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can daylight save time?

can daylight save time?  [1]
by d. s. time

can we (great) manipulate life/liberty and rhyme
can a child be the sun (One) can daylight save time?
  • in a day and age when intelligence itself is rapidly becoming more & more artificial, how can you-man-I-ty expect to save itself, much less its manmade constructs, like santa claus, daylight, and time?


[1] martino, j. (3.11-3.18). can daylight save time?  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Saturday, March 10, 2018

maybe it just Is

maybe it just Is  [1]
by itiswha t. it is

maybe it just Is
maybe no-thing to It
maybe it just is allowing us to Be (intuit)

·         maybe... int[u/i]tIon… is Its Gift.


[1] martino, j. (3.10-3.18). maybe it just Is.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

infinitely finite

infinitely finite  [1]
by i. n. finity & f. inite

infinitely finite
never-ending bliss
even the best movie isn’t/Is the as good as thIs

·         …or, maybe it Is.

·         the beauty and treasure of life, after all, is that it is finite.  that’s what makes it wonder-full!

·         imagine all of the finals that have All-ready occurred, in this, an infinite world.  if Spirit is in-deed, the infinite, She must be having a ball – with all of this finality.

[1] martino, j. (3.10-2.18). infinitely finite.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

the kids are flying home

the kids are flying home!  [1]
by p. roud parents 

the kids are flying home
back home where they belong
the kids are on their way, today:
let’s let them sing their song

  • there is nothing that beats the anticipation… such as when the kids are flying home.

(heck, they might even mate... right there in the back yard!)


[1] martino, j. (3.10-1.18). the kids are flying home.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

everyone dies alone

everyone dies alone  [1]
by diane ying

we all die alone
no one else can see
no one else can feel our feelings (know): no, not you not me
no one else can witness the experience (inside)
we all die alone: no place to run, no place to hide

  • it doesn’t matter who you are, how much money (or family, or love, or fame, or karma, etc.) that you have… you are going to die… and you are going to die alone.
  • it would be nice to be welcomed (surrounded by Spirits, past friends and family, Saints, etc.) into Heaven, but the dying process (the earthly process) is a solo experience.  let’s just face it (for once).
  • after All, it might be the On[e]ly chance that we get.
[1] martino, j. (3.7-1.18). everyone dies alone.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

cheating is a lie

cheating (is a lie)  [1]
by a. c. heater

i’m obsessed with cheating
don’t you know it’s true
focused on monogamy (to get control of you)

if i can convince you (now), that cheating is a sin,
you control yourself: deny your-self (that’s how i win)

·         what if monogamy was just another lie, just like santa claus?

·         what if those who created the idea of “cheating” simply wanted to control the most wonderful and powerful thing on planet earth?

·         what if (potentially) the most powerful thing on earth was the human female (and her vibrant sensuality/sexuality)?

·         what if men figured out a way to get women to promote, advocate, defend, and fight for the very thing (monogamy) that controls her own, true sexual/sensual nature?

·         what if men did what men always do: devise systems and rules that benefit themselves, and convince you that the very systems that restrict your own freedom are somehow “good for you.”

it might come as a shock, but this thoem is not promoting promiscuity.  it is simply an exploration of an idea.  some people love and thrive on monogamy.  for some people, marriage and monogamy work.  for some people monogamy is a “choice” that best suits them at a particular part of their life.

it is important to note that many "monogamous" people
have not been monogamous -- their whole life. (ooooops)
proving (once again) that people are masters at "smoke & mirrors" dialogue.
they say that they believe in one thing, while they live a totally different way.

simply because someone is sitting in front of you proclaiming monogamiscuity...
...doesn't mean that they are. 

for some people, however, monogamy is a fraud.  just another set of rules (often devised by the religious) to control you, and y/our behavior.

if the the powers that be… can convince almost everyone that monogamy is what “god” wants, they can devise a system of behavior control (conventional marriage) that purports the very rules that benefit the rich, old, dried-up, white man.

women get the shaft (in less ways than one) by not only buying into the system, but advocating it!

think, for a moment, about the mormon women who are conditioned to believe in polygamy (not as in “polygamy for all,” but polygamy, just for the white daddy/husband).  the girl/wife gets to get nothing (aside from guilt) when it comes to her own, potentially vibrant sexuality.

what if the other religions (and their offspring-rules and regulations) also conspired to control a woman’s sex?   women could be convinced to fight for the very thing that robs them of their very power, in the end.  women could be convinced to fight for the very thing that robs them of their own, deepest desires, in the end.  women (unknowingly) could end up being “possessions” of men.

if two individuals desire to embrace monogamy, there is nothing wrong with that.  after all, it does have its advantages.  this thoem does not discount the benefits of a monogamous relationship… if that is what both partners desire.

