Monday, April 24, 2017

confession (4.24.17)

for the past several months, i've actually been drawn to bad news.  dare i say "craving" bad news?  why?

maybe because:
  • bad news/drama makes us feel more alive than flat-lining.
  • bad news can make one feel "right" if s/he predicted/professed it.
  • bad news knowledge gives one something to talk with others about.  in a weird way, it is connecting.
  • bad news is contagious.
  • bad news gets others' attention.
why are catastrophic storms more seductive than a light rain?

why are seedy politicians more newsworthy than sunrises?

in any event, i've decided (today) to switch my morning routine:
  1. instead of waking-up in search of bad news, i'll ease into the day -- without the computer on.
  2. instead of NPR (news) as my home page, i've switched to, a page of positive inspirations.
  3. instead of getting down because of world events, i've decided to use world events to re-mine-d me of all of the things that i can be grateful for -- right now.
one thing that i am grateful for is to be able to do this: to express myself, on a blog.  thank google, actually, for providing this format.


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