Sunday, March 13, 2016

dying makes me think

dying makes me think [1]
by d. ying

dying makes me think
thinking thoughts of you
sunny breeze of memories (the things we used to do)
making rhymes of best of times (the games we used to play)
dying makes me think of you:
the best of times (today)

  • let’s not wait until we’re dying… to re-cognize the very best of times as they unfold before us, each day.
  • every moment is a potential treasure of thoughts, begging to flow into existence.
  • when we can share those thoughts, those times, those dreams… then dying isn’t what it seems.

[1] martino, j. (3.9-1.16). book 77: shift happens. © 2016 by

an hour of life is gone

an hour of life is gone [i]
by m. anly

an hour of life is gone,
but not because of death
but not because disease reduced the number of our breaths
but not because the sun is dying, not because of wine
but just because of men (in charge of his-story, and time) 

  •    men.  the ones who created religions.  the ones who solve problems via war.  the ones who make the rules.  the ones who want control.  the ones who have the power.  the ones who, even without us knowing it, influence every move we make, every chance we take, and every, single thought that we (are allowed to) think.

  •   let there be no doubt: men are in charge – ((and we are on the brink)). 

[i] martino, j. (3.13-4.16). book 77: shift happens. © 2016 by
* inspired by 'daylight savings time,' and the movie 'prohibition' with ken burns.