Monday, June 30, 2014

all i can do is write about it lynyrd skynyrd:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

coffee vs. tea

coffee vs. tea [i]
by theresa ease
                                         alternative title: serene-i-tea

                                in the debate of ‘coffee vs. tea’ (for me)

pros of coffee, over tea:

  • it’s a habit. it’s the known.
  • it’s more of a quick jolt of caffeine.
  • if I’m driving down the highway, on a long night trip, coffee keeps me awake.

pros of tea, over coffee:

  • t’s the unknown. it’s new.
  • there isn’t a jolt of ‘caffeine buzz’ of false energy.
  • tea tastes better than coffee.  truth be told... coffee does not taste 'good' (to me).
  • tea doesn’t require the processed creamers that i put in coffee.
  • tea can be accented with live herbs (ginger tea is nice).
  • the water in tea nurtures the body, while coffee dehydrates the body.
  • while herbal teas heal, coffee creates an acidic condition, favoring dis-ease.
  • tea brings ease, while coffee brings sweat, tension, and jittery attention.
  • if i’m easing through the path of life, on a flowing day trip, tea allows for balance & serenity.

[i] martino, j. (6.25-1.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Monday, June 23, 2014


by irem ember

are moments in time, re-membered...
as alive now as memory recalls,
as vibrant and Blissful and passionate, all-
ways and ever-
lasting, together
as long as we decide
to allow for
to abide

is a transition.
a timeless moment that allows
for remembering the nows past, and
for making every now moment last, while
making new memories

Monday, June 16, 2014

time, it flies (in Heaven)

time, it flies (in Heaven) [i] 
by sen sation

time, it flies (in Heaven)
savor every taste
savor every touch (so much) the contours of her face
savor every moment (know that 1 + 1: eleven)
savor all the lows and highs, Be-Cause
time, it flies (in Heaven)

savor that look in her eyes, Be-Cause

time, it flies (in Heaven)

[i] martino, j. (6.16-1.14). book 73: round trip © 2014 by

Saturday, June 7, 2014

humans are incredibly beautiful

humans are incredibly beautiful  [1] 
by weain t. thatbad 

humans are incredibly beautiful
save that turtle, now
save that whale from beaching
save that sloth, but how?

think about the planet
think about the way, that

humans are incredibly beautiful, today

[1] martino, j. (6.7-4.14).  round trip © 2014 by

nobody gets nuthin'

everybody/everything or nobody gets nuthin’  [i] 
by n. uthin 

share a little sugar
harmonize a song
dance together (every-one of us can get along) 

...or be terror-torial (and fight for dreams forgotten)
fight for competition, boys, and
nobody gets nothin’

* although this thoem is about the hummingbirds on the back deck, the reality is that big, powerful boys (in government) act just like primitive animals…

...forgetting the simple, obvious, truth – that (if we share), every-body gets a chance for every-thing.

* …and, when we don’t, nobody gets nothin’.

[i] martino, j. (6.7-3.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Friday, June 6, 2014

Spirit makes the seen

making the seen [i]
by sen sation

thoughts make man-i-fest
Spirit make the seen
we, a re-production of our silly, waking dreams

  • we re-produce (in our image-i-nation) that which we Be-live.

[i] martino, j. (6.5-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

optical dilusion

optical dilusion [i] 
by sen sation 

optical dilusion... (as far as eye can see)
nonsense making sense: a dance of physicality
Spirit makes a scene, a Play, a drama-filled illusion
living-lens (experience), an
optical dilusion


* Oneness (Spirit?) ‘experiences’ (‘physically’) via sense-ors, each with a very personal/in-div-i-dual, limited perspective of the Uni-Verse. 

* humans act as spiritual-sensors, experiencing  our own lives through our own set of limited lenses.  maybe 'death' is a sort-of freedom from sense-restriction.

"a human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe,'
a part limited in time and space. 
he experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... 
a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. 
this delusion is a kind of prison for us, 
restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. 
our task must be to free ourselves from this prison 
by widening our circle of compassion 
to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."
-albert einstein


[i] martino, j. (6.5-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by
graphic: "eye see" by k. dessert, circa-de 1997.  i'll try to get a copy without the watermark.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

dreams and reality

dreams and reality [1] 
by dee p. dreamer 

* imagine if three-dimensional, relative world (life, basically… us, plants, animals, etc.) was ‘but a dream’.
* imagine if the Real World was multi-dimensional, multi-perspective-d, yet simultaneously One.

* pretend, for a moment, that ego (separation, differential-ity, me/they) is on the left side of a continuum, and that spirit (oneness, love, union, we[ll]ness) is on the other side.

ego                                                 spirit
fear                                                                    love
illness                                  <<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>                      wellness
separation                                                         union
differentiality        alikeness

to begin, let’s practice ‘nonjudgment’ in regard to the colors…
(red   blue)
and recognize the points on the continuum as re-ference points,
so that, instead of a ‘bad/good’ connotation,
each point is viewed, in kind, simply as feedback.

* Now, Image-in if Spirit (Oneness, Love, Union, We[ll]ness) encompassed the Whole.