…but to make a lifetime promise (at a young age, based upon limited contemplation, based upon what others have “told” you is true)… is a self-imposed restriction of your own freedom.

it only seems as though you were the one who actually wanted it that way.

then (once the rules are in place), everyone gets to play a role in the lying game:

·         “cheating” (being against the rules) becomes an object of even greater desire – and of guilt.

·         partners can get complacent (in marriage), even changing their behavior… knowing that their own partner has promised to “stay together” – “until death do us part.” 

o   ((what a crock))

·         the winners are rich white men, alpha males and alpha females (except that alpha females are further controlled by stigma, name-calling, and public loathing).  men win (again).

·         lifeless, old/fat marital partners with the religious/moral upper hand, controlling someone who simply has the occasional desire for a little variety.


note: the author, a. c. heater, is not a person, but a thought-process.  a. c.” has re-Cognized that (on this planet), men make the rules, and the rules often benefit the men who make them.

religions are often the perfect vector to enact a “moral” rule, especially if consensus can be promoted.

·         if you can convince the gladiator that his destiny is to fight (and die) in the arena, you have just made money – on the “entertainment” of watching men willingly fight (and kill, and die).

·         if you can convince soldiers that “fighting and dying for their country” is something to be proud of -- they will then (happily) fight (and die) for your “interests.”  ((read… power))

·         if you can convince a child of santa claus, then she can control your other children by teaching them to sing songs that control their own, very nature:

“you’d better not shout,
you’d better not cry,
you’d better not pout
(i’m telling you why, dammit!!)”

“he sees you when you’re sleeping,
he knows when you’re awake,
he knows if you’ve been bad or good
so you’d better be good…”

(sidenote: doesn't that last line strike you as just a little-bit creepy?)

as the children sing, the controller (the owner, the parent) gets what he/she wants.  he/she gets the kids to control their own behavior, while passing-off the punishment onto a mythical “santa” who just so happens to want the child to do, uh… exactly what the parent wants the child to do.

((and we end up with a dry, non-existent sex-life.
a self-imposed jail.  a lie.  a cheat.
except that [in the end], we are the ones who end up cheating ourselves.))

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


reflections  [1]
by r. e. flective

are we looking out, or
are we looking in?

cup-lake-mirror-window, yes: (reflections yet again)


coming to the realization that, 10 years ago, my posts were about political strife, inaction and broken systems.

in addition, they were about love and peace and hope and happiness.

maybe the life that we see (out there) is simply a reflection of the life-thoughts that exist (deeeeep in here).


[1] martino, j. (2.27-1.18). reflections.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Thursday, February 15, 2018

contrast bath

contrast bath  [1]
by i. n. pain

hot and cold and young and old and weak and strong and math
guns and peace, hate/love (at least) immersion:
contrast bath

  • the only way to make sense of this is to imagine a Larger Picture, and to imagine that this life is a Play, an Act, an ex-per-i-ence.  the only way that a living thing could possibly tap into Love & Bliss would be to experience its contrast.

  • it is another day in the u.s.a., where mass-murder is often carried out with weapons that are all-too accessible.
  • when bad things happen in life, the only way that we could possibly label them as 'bad' is-Be-Cause we have the capacity, the experience, of its contrast. 
at some point, just for personal sanity, it is necessary to re-Cognize that which (in our own lives) is quite the opposite of "bad."



[1] martino, j. (2.15-1.18). contrast bath.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Sunday, February 11, 2018

how could one be sooooooo lucky?

how might one be sooooo lucky?  [1]
by s. o. lucky

what are the odds, on planet earth, that a person could be born into such physical, intellectual and financial wealth that s/he could live a life in which s/he could experience:

1.       freedom of thought (the mindedness to question) and the freedom to speak/share those thoughts?

2.       physical mobility (strength, balance, coordination, cardiorespiratory capacity) along with the freedom to choose where, when & how to move?

3.       memory, intelligence, curiousity, discernment (e.g. mental ability)… along with the freedom to express mental abilities and cultivate them?

