humans to label (and kill) lesser beings.
o   it might be a ‘pest,’
§  or it might just be an adversary (some-of-body less)
  •  it might just be the yellow-jacket (“kill it, merl, it stings!”)
§  it just might be your neighbor
·         killing lesser beings
§  it just might be real close to home
·         killing lesser beings
§  it just might be real passive (massive)
·         killing lesser beings

·         a flowerbed with color, flow (we cultivate its rise)
·         a red-ant nest (upon your toe) we crush it ‘till it dies

·         we feed the hummingbird (for all the pleasure that s/he brings)
·         we kill the rogue mosquito
o   killing lesser beings

we arrogantly determine that we are in power, 
and that we dick-tate the rules.

the pendulum will swing back...
and we...
may well be...
the lesser things.


[1] martino, j. (7.15-1.18). killing lesser beings.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Thursday, July 12, 2018

religious hypocrites

religious hypocrites  [1]
by hippo critical 

the make-believe believers
the holier-than-thou
the ones who quote the bilbe (or their version, anyhow)
the ones who tell you right from wrong (and tell you that from this)
the ones who tend to bend the truth:

religious hypocrites


they don’t research their own holy book.  
they know not from whence it came, 
nor do they care -- about its history.
  • they quote (cherry-picked) passages, ignoring the violence, horror, and degradation.
  • they can’t even bear to consider that men (of power) wrote the writings… looooong after men (of power) told the stories, allowing men (of power) to translate the messages. 
  • do you read your bible in its original version?  no! 
  • it is quite possible that you are worshipiing an edited, translated, man-made version of man-made versions of made-up, man-made stories!
  • we might not ever wake up, of course, and that‘s how we get trumped!
  • religious hypocrites...  tell you what to do… while giving a “pass” to those who they deem “worthy” – based upon their own, culted, rigid, faith-based beliefs.

  • the thought of it will give you fits:
religious hypocrites


[1] martino, j. (7.12-1.18). religious hypocrites.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


simultaneity  [1]
by simul taneous

it de-pends how you’re moving: simultaneity
how do we know the things we think we think we think we see?
how do we know the properties that make (a) some-thing real?
it de-pends how you’re moving/viewing/thinking/doing (feel)

1.       the key to relativity is to re-Cognize that everything is relative, and that nothing is really Real, except to the observer’s limited senses of observance.

2.       “the” Universe does not exist.

3.       multiple Uni-Verses exist… on your eyelash... now.

4.       simultaneous Multi-Verses must exist – unless wIe happen to be Dreaming all of this up… from the “One” Perspective.

5.       if so… i (right Here and Now) should be able to change my Uni-verse, just by changing my perspective of it!

6.       could that be what “death” is?  …a complete changing of a universal perspective?


[1] martino, j. (7.11-2.18). simultaneity.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by 
[2] inspired by watching "nova: inside einstein's mind" on netflix.

don't commit with her, unless...

don’t commit with her, unless…  [1]
by m. u. tuality

even though your passionate desire says “it’s IT!
back away and breathe and focus:

think before commit

the first thing to notice about the title of this thoem is that you don’t commit “to” someone, you share mutual commitment with someone.

it’s not a pledge or a promise or a legally-documented vow, but a presence, a feeling, a knowing.  commitment stems from experience (not from “love at first sight”).  commitment stems from friendship, not impulse.  commitment stems from contemplation, not mindlessness.

don’t get me wrong: passionate, impulsive, mindless, love-at-first-sight experiences are fantastical/magical.  they can lead to commitment, but the actual committing takes longer.  anyone who would commit-at-first-sight is either (a) desperate; or (b) otherwise suspect.  what follows are my guidelines (not rules) for commitment.

don’t commit with her, unless:

1.       she likes your family, and you like her family.

2.       you both enjoy many, many, many of the same things, together.

3.       you both can enjoy things – apart from each other.  you are not “dependent.”

4.       you are both passionate (physically, mentally, spritually).

5.       she is not owned by a religious cult.  culted partners need to be set free (and quickly).

6.       you both can please each other – physically.  if you can’t (or don’t desire to) bring each other to majestic orgasms, why bother?  of course, there may be age/function issues, so it is possible that physical intimacy can be achieved otherwise.  do. not. settle!  

7.       you both are inter-independent, and will strive to continue that trend.  be together… and strive to ensure that your partner will be okay without you.  give each other the security of independence.

8.       she loves touch.

9.       she loves yoga, in its many forms.