*                                                                           *
Namaste                                                                                                   Yoga
Harmony                                                                                                                 Synergy
ego                                                 spirit
fear                                                                    love
   *                           illness               <<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>      wellness                           *
separation                                                         union
differentiality        alikeness
 *                                                                                                        *
    Union                                                                                        Connectedness
Wholeness                                                              We[ll]ness

* let’s pretend that ‘ego’ was ‘alive’ – insomuch as it has a survival and thrival instinct.  ego, in a relative world (such as ours), would be just as much of a dream/illusion as union… while (together) they’d be a perfect fit:

a movement toward the dream/illusion                               a movement toward reality, Union
expiration/inspiration                                                respiration
                               dead (in winter)/alive (in spring)                                  tree             Nature
                darkness/light                                                     sun                   Light
dormant/active                                                    Experiential
               oxygenated (blood)/deoxygenated (blood)                                      circulation
                                           man/woman                                                           human            Being
                                         attack/defense                           understanding/communication/collaboration

* let’s pretend that the Whole Dream is like a Play, like a show.  let’s pretend that you are the star of your own sit-calm.  let’s pretend that your perspective is the center of y/our sit-calm universe, and that you invite certain experiences to appear into your show… for fun (or drama, or horror, or action, or comedy, or war, or love).

* let’s pretend, for a moment, that your dream-world-life is Perfect, in all of its drama.  in fact, the drama is the reason for going to the Play in the First (non)place!

* let’s pretend that, when y/our curtain closes, we’ll re-Une-ite, hand-in-hand, with our fellow playmates… sharing a post-party of memories & laughs about the chills and the spills of the earth-dream.

* let’s pretend that the earth-dream is fleeting: a nanosecond of ego-ic experience, amid a Uni-Verse of poetic, harmonic, symphonic, homeostatically-dynamic, dance-sing.

* let’s pretend, Now, that we can take that nanosecond, and experience it in time intervals called ‘years.’  let’s pretend that we’ve got about 70 (more or less) of these years to experience, and we can experience them as seasons, as months, as weeks, as days, or even as minutes and seconds.

* what would we do, Now… if? 

[1] martino, j. (6.5-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Sunday, June 1, 2014

pictures in the mind

pictures in the mind [1]
by tra n. s. fixed

pictures in the mind
frozen place (and time)
vibrant or sublime (what are we?)
pictures in the mind

* who/what are we?

* our ‘past’ is a bundle of neurosynaptic connections that paint a picture of experiences, giving us a sense of self-ie.

* how others perceive us… is also ‘us’ – in the sense that their neurosynaptic connections formulate pictures and me-mories in their minds.  this is (very often) very different than our own perception.

* his-story is (often) the written interpretation of someone who may (or may not) have the slightest idea of the who, what, when, where, why and how.  they write, and others interpret.

* connection… can happen when our own sense experience is experienced (in like) by another, and (furthermore) reported to others as f-act.

…but isn’t it ALL (still) interpretation?  aren’t some of your best memories the ones you have forgotten?

* the dead are (often) remembered best – based upon the storyteller… and even that is bound to be skewed, flawed, tainted.

* who/what are we?

maybe every Play (every act, in fact) is different… interpreted by self and others.  maybe it’s beneficial to See others (and self) in the best of Light.  that is, if we don’t want life to be a fight.

maybe we can find… that special space and time; that song and dance, in kind… with pictures in the mind.

[1] martineau, l. (6.1-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

"you've got to work at relationships' = lie

 "when something is in harmony with something else, there is no friction"
-callum coats, in living energies, p. 186

we've heard it before, the line that "you've got to work at relationships."  

but think... about the most enjoyable relationships in your life: the supportive, collaborative, nurturing, uplifting ones. do you 'work' at those?  chances are that many of y/our most enjoyable relationships are y/our easy-est relationships.  the friendship aspect of the relationship being the key.

interestingly enough, friendships don't require a 'commitment.'   friendships aren't documented legally.  friendships aren't consummated with a ceremony.  friendships do not entail a vow.  if you are lucky enough to be married to a friend, it's the friendship that keeps you together (not the marriage). 

think about it: has a friend ever asked you for a commitment?  has a friend ever asked you for a vow?  has a friend ever asked for documentation?  has a friend asked you to be part of a vicarious ceremony?  (because... if they have, then they do not trust that you will continue to behave toward them in the manner that they've become accustomed). 

the line "you've got to work at relationships" is incomplete.  more accurately stated, it might be:

"you've got to work at forced relationships."

certainly, if you are "trying to make it work," you are using energy in an effort to counteract the natural flow of the relationship.  maybe the relationship no longer serves you. 

how many relationships (that you know of, in your own life experience) are outwardly fine, yet truth-fully... 
  • sleeping in separate beds
  • acting as housemates, not lovers
  • cheating
  • repulsed, agitated, angry, verbally abusive 
do you know married couples who are best friends?  they (likely) are not working on the friendship dimension of their relationship -- although they might be working on the marriage aspect of it.

in the (final?) analysis, even 'bad' relationships are good, in that they foster learning, growth and evolution. 

...but i bet that you've got relationships (with friends, with animals, with certain substances, with ideas) that are effortless.  those relationships are just as (if not more) important than the relationships that make us 'work.'

-the beginning. 

FB ad (subconscious)

FB ad (subconscious)
by u. n. conscious

it appears (at least to me) that my facebook 'home' timeline is becoming more and more of an advertisement.  there appear to be more and more attention-grabbing headlines that lead to controversial 'articles' that sometimes hook me in, just like a horrible newscast.

this is important to note, because i've tried to avoid television and newspaper (useless, bad news) but still find myself clicking on time-wasting web-based trash.

it's okay, so long as the result is an altering of personal social-media focus -- so that (event-u-ally) i 'ally-in-event-with-u' (in communication).  it's all a part of the play.

the (new) trick is to avoid the hook, to avoid the negativity, and to avoid the mindlessness of (some) social media, while increasing the focus on you, the person who i am interested in getting to know more about.

just thoughts.