Thursday, February 20, 2014


...the taste, the touch, 
the Dance of Love we love so much.
...the beauty, the sound,
the syn-p/h.arm/onic (All) around.
...the feeling, the way,
the moment (Here and Now), today.

bitch and moan

bitch and moan
by n. onstop & c. ompla ining

twins, born to special music (but we didn't like the tone)
we wouldn't stop complaining so they named us 'bitch' & 'moan'


* is it possible that humanity has been born into one of the most exquisite Plays in the Uni-Verse?

* is it possible that humanity has evolved Perfectly, using senses to filter (in/out) data? 

* too much color (or perception of sub-atomic phenomena) might be a bit overwhelming to observe, but this 77-second Play (1) allows for the acquisition and loss of 'just enough' vision, hearing, scent, proprioception, taste, and touch...

...which gives us the chance to Dance (and complain about such).

* all of this sensory perception, observed from a local, person-all perspective, creates the illusion of individuality...
...which allows for every, single (un)solitary experience...

...providing for the opportunity to indulge, to savor (and complain)
again, and again, and again, and again.


(1) life

martino, j. (2.20-1.14). book 73: round trip. copyright by

Friday, February 14, 2014

the hero rhymes within (july 6, 2003)

the hero rhymes within [1]

we’re having fun and feeling fine
although this poem – it doesn’t rhyme
it doesn’t matter if we win
because the hero rhymes within

the above poem was written (in less than 60 seconds) as part of our annual 'Femino Family Reunion,' during the  'scavenger hunt' event. 

 the Martineau clan had to find 10 items, and #10 was 'a four-line poem that rhymes.'

sidenote: we (the Martineaus) 'won' the scavenger hunt, in a tie-breaking 'challenge' by putting on a one-minute song and dance routine (to 'jingle bells').

poem analysis, two years later, 6-17-05:

* the True Self resonates within each of us, in a Real World where earthly victories and defeats do not matter, because this Real World is One of no-matter.

* this Real World is a Uni-Verse, a Singing Vibration of Loving Energy, expressed as infinite reflections of Light, interpreted (on the earth plane) as the dual world.  in Reality, it’s All One.

* this Real World can be “Connected with” (in glimpses, here), usually via art, song, meditation, creativity, massage, poetry, dance, etc. -- when love guides us toward Unity and Harmony.

* let's think about it: at times when wIe have glimpsed this 'Unified Other World,' haven’t we been in an altered state of some kind?  this (loving) feeling emits a sense of Perfection, when everything seems 'right.'  some people call these moments 'Aha!' moments.

* anyway… the Way to the True Self is an inner journey.   someday, we’ll re-Member that, like dorothy (in the wizard of oz), this wasn’t really a Real journey… at All.

note: the word 'hero' contains the dual-opposite words 'he' and 'her' while also containing the symbol of unity and one-ness 'o'.   inside each of us is an apparent paradoxical dichotomy: the apparently separate self is a Unified Self.  this Self is the watcher of the Movie, the player in the Play, the dancer in the Dance.  no-thing else is Really Real. 

every-One is a Hero.

[1] martineau, l. (2003). book 20: the hero rhymes within. unpublished as of July 6, 2003. analysis on 6-17-05. copyright 2003 by
* the photo, taken (yesterday) on 2.13.14, somehow reminded me of that old thoem.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

imaginary news


imagine if your job was to report the news...
but imagine if you had a secondary job, which was to:

 "report the kind of news that people will tune-in to."

imagine if your secondary job rewarded you more, and
imagine if the secondary job paid you more, and
imagine if (even if nobody said so) your secondary job was (really) your primary job.

think of times when you've told a story:
  • didn't you leave out the 'boring' parts?
  • didn't you 'not' report the insignificant things, like your heart rate, respiration rate, and hair color?
  • didn't you zero-in on the most dramatic, the most fun,  and the most entertaining parts of the story?
when a news reporter/generator/creator 'reports' on the tornado, which is s/he most likely to show you...
  • the gently-moved (but still usable) napkin? ...or 
  • the completely dilapidated, destroyed, rubbled (former) mansion? 
is it your fault (that you left out the boring stuff)?
is it your fault (that you embellished the fun stuff)?
is it the newscaster's fault (that he zeroes-in on the horror)?

if the newscaster's very job (1/3 of his/her life)... his/her paycheck, his/her status, his/her future... depends upon 'tune-in' (as opposed to reality)...

can we not predict the over-dramatization, sensationalism, and (at times) the very creation of 'news'?
  • imagine if the news was imaginary.
  • imagine if history was his-story.
  • imagine if everything in every book and every report and every speech and every line... was designed:
    • to get your attention, 
    • to get you to tune in, and 
    • to get you to get others to tune-in... 
   ...again and again and again.


s(no)w Way

s(no)w Way
by let i. t. snow

alternative title: s(no)w picnic

instead of haphazardly creating my own, generic snow-man, 
a small walk around the riverfront community shows variety in expression:

jabba-the-hut snowman 

bump, set, spike!
beach volleyball snowgirl

according to the creators of this 'dreadlocks' snowman,
too much jamaican rum contributed
to his bloodshot eyes

below: s(no)w kayaking, today 

s(no)w boating

s(no)w swimming

 more snow... (uh)... men?

carolina blue snowman
(note the blue feather in his cap) 

below: traditional snowman
(looking a bit cold, at the moment)

happy snow(wo)man

panther fan snowman

right (and below)
the smiling, riverfront kayaker snowman

snow, uh... cone???

snow, uh... crab???

zombie snow-crab?

 take me to the rivahhhh!!

s(no)w picnic: note the thin ice
on the cove [background]

more snowmen?

snow-man down!

* snow, uh... ball?
* snow belly?
* free base?
* found-ation?
* not so frosty?
(oh, well...)

ladies and gentlemen:
with all of the horror surrounding bikini-clad olympians,
we'd like to state that we do not, repeat... 
we do not support the objectification 
of snow(wo)men

it appears that the neighborhood gossip 
has resulted in a broken heart.

this s(no)wman (below) turned around and looked at the town of gastonia...

 and (finally), my sunny-deck meditating snowman, 
dreaming of white sandy beaches, 
and smiles, and warmth.

for last year's snow event, click here:

sen sationalism

sen sationalism [1] 
by zen sation 

although it might seem like a conspiracy