Monday, July 21, 2014

dear blog diary is a wonder-full monday.  just back from a beach trip that included hanging out with the cam/eddie show ...and steffie (my 93 year-old aunt).

now, back home, i sit amid thunderstorms, watching birds engage in a dance of love/battle, and contemplating the oppositical/Unified forces of the Uni-Verse, with a happy heart.

yes, it's true, there are bad things happening in the world, right now.  there are (and always will be) bad things.

but (at this moment, anyway), it is with Joy that focus can turn toward the good.   ...a goodness that surrounds us, on most days.   a goodness that begs to be embraced, in-joy-ed, and experienced.  a goodness that IS... even amid the storm.

thunder me to sleep

thunder me to sleep [i]

by t. h. under

thunder me to sleep

let me fade away

no-thing (here) to keep

let it go, today

the only sad regret is the sad faces, as they weep

let me fade away (it’s time) to

thunder me to sleep


·     *   in me-mory of sweet josephine, who could (possibly) have been reincarnated, just yesterday.  

[i] martino, j. (7.21-6.14).  round trip © 2014 by

sounds of gentle rain

there are things on this sweet earth that one cannot explain
one of those sweet things, is the sound of gentle rain


thunder: does it strike with fear? it barks and shouts and humbles!
thunder: it caresses with its soft and gentle rumbles

gentle storms of summer

gentle storms of summer
thunder, wind and rain
gentle storms of summer, baby welcome home, again


wish there was a way to find out what the movie means
maybe it's okay that we cannot decipher


it is amazing, watching hummingbirds fight, during a gentle, morning thunderstorm.

the little chirpers will chest-bump, attack/defend, posture, etc... all over some imaginary line of territory.

at this moment, little soldiers are battling over a miserable position (in the rain), when (if they simply decided to share) they could all be experiencing the protection, nourishment, and the sweet nectar that lies a short distance away from the battle zone.

terror, and territory: interesting (if not bird-brained) behavior.

Friday, July 4, 2014

mug shots

can a coffee mug have 'history'?  a life of its own?

follow along for the story... of 'the mug' (more to follow)

the mug
 above: Clare and Jerry with the mug

 above: mug, under house arrest

mug, mug and away!!!!!
 above: mug in the mail

 above and below: mug vs. the auto: a stand-off!

 above: patriotic mug
 above and below: the mug climbs a tree
 below: the mug saga heats up
 a mug's life: what happens in Vegas...

mug on the cell: he might have been talking to Jean.

below: the mug takes his driving test
above: the mug, in jail

 above and below: the mug, watering (and just hanging out in) Clare's secret garden.

the mug, ascending the stairs to the big deck.
 above: the mug remembers Josephine

below: the mug, wine-ing
 below: the mug, in the shower.  "Once a week, whether I need to or not!"
 above and below: mug hygiene

mug nap
 above: bear mug
 above: the mug, under the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

below: mug, in boa
 below: red sox mug
 below: the mug takes over the remote

patriotic mug, ballooning
 above: the mug, at the 19th hole

mug art
 above: the mug, on the computer

miracle mug

the story of the mug is a developing one.  updates will follow.

the new (parallel) mug was created on a rainy july 4th.  in a celebratory birth, it was joined in a toast with the original mug, making two.  now two families will be able to carry on the 40th birthday muggings.