Monday, June 27, 2016

what is True (and Real)?

after watching a video that shows how software can manipulate videos -- so that the a professional-looking video can be created, of (get this) anyone saying anything...

...just what can we believe in?  what is Real?  what is True?

given that we are limited by our own, imperfect senses, we can't (Really) know anything, for certain.

there is only one thing that any conscious life-form can ever (Really) know: 

"i am perceiving this experience."

the 'perception,' however, doesn't mean that the experience is Real.  it doesn't even mean that you are Real.  in Truth, all it means is that we think we think what we think, and our perceptions are (arguably) flawed... based upon limited senses and a wealth of misinformation. 

examples of the kind of mis-information that our senses 'tell' us:
  • the sound of thunder happens sometime after the flash of lightning.
  • if you place your thumb in front of your eyes, it can be the same size as a skyscraper.
  • coffee tastes good.
  • press a button (on a remote) and the t.v. (magically) turns itself on.
from my (limited) perspective, i do not know if you & i are Real. what i can do, however, is experience this experience, as if you are a loving, heaven-sent soul-mate.  i can experience the dance as if it were Real, wallowing in the virtual reality of perception.

let's Play!