Wednesday, November 19, 2014

walk that beach (alone)

by conte’ m. plative

walk that beach (together)
comm-Une, For-give, a-Tone
then take the time to make the time to walk that beach (alone)

[i] martineau, l. (11.19-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

everything (important)

everything (important) [i] 
by i. m. portant

everything (important)
every heart (and beat)
every thought that any body ever thought (or thinks)
every breath (and action)
every muscle (move)
everything (important) to an Inner kind of truth

everything (important)
every (single) day
everything (important) in a Union kind of way

  • if a living thing takes any action (even if it’s a re-action), that’s proof of the importance of that particular action (or thought, or word).
  •  every living organism is a cold, calculated, self-ish, survival-thrival-oriented be-ing. 
(which is more of a compliment on 'perspective' than it is a criticism) 
  •  everything (important). 

[i] martineau, l. (11.19-1.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

eat with those who love

by m. ealtime

eat with those who love
eat with those who care
eat with those who plant, and learn, and tend to shop (aware)
eat with those who (free from cell-phone) turn off the tv
eat with those who want to share a moment (you and me)

[i] martineau, l. (11.18-1.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Thursday, November 13, 2014


seasons [1]
by spring & summer fallen

spin about: re-cycle
float (without a reason)
space and time and rhythm (rhyme) it’s so sublime, with


and now…

the daunting contemplation of why… trillions upon trillions of (relatively) round rocks… 
floating miraculously…
in definite, gravitational relationship to each other… yet apparently separate…

while a one-in-a-trillion (earth) expresses… as oceans and trees (and honeybees)…
noisy… silent… natural… violent…
meek… unique…

with life that seeks... to survive, then thrive…
selfish… Une(d)… perspective(d)…

so, what are seasons?

man-made labels for relative tendencies, based upon limited (yet observant) perspectives.
real.  imaginary.  tangible.  documented.  illusory.

All at One(ce) significant and trivial… depending upon whose window we happen to be gazing through at this, a timeless/time-bound moment.

[1] martineau, l. (11.13-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Monday, November 3, 2014

yug is guy (just backwards)

yug is guy, backwards [1] 
by g. u. why

yug is ‘guy’ (spelled backwards)
separate from Self
just another processed little package on the shelf
just another living thing, just focused on 'survive'
just another minute closer to the news at 5

guy is ‘yug’ (just backwards)
All at On[c]e, at Peace
just a little shift in guy perspective (at the least)
just a glimpse of Focus of a Unified Collection
just a tiny moment of the Ultimate Connection

"state of union between two opposites - body and mind; individual and universal consciousness; a process of uniting the opposing forces in the body and mind in order to achieve supreme awareness and enlightenment, from the sanskrit yug meaning "to join together or yoke"; a system of techniques to enable the joining of the physical and emotional/spiritual bodies." 
martino, j. (11.3-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by