Tuesday, May 31, 2016

bill v. jon (the rumble)

bill v. jon (the rumble)

watching two individuals with very polar views and beliefs debate each other was very meaningful (for me) at this time in american history.  i picked up on very tender moments... when they were half-way agreeing, sharing a laugh, or even complimenting one-another.

what struck me the most was the ending -- maybe the last two or three questions.

when jon stewart said that he is glad that he is living right now, in this world, at this time in history... when jon said that he had full confidence in the present generation, it made me look at the current world climate differently than what is depicted (in the news/media).

that being said, i'm also glad that i didn't agree with every thing jon said, and i didn't disagree with everything that bill said.  i've always felt as though most of the people that i've met in this world are very, very similar:

  • most would want to help someone, in need.
  • most do not want to kill the unborn, or murder the living (via things like collateral damage).
  • most believe that a woman should have control of her own body, and that government should stay out of people's bedrooms.
  • most understand that it would be foolish to have a 'middle' class pay for those who are lazy, or parasitic.
  • most believe that the top 1% should pay their fare share, and that huge income inequality is problematic.
  • most want to live, in peace.
  • most want to experience good, healthy relationships.
  • most have a 'live and let live' tendency ("...so long as your 'living' doesn't screw with mine".). 
  • most are fun-loving, and fun, and loving.
  • most of us who have access to media are anxious/fearful of the future of mankind.
  • most believe that mankind is polluting the planet, and having an adverse effect upon the planet.
  • most believe that corporations are designed (primarily) to make $$$, and that will not regulate themselves out of their own prime-directive.
  • most believe in taxation, insomuch as an individual cannot police his community, cannot provide fire safety, cannot create transportation systems, cannot be a farmer, and cannot do it all.  the group (by pooling resources, together) is better off than the individual.
...and sooooooooooooooooooo much more.

there can be hope for our future.  we can take (individual) actions that help the whole.  inclusiveness and division may actually be different sides of a multi-dimensional coin.

-the beginning.

the system is rigged

the system is rigged [1]
by a. g. enda

"the system is rigged" (when we lose),
but (not so-so much) when we win;
when i can develop some land, and then
'preserve' it (for my next of kin).

when i can be/get that which serves me best...
i often look the other way (okay),
when i don't enjoy the (opposing) result:
"the system is rigged (here, today)."

"the ump blew the call" (when we lose)
but "we got a break" (when we win);
the playing-field slanted, our victory (granted)
the system is rigged (yet again).

  •  given the negatives of the trump campaign, the internet, the media, and political discourse... the limited freedoms (that we appear to have) appear to be exposing the 'rigs' associated with various 'systems.' 
  • true, the systems are rigged. we, in all likelihood, wish that they were rigged in our favor.
  • we, in all likelihood support the rigging of systems -- when it benefits our (personal/familial) agendae.
1. is the system rigged, against the cow that was born, bred, and processed... leading to y/our last hamburger, steak, or yogurt-cone?

2. is the system rigged, against the homeless community's wish of  setting up a tent-city, say... in y/our backyard?

3. is the belief-system rigged, when the system's systemic beliefs cannot be questioned?

4. would descendants of immigrants 'rig the system' against immigration?

5. would a farmer 'rig the system' against infestation?

6. in y/our own home, have you/we ever rigged the system against pests?

7. our immune systems are even rigged, against disease.

compadres, the system is rigged, yes.

at times, the rigging is extreme, unseen and spiraling out of control.  a prime example is the fact that the system of mass-catching and processing of the oceans' sea-food, simply because we (humans see food and eat it). 
it is rigged, of course (against the fish).

can we stop it?  would we, if we could?

when i lock the car doors (and protect my home floors), i'm purposefully rigging the system against the potential criminal who might want to improve his (or his family's) way of life. 

for every living system (from the amoeba... to the u.s.a. political primaries… to corporate tax-evasion… to space-time energetic proliferation), let there be no doubt:

the system is rigged, and the rigging is all-ways self-serving.

[1] martino, j. (5.31-1.16). the system is rigged.  book 77: shift. © 2016 by wellnesseducation.us.