Saturday, August 29, 2015


obsessive [1]
by o. b. sessiveness                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

once you get a fixture on a thing or thought or way
once you can’t retreat from it (like thoughts of you, today)
once you re-Cognize that this is (Really) something festive
once you let it flow, you let it go, you know:

     * there is absolutely nothing wrong with obsessive behavior, just like any of y/our behaviors… so long as they are semi-scripted act-i-ons on a super-screen-play, called “center of the Uni-Verse,” and you are act-ing as the central figure: you. 

     * in the Play, act-ors ad-lib, play roles, forgive, violate, love, kill, heal, destroy, connect, compromise, fight, gossip, kiss, and reminisce.

     * let’s Play.

[1] martino, j. (8.29-1.15). book 76: obsessive. © 2015 by

Sunday, August 23, 2015


by p. a. radoxial 

violent, yet small
vul-ner-a-ble (vicious)
fly: attack/withdraw

tiny, light (and set to fight), a life of day-to-day
paradoxilicous is the One (the On[e]ly) way

the personality of the hummingbird:

o   confident, yet yielding, 
o   skittish, yet bravad, 
o   playful, yet defensive, 
o   welcome to the yard.

o   let me share (then spank you), 
o   chase you far away, 
o   small (yet set to die for bits of nectar, here, today).

o   small (yet set to battle for the nectar in the fall), 
o   don’t misjudge my size (disguise): 
o   it’s all for One (for All).

[1] martino, j. (8.23-1.15). book 75 lost & found. © 2015 by

Saturday, August 22, 2015

multiply too quickly

multiply too quickly [1] 
by pro creation 

multiple too quickly
any species can
when out-of-control it’s like the cancer in the man
when there’s no control (like when the kudzu chokes the breath)
multiply too quickly, it’s a pro-creation:
  • cancer, in an effort to survive (and then thrive) multiplies exponentially, committing suicide as it kills its own host.
  • it's an insane dis-ease, one that humans could relate to... (most).

[1] martino, j. (8.22-1.15). book 75 lost & found. © 2015 by

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

thank you, mr. puppet

thank you, mr. puppet [1]
by p. uppets
thank you, mr. puppet
showing us a show
telling us a story, now, so everyone will know
giving us a moral (with a twist of whim and whit)
thank you, mr. puppet, now,
we hope that you won’t quit

((alternate ending not suitable for young audiences))

     ·         the puppet might exude passion, speak with eloquence, identify wrongs and support rights… but, at the end of the day, he’s just a lifeless character on a string, spouting whatever his master deems appropriate to sing.

     ·        mr. puppet might be funny.  mr. puppet might seem wise.  he might conjure up a following (in his brilliant disguise).   

     ·        his musings might be profound, and they just might be Divinely Inspired…  but at the end of the day, he never had a thought of his own.

     ·         at the end of the day, he’s a product of what someone else thinks.  he’s the end result of a joke that someone else wrote.  he’s a preacher of someone else’s code.  he is an expression of someone else’s interpretation of someone else’s book.

     ·         he might make lots of money as the media’s favorite muppet…
but, at the end of the day, 

     he’s just a puppet.

[1] martino, j. (8.18-1.15). book 75 lost & found. © 2015 by

Monday, August 3, 2015

attitude of gratitude

attitude of gratitude [1]
by g. r. ateful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

in a world where ego-mind is always wanting more
there’s a wealth of moments to be ever grateful for

·         friends-family-friends
·         experiences
·         time
·         health
·         senses
·         moments
·         connection
·         recollection
·         imagination
·         self-defense mechanisms
·         autonomic nervous system
·         …and on and on…

the human ego (as a sense of separate self) is quite naturally cued-up for fear.  the survival mechanism anticipates, identifies and reacts to stimuli that might result in less of an opportunity to survive and thrive.

once the fear response is satisfied, however, a higher level of awareness and experience becomes available (almost as if it wasn’t there the whole time).

the key to facilitating good times is not only to provide the opportunity, but (first) to subdue fears. In family-friend relationships, some of the deepest, darkest fears involve feelings of unworthiness.

we have the power to help others (and self) to experience bliss, and we can do it today! simply pick someone, and then point out his/her worthiness in a way that is undeniable. not through words, necessarily, but if words are part of the mechanism, they must be heartfelt.

any positive overture -- directed at any person -- is an expression of that individual's worthiness. it is also a reinforcement-verification of one's own worthiness, since one cannot give what one does not have.

it is going to be a GREAT monday!

[1] martino, j. (8-3-1.15). book 75 lost & found. © 2015 by