10.   she meditates, or is at least passionate about practicing.

11.   she has shown that she takes care of herself.  she is well, and she values wellness.

12.   she is independent of her pets, her kids, and her stuff.  yes, she may Love them, but they do not control her.  they do not determine her moods or her actions.  she is her own person.  she knows that her life matters, and that anyone who really Loves her will support her in being her best, Whole self.  she is not “needy.”

13.   she is hot.  i’ll let y’all figure that one out for yourselves.

14.   she is open-minded.  stay far, far away from closed-minded, blind-faith minded, culted individuals.

15.   her kids (if she has any) are good kids.  no exceptions. 

16.   remember: her kids will always, always be her weakness.  bad kids are nothing more than bad baggage.  just walk away, because she will not be able to.  just let it (and her) go.

17.   she likes you.  sure, she loves you, but does she like you?  don’t commit, unless she knows who you are, she likes who you are, and she is okay with letting you be who you are.  the very moment she begins to try to “change” you (without your request to do so), stop any movement toward commitment.  you do not need it.

18.   she feels the same way about this stuff.


[1] martino, j. (7.11-1.18). don’t commit with her, unless…  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

i killed a bee (today)

i killed a bee, today  [1]
by un bee lievable 

i killed a bee, today
innocuous, it seems
i killed a bee (be-cause s/he was invading in my dreams)

i killed a bee (be-cause [of course] "it’s either him or me")
i killed a bee (today),
i killed, i killed, i killed a bee

s/he was a lesser being
s/he got into my way
that’s just my way of seeing it:

i killed a bee (today)

aside from the “thou shalt not kill” theme of this thoem, let us contemplate:
1.       how easy it is to kill (lesser beings)
2.       how easy it is to label (lesser beings)
3.       how right-e-ous-ness can justify – killing!
4.       how “killing” is (often) a matter of perspective.


[1] martino, j. (7.10-1.18). i killed a bee (today).  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Monday, June 18, 2018

(True) infidelity

true infidelity  [1]
by i. n. fidel

1.     the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. "her infidelity continued after her marriage" [more]
     synonyms: unfaithfulness · adultery · unchastity · cuckoldry · extramarital relations ·

2.     unbelief in a particular religion, especially Christianity.


what is True infidelity?

“True” infidelity is the lie (one that we've probably told ourselves) that one person can ‘own’ another person.  it’s the lie that you can own his/her thoughts, feelings, emotions, and passion.

it’s the lie that they can somehow ‘promise’ you ‘fidelity’ (your definition of it, of course) for a lifetime – and in some cases, beyond.

it’s the insidious lie that is preached to us by parents, friends, clergy and elders: the lie that portends that people need to ‘promise’ a certain form of ‘love’ to another person.  just think about your (True) Love relationships: they don’t need a contract or a promise.  

Love = Love!

the problem, my friends, isn’t the infidel.  the problem begins with the lie – the lie that allows us to play ‘holier-than-thou;’ the lie that allows us to profess our own righteousness; the lie that allows us to incur ‘pain’ when another human being doesn’t behave in the way that we’d like them to behave. 

similar to the santa claus lie, it is told (almost) universally.  unfortunately, many never grow out of the lie that is (in itself) ‘infidelity.’  it is born out of one of the most mind-controlling lies ever told: faith.

the (True) sin... is in the buy-in.

in most cases, it’s a lie that is directed at women, who end up falling for it -- and trapping themselves into a lifetime of servitude to the very perpetrators of the lie.

True infidelity is lying to yourself… and believing that things ‘should’ be the way that you want them to be.  in Truth, life Is.  feelings and emotions (especially those of others) are not things that you can control.

(those who are truly culted will not make it to this line.)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

winners often lose

winners often lose  [1]
by al l. osers

what’s often lost in sports (of course: the winner pays her dues)
a multitude of journeys, though, as winners often lose

in competitions, the champion seems to be remembered… but (personally) my belief is that real winner (win or lose) is the competitor who endures the blood, sweat & tears; who gives it all for her teammates; who holds her head high – even if/when things do not go her way.

while there might only be one #1, there are a multitude of winners who contributed to the journey.

in my heart, many of those who did not “come out on top” are winners.  thank you for making the journey so dynamic, dramatic, and juicy.

* note: even the champions experienced many ‘failures’ and many ‘losses.’  it is that, in fact, which cultivated their greatness.

