Saturday, December 2, 2017

love turns into hate

love turns into hate [1]
by e. x. pectations

while second-hand is ticking (it can happen while you wait)
with unmet expectations, baby, love turns into hate

True Love never ends
·         we’ve all observed it: two people who were once ‘in love’ now hate each other.
·         it can happen instantly.  it happens when u.s.a. romantic/storybook ‘love’ comes with an array of expectations.
·         people should simply be honest, and say “i love you, as long as you _____________________.”  (fill in the blank)

·         …but that isn’t really Love, is it.  i see it as a form of possession or ownership:
i love you.  you’re mine.  now do what i want you to do.”

it sounds so love-ly… in song, on valentines day cards, and at wedding ceremonies, doesn’t it?  it sounds love-ly... right up until it ends.

…but True Love is different.  it is Unconditional.  it is allowing.  it is unending.  it wants the person who is loved to have the best life that they can have, irregardless of how we feel about it.

True Love is more like mother-child love, or friendship love.  it understands.  it doesn’t expect.  it doesn’t coerce.  it isn’t out for its own gratification, but rather, for the other.

a friendship doesn’t need a ‘vow’ or a ceremony or a contract or an exchange of overpriced bling.

Love doesn’t ‘need’ anything.

Friday, December 1, 2017

be visible to self

be visible to self [1]
by vis ibility

in this, a world where self-expression lies on someone else
instead of you (invisible), be visible to self

your thoughts matter.  your ideas matter.

your movements matter. your breaths matter.  your dreams and hopes and passions matter. 

 you... matter!!!
in this, a world where you can be invisible (don’t melt)
in you, there is a master-peace
be visible (to self)

[1] martino, j. (11.19-1.17). be visible to self.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Saturday, November 11, 2017

everything is tragic

perfect tragedy [1]
by t. ragic

you might say it’s tragic
all i worked for (gone)
everything i thought about my world is in this song
everything i thought about this life, a mix of magic
everything is beautiful, and
everything is tragic 

the truth is… it is all beautiful, and it is all tragic.

…and your mind gets to determine how you are going to feel about it, right now.

-the end.

[1] martino, j. (11.11-1.17). perfect tragedy (or everything is tragic).  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Thursday, October 5, 2017

humpty-dumpty's in the dumpster

humpty-dupmty’s in the dumpster [1]
by d. umpted

humpty-dumpty’s in the dumpster, shouting “it’s fake news!
all the while creating that (in which he would accuse)
all the while behaving like an egg that never hatched
all the while (the public screams) “we wish we could go back!”

all the while the power-pushers tout the status quo
all the while the earth gets sucked of energy (and snow)
all the while the gunners amm-unite for one more kill
all the while the innocents sit home and eat their fill

  • while humpty-dumpty rants and raves,
  • while middle-classers dig their graves,
  • while dic-and-taters are the norm,
  • while (oh, my god!) the perfect storm.

[1] martino, j. (10.4-1.17). humpty-dumpty’s in the dumpster.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Sunday, September 24, 2017

to kneel or not to kneel

to kneel or not to kneel [1]
by neal orstand

to kneel or not to kneel
to stand or not to stand
to fight for what is right (it is a task for any man)
to pray, to stay, to run away: to ponder what you feel
to be caught in the middle, now:

to kneel or not to kneel

  • be-cause those in the limelight are trapped – between friends, family, feelings, and finances.
  • because the act of kneeling just might be the act-i-on of taking a stand.
  • because everything could be at stake.
  • because, in this world, there are no guarantees.