Wednesday, June 10, 2015

look the other way

look the other way [1] 
by rightin frontof ournose

look the other way
look the other way
just believe the label, and then
look the other way

don’t investigate (it's great!)
don’t you dare ask “why?”
don’t question authority, just turn a blind of eye
don’t read between the lines
don’t read at all, just pray
don’t suspect (mass ignorance), just
look the other way


  • whether it’s a product or an idea, what we believe ultimately comes down to what we’ve been told, by others.  they even tell us what’s in our paperwork, so we don’t have to read it.  is it possible that they make it unreadable and confusing for a reason?
  • they tell us what’s in the container, and we believe.  they tell us what’s in the book, and we believe.  they tell us what’s in the mortgage, and we believe.  they tell us what’s in the policy, and we sign.

  • they tell us that it’s fresh, it’s safe, it’s True, it’s good… and we believe. 

  • virtually none of us has the time to investigate everything about what is in our food or what is in our insurance policies.

  • …but ‘looking the other way’ is only one of our options.
  • we can question, “why?”  we can think critically, and stay positive (at the same time).  armed with just a little bit of information, we can begin to question our own, deepest-held beliefs:
    • should young children (with developing skull bones) play contact sports, equipped with loose-fitting helmets and shoulder pads?
    • is premeditated murder an act of a loving (human) being?
    • if a company (restaurant, helicopter tours, water processing, oil, etc.) has a primary mission of making as much of a profit as possible, might that company cut corners when it comes to quality, safety, etc.?
    • if every, single purchase that we make is (in-deed) a vote, can we not reverse the trend by (as often as possible) choosing (to purchase) quality and safety over mass production?

[1] martino, j. (6-10-1.15). book 75 lost & found. © 2015 by