Saturday, April 2, 2016

artery and vain

artery and vain [1] 
by circ u. latory 

vein and artery
one goes up (one down)
one is red (one blue)
when you smile (i frown)

when we fight for who is right there’s nothing left but pain
liberally-conservative (we):
artery and vain
  • the circulatory system works because of the need for blood to flow... in opposite directions.  It is cooperative, magnificent, miraculous!
  • ...but imagine if arteries and veins chose (instead) to fight each other, to hate each other, and to oppose each other’s every movement:
  • the end-result would be mutually chosen suicide -- as the host would die, thereby killing the subsystems themselves.
  •  the 2016 presidential primaries are a painful symptom, not a cause.
  •  the only reason why trump or sanders even have a voice is because the democratic and republican parties don’t know how to party.  they have chosen to: (1) monopolize the parent system, (2) oppose each other at every turn, and (3) get fat and lazy with the hard-earned money of tax-paying citizens.
  • will the parties collapse?  will they survive, at the expense of the host?  will the subsystems learn anything?
  •  will the cells of the body revolt, and inflict a re-volution against both subsystems?
  •  tune-in (or not), but we (just might) have a role in this Play.

[1] martino, j. (4.2-1.16). book 77: shift. © 2016 by