Thursday, October 5, 2017

humpty-dumpty's in the dumpster

humpty-dupmty’s in the dumpster [1]
by d. umpted

humpty-dumpty’s in the dumpster, shouting “it’s fake news!
all the while creating that (in which he would accuse)
all the while behaving like an egg that never hatched
all the while (the public screams) “we wish we could go back!”

all the while the power-pushers tout the status quo
all the while the earth gets sucked of energy (and snow)
all the while the gunners amm-unite for one more kill
all the while the innocents sit home and eat their fill

  • while humpty-dumpty rants and raves,
  • while middle-classers dig their graves,
  • while dic-and-taters are the norm,
  • while (oh, my god!) the perfect storm.

[1] martino, j. (10.4-1.17). humpty-dumpty’s in the dumpster.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by