Friday, September 11, 2015

do you pray?

by p. rayers
alternative title: “call 911” 

just tonight (9-11-15), i met up with a best-buddy... a manly-man who happens to be going through a very, very challenging situation in his life.  we had (the usual) million laughs, recalled some great memories, talked about embarrassing moments, etc.  at several points in the evening, he said things that were simple, yet incredibly profound.

the restaurant/bar area was loud, and i couldn’t even believe the words that were about to come out of my mouth, in curiosity, asking:

do you pray?

…and then (this man, this combat veteran, this loving husband, this decorated special-forces airborne-ranger commander), said: 

“yes, i pray."
he said:
"... i pray for three things.” 

…and then he said something that i hope that i'll never forget. 
he (calmly/strongly/assuredly) said: 

“i pray for my family, to be able to deal with whatever happens…
...i pray for everyone who is praying for me…
...and i pray for everyone who is worse off than i am.” 

       the peaceful warrior finds himself engaged in a different kind of battle.

      ambushed by fate, he stares down the rifle-barrel of a very capable, unseen enemy...
     ...and none of his prayers are for his own situation/condition. 

     forrest gump might say: "and that's all i've got to say... about that."

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