Monday, April 24, 2017

mirror, mirror

mirror mirror  [i]
by r. e. flection

mirror, mirror on the wall (what is this world i see?)
who must i blame for war, destruction, disease, famine: (me)
who can i thank for love, compassion, beauty, color: (eye)
mirror, mirror (re-create): image-in reasons why

  • Be-Cause, without me (re-Cognizing that which is in the mirror), it wouldn’t be there.
  • this whole Mega-Verse is a reflection of that which eye be-li[e]ve is Real.
  •  the (obvious) learning point, here, is that there are an infinite number of realities that i could focus upon, right now.  from the birth of a baby to the explosion of a bomb... they are all real.
  • ...but what if i get caught up in a false reality -- like a cult or fake religion?  
    • then that reality experience will also be real, in my mind...
    • until such time as i opt out of it.
  • ...but what of others, who are caught up in false realities?  don't they affect my reality?
    • if i believe that they are affecting my reality, 
    • then i would, in effect, be allowing my reality to be affected.  
      • again... my responsibility.
  • the only Real question is... what reality would i like to experience?
    • what am i watching, listening to, and focusing on?
    • what would i like to co-create, today?    

[i] martino, joal. (4.24-1.17). mirror, mirror.  book 78: dark days. © 2017 by

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