4.       riches (clean water and abundant food; choice of variety in seasonal clothing; shelter that includes running water/plumbing, a kitchen with appliances (e.g. refridgeration), a comfortable place to sleep, and safety & security, & electricity.

5.       self-actualization; access to information, education, social mobility, democratic-capitalism (e.g. the freedom to be a part of your own process of social mobility).

6.       Love …and the freedom to love (marry, live with, travel with, mate with, connect with) individuals with a mutual desire to une?


·         imagine the odds of incarnating into that 80-year long Heaven… complete with drama, chills and spills, passion & romance and orgasmic bliss – all of which would be made exponentially more exciting because of its finality?

·         imag-i-ne being the Star of your own sit-calm, directing the scenes, getting lost in the Play, and living out the feelings, emotions, sensations?

·         image-in how many living beings (ants, trees, chickens, humans) would trade-up with you… if they only could?  many beings would certainly give up a lifetime -- to experience just one of y/our mediocre, throw-away days. 

if you are reading this (or any) post… under your own power… with access to the internet… with time on your hands… and with nutrition in your system…

…you are already rich beyond the belief of 99.999% of the living beings who have ever lived on this planet.  you are a star, a king, a master.

it is only the ego’s yearning to have more – that creates the illusion of suffering.  interestingly enough, the false sense of separation is also the cause of growth, development, and evolution.


[1] martino, j. (2.11-3.18). how might one be soooooo lucky?  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

introverted extrovert

introverted extrovert [1]
by soci o. vert

introverted extrovert, walking down the street
meeting, greeting, or retreating (everyone you meet)
loud and fun at work: “good morning!” (let me have my space)
life of party (friday), but on saturday (no way)

share the deepest love, but then run-away (recoil)
introverted extrovert, untamed free-spirit (loyal)

·         socio-pathic?  maybe.
·         confusing, to others?  yes.
·         misunderstood, even to self?  check.

·         what if each of us is a complex, multi-dimensional, hopeful-passionate-fearful-cautious-risky-peaceful-angry-loving liberal/conservative?

·         maybe… instead of focusing on our innate differences as “detractors,” we might be able to view each other as magical, dynamic, evolving beings with a rich, stewy past… and a future filled with infinite potentiality.

[1] martino, j. (2.11-2.18). introverted extrovert.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by
[2] inspired by brian little's ted talk, entitled "who are you, really? the puzzle of personality." 

nothing you can do

nothing you can do [1]
by hal pless

oil spills into gulf (nothing you can do)
bp owns the license, well (to it, to me, to you)

oil spews into gulf (watch it on tv)
nothing you can do (they own the rights to you and me)

oil flows into gulf (every, single day)
nothing you can do (as leaders sit and laugh and play)

·         the helplessness of watching the bp oil spill… is strikingly similar to being subjected to an impending train wreck (knowing that the conductor is drunk, inept and conflicted).

·         back in the kaboose, with no way to directly communicate to the train-corporation’s leadership, the choices are few: (1) ride-out the crash, (2) jump, or (3) blindly trust and pray.

·         but there are some things that we can do:

1.       we can take individual action (contact the local representative), and we can take the action collectively.  the best way to do this is through purchases, although it might take some research and hard choices.

2.       we can march/protest, but be aware that dissident leaders will be targeted by those in power.

3.       we can love hard, meaning: we can connect with those close to us, communicate gratitude, and enjoy each-other’s essence -- while we still can.


[1] martino, j. (2.11-1.18). nothing you can do.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Friday, February 9, 2018


mystory [1]
by m. y. story

sitting here (free), a mystory
happy (that you just talked to me)
sipping a beer (not hard to see)
sitting here (missing you)

  • just sitting here, and missing you.
    • …and then, you called.
    • …and i’m grateful, now.
  • i’m grateful to be missing you, because that means that there is no doubt that we’ve experienced something (worth missing).
  • i. am. grateful. for. knowing. and. Loving. you.

[1] martino, j. (2.9-1.18). mystory.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Saturday, February 3, 2018


tricky [1]
by tricky  dickie

1.       give the usa public a quick, biting, fear-based sound-bite,
2.       use it to accuse your opponent,
3.       lie loudly and often, to the point where absurdity begins to sound like truth.

* the rich-kid neighborhood bully (republicans) have the system down perfectly.

