Saturday, January 28, 2017

billybob vs. kellyanne (it's no contest)

billybob vs. kellyanne (it’s no contest):

[reporter billybob] “kellyanne, uh, this morning… mr. trump tweeted about his, uh, breakfast, and..."

[kellyanne, cutting him off abruptly, and frowning]first of all, billybob, that’s an unfair question.  we all know that the obama administration and the liberal media have ruined breakfast for centuries..."

[kellyanne: smiling, grudgingly] "…and furthermore, former president clinton shared sausage & cheese omelets with other women…"

[kellyanne: smiling painfully] "…and everyone knows that bernie sanders wants everyone to treat everyone else to endless brunch."

[kellyanne: smiling, sharply] "…beware of socialism!  egg farmers… be afraid!!  in fact, that’s where the word “chicken” originally originated!"

[reporter billybob]  "but..."

[kellyanne: smiling, smugly] "…but to answer your question, he always means exactly what he says about the wall… except when he uses alternative facts.

[reporter billybob]  (chuckles)

[kellyanne: furling brow, frowning, and increasing the decibel level] "…are you laughing at me???!!!  i’m going to have to re-think our relationship!  the egg is on your face, now, billybob!" 

[kellyanne: smiling, half-heartedly] in any case, it’s your own fault if you took him ‘literally’ – because we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day…next question!

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