Thursday, May 29, 2014

sixth extinction

sixth extinction [i]
by e. x. thinked

sixth extinction here
sixth extinction, now
sixth extinction doesn’t care (of) who, or when, or how
sixth extinction: front-row ticket (to) dramatic Play
sixth extinction isn’t (really) very far away

Monday, May 26, 2014

lynyrd skynyrd

* at times of contemplation (of life/death) experiences, this song sums up a lot of feelings:

i like the way we danced

i like the way we dance(d) [1]
by dan c. e.  sing

i like the way we danced
i like the way we played
i like the way we moved, i like the kind of love we made

i like the touch of passion and the sounds of sweet romance
i like the scent of Heaven, Now
i like the way we dance(d) 

  • "i like the way we danced" is a classic line (by adele, to rannulph) in the movie "the legend of bagger vance." 

[1] martino, j. (5.26-3.14).  round trip © 2014 by


Sunday, May 25, 2014


pawns [1]
by oncea pawna time

line us up in front
praise our courage (full)
send us in to fight because we are (expend-able)
you sleep sound (at night) and sip your coffee when it’s dawn
we think wrong is right (because it's all we are) is:

* while it is honorable to hold a 'memorial day' and make it holi, in re-memberance of our fallen comrades... ...let us not forget that soldiers are often pawns -- in a military machine of such magnitude that renders itself inconceivable.

* we follow orders, we kill, and we die -- in order to further the desires of the king -- a king who might well be playing the deadliest of games.

* men follow orders (as innocent women and children cry), all for the expansion of power and control: 

defensive?  yes.   
offensive?  are we kidding??!??

ACIM notes that defense = offense, when each = ego = fear.

* this is not to downplay heroism.  i have personally known True heroes... men of such huge hearts and courageous souls as would fly (and/or die), offering the ultimate sacrifice for a cause that they believe in.

* in a world at war, will someone please give us something to believe in.

so fire up the grills and mow those lawns
so far as we can see, we're pawns 

so, on this holiday, while paying homage at the grave sites of dead soldiers, maybe it's okay to contemplate what put them there in the first place.  maybe we (even unknowingly) are part of the machine. 

[1] martino, j. (5.25-2.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Friday, May 23, 2014

trace of Heaven

trace of Heaven [i]
by b. l. essed

trace of Heaven: here
trace of Heaven: now
there’s an angel in the room (if Heaven will allow)
there’s a touch of Love inside (as we think: one-eleven)
there’s an angel, Here and Now, a smiling
trace of Heaven

[i] martino, j. (5.23-1.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

why we don't believe anything, anymore

why we don't believe anything, anymore
by ima believer

catastrophic headline
horror (nothing new-s)
war and crime and hate (no time for nothing left to lose)

* the headline that stood out this morning was (and i quote): "texas facing flood warnings."

* taken at face value, we might infer that the second coming of the noah is just around the corner...
...but the sensationalism-weary reader knows how to decode:

1. 'warnings' mean that there may (or may not) be something to worry about.
   a. the weather people need us to tune-in, so they provide the worst-case scenario.
   b. the legal system re-enforces this, because the 'reporters/sensationalizers' might be liable (if they fail to warn us enough).

2. 'texas' is big.
  a. surely, 'all' of texas isn't going to flood.
  b. ...but imore people will click-on and tune-in if they say 'texas' than, for example, 'pampa, texas.'
  c. chances are that we know of someone in texas (or maybe we've crossed its border a time or two).
  d. chances are less that we'd tune-in to the kitchen sink that overflowed (momentarily), flooding a 3-4 foot portion of the kitchen floor in a pampa restaurant.  

3. rain happens.
  a. they forget that we know that rain is natural, and sometimes it rains hard.
  b. they forget that we know that, when it rains hard, sometimes there is flooding, especially in places that we've built things that aren't in keeping with nature.
         1) example: it isn't news (when the tide comes in), so we don't get 'warned' about high tides.
         2) but, if we choose to build a development of mansions on the low-water mark of sunset beach, those mansions would tend to 'flood' at high tide.  instant news.

the result of sensationalism?  we click, and tune-in... ...if there's nothing more sensational to click-on or tune into.  we recognize the sensationalism in 'named winter storms,' and 'torcon levels,' and the like. 

it doesn't take long to figure out that the information one is seeking online is not available (based upon the headline or the photo).  we put up with it, however, trudging through another day of false advertisements, sensational headlines, and nothing news.

note: this is not to downplay the fact that (1) places do flood, (2) tornadoes do destroy, and (3) horrific atrocities do happen.  this is only written as a re-mind-er, to me... myself that (most often), life is better when one can decode and tune-out the sensationalisms