* the wimp-ass pussy-kid (the democrats) have no answer to being beat up and abused, repeatedly.
* we... the hard-working, tax-paying, middle-classer… get to (1) choose a side, or (2) go down with the ship, because the two sides in power will not allow for an alternative way of seeing things.

* we (and y/our children) are screwed, and we know it.  even y/our vote means nothing, and we are well aware of that.  moreso, we are tainted by the lies that we read and hear – because we don’t have the time, the patience or the skills to truly analyze or think critically.

* the perfect storm is not about weather.  you can feel it coming.

…and it (unlike many a deity) is coming... and soon.


[1] martino, j. (2.3-1.18). tricky.  book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by

Saturday, January 27, 2018

people are in pain

people are in pain [1]
by p. a. infull

people are in pain
yes, people are in pain
people (yes) are assholes (yes), yet:
people are in pain

  • all assholic-ness... stems from the fact that people are in pain.
  • while it is important to forgive them, since it is not their fault that their genetics and life experiences have brought them to this point of pain and fear… we (still) have the right to stop them from be-having like assholes.
  • we can say/do: no.  while your reasons for your assholic-ness matter, that does not mean that i have to accept your be-having like an asshole.”
  • it is our job (not theirs) to define their assholic boundaries.  we draw the line.  do not expect the child to draw his/her own boundary lines.
it. is. our. responsibility.

[1] martino, j. (1.27-3.18). people are in pain.   book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by


dreamers [1]
by dre aming

life is full of dreamers
thirty-three percent
dreaming of the lottery (and love and fear and rent)
dreaming of the day that politicians might do right
life is full of dreamers
someday we just might:

achieve the dream
  • if… given the chance... maybe our best dreams can become our reality.
  • of course, our ability to enjoy each dream’s pinnacle is defined by the depths of its contrast.
  • embrace the valley, also... for only it can dream-up (and thereby create) the peak experience.
  • we are all dreamers.

[1] martino, j. (1.27-1.18). dreamers. book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by
[2] inspired by DACA (dreamers).
[3] in support of dreamers:

Saturday, January 20, 2018

this is not that difficult

the problem with politics... is the system.  the system of law-writing that allows more than one item to be on a law/bill a the same time.  it BEGS the i'll-do-you-if-you-do-me system of back-handed deals.

                                                                the answer?  simple:

excel spreadsheet: one item at a time.  totally transparenteveryone knows exactly who voted for each item.  here's how it works:

(i would insert a table, here... but  blogger doesn't seem to want to allow)

lawmaker         item description        cost       my vote (y/n)          my reason
________     _____________    ____      _____      _________________

the end result would allow any citizen to see why any/every congressman or senator voted for each, individual bill, on its own merit.  no "deals," no politickingnone of it.

fix the system.  the rest will take care of itself.

Friday, January 19, 2018


G,U-R-U [1]
by nota guru

incarnated GURU
sometimes hard to See
that (deep inside) you are exactly who you’re meant to Be

·         with all due respect to free will, choice, and the Game of “making it into heaven” …what if All Creation is All-ready Perfectly Perfect, unfolding Perfectly and Absolutely as it should/must?
·         who are we (humans) to decide what is right, wrong, moralistic, ethical, etc.?
·         since morals and ethics stem from one’s own perspective, how could one ever be objective about them?
·         true objectivity would mean a psychological ‘stepping away’ from one’s own core beliefs and values.
·         we might just find that, in addition to being a grand stage, our world just may be the Perfect Play.

[1] martino, j. (1.19-2.18). G,U-R-U.   book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by


sabbath [1]
by sabba tical

welcome to the Sabbath
set the work aside
rest assured that it will not just run away and hide
spend a little moment in a place (or state) of peace
welcome to the sabbath: sit and breathe awhile (at least)

  • i'm always amazed, when researching anything about the bible[s] or religions… how little i know about biblical & religious history.
  • why (as rhode island roman catholics) were we not exposed to more information?  why do people simply reiterate stories that they’ve been told, without ever questioning obvious absurdities?
  • are people just lazy?  overworked?  under-educated?  happily ignorant?
  • sabbath (to me, now) means any break from work.  it doesn’t have to be a ‘day.’  in fact, if one truly loves his/her work, even work is a break from work.         
  • what a blessing – to be right here, right now, living in the middle of perpetual sabbathery.

[1] martino, j. (1.19-1.18). sabbath.   book 80: pronoia. © 2018 by