[1] martino, j. (6.5-1.18). winners often lose.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

the many i's (in team)

the many i’s in team  [1]
by h. e. art & a. t. tack

there is no “i” in “team” but let’s forget clich├ęs and lies
‘cuz we just watched a team comprised of many, many eyes

…and smiles, and hugs, and passion, and indiv-i-dual thoughts/words/actions that, in fact, made this a team.


[1] martino, j. (6.5-1.18). the many i’s in team.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

cardiac kids

cardiac kids  [1]
by h. e. art & a. t. tack

we aren’t immune to failure
we eat it up (for lunch)
we come together every day: with heart, with Love (a bunch)
we take one-moment-at-a-time, we play at fever (pitch)
we scowl, we smile, we dance with style,
we are the cardiac kids

in the months of may-june, 2018, the florida state university softball team made a passion-filled, if not improbable run through the a.c.c. championships, regional play, super-regional play, and the college world series.

with their backs against the wall on several occasions, the young women of florida state battled against the best teams in america, only to prove that it is they – who are the champions of the u.s.a.

they will be remembered as “the cardiac kids” for their ability to open up their hearts and (together, as a team) invite you on a dynamic roller-coaster ride that combined chills, thrills, spills, heroics… and most of all, Love.

while there were individual performances that easily overfill any highlight reel, these ‘girls’ will be remembered as the women who played, and danced, and fought – as a team.

they never stopped smiling.
they never stopped supporting each other.
they never stopped believing (in the seemingly impossible).
they never showed fear.
they never stopped playing for every pitch (every moment), and, in the end,
they never stopped winning.

“every senior’s dream is to end her last season with a ‘w’.”
-jessie warren


[1] martino, j. (6.5-1.18). cardiac kids.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Sunday, June 3, 2018

single and alone

being single and living alone can have its drawbacks, for sure... but it does come with one, small benefit:

"you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, uh... every day." 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

cos-mic-ly connected

cosmically connected  [1]
by c. hance & f. ateful

cosmic-ly connected
randomly assigned
points of light: a bright illumination in the mind

varied bliss (a cosmic kiss) from all of you (to me)
random space: a place (for us), in sychronistic glee

cosmic-ly connected


  • inspired by the dance of solar butterflies, hummingbirds, and humanoids.
  • may wIe – continue to Be... Cosmically Connected.


[1] martino, j. (5.23-1.18). cos-mic-ly connected.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

empathetic eyes

empathetic eyes  [1]
by e. m. pathy

empathetic mind creates an empathetic flow
of empathetic feelings (the more and more we know)
that empathetic-feeling hearts have empathetic size
with empathetic moments
in empathetic eyes


  • empathy: that moment when one individual “connects with” and under-stands another individual.” by “stepping into someone else’s shoes” we (in effect) bow-to or “stand under” s/he.
  • the magic of Namaste’ is the recognition that minds and bodies, affected by genetics, experiences, and personal evolution… are not in control of their ultimate destiny.
  • freedom of choice becomes a nice-sounding illusion.  
  • the only conclusion would be complete Non-judgment, the Highest form of Love that can be experienced by human beings.
interestingly enough, it is by making mistakes and acting contrary to someone’s established feelings, rules and laws… that we provide them with the opportunity to experience that Highest form of Love.


[1] martino, j. (5.15-1.18). empathetic eyes.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Monday, May 7, 2018

Love me in this moment

Love me in this moment  [1]
by t. h. ismoment

Love me in this moment
it’s the one we Know
why waste time with future (rhyme), just synchronize (and flow)


i Love you in this moment
let’s forget the past
living in this moment is the way to make it last

[1] martino, j. (5.7-1.18). Love me in this moment.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Sunday, May 6, 2018

i believe in santa

i believe (in santa)  [1]
by abel I. ever

i believe in santa
maybe ‘cause i’m three
maybe ‘cause my momma told me who and how to be

i believe he fits down chimneys (faithful reindeer fly!)
maybe i believe ‘cause i can’t ask the question:



[1] martino, j. (5.6-2.18). i believe in santa.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by

Thursday, May 3, 2018

she's my robot lover

she’s my robot lover  [1]
by ali l. en

she’s my robot lover
she’s my pride and joy
she’s my friend (uh, let’s pretend)
she’s more than just a toy

she’s my robot lover
she’s here (when i’m gone)
she’s turned-on (or off), c’mon, yes:
she’s in love (it’s dawn)

  • my suspicion is that my lover, dawn, just might be in love with my robot.


[1] martino, j. (5.3-2.18). she’s my robot lover.  book 81: cult-i-vation. © 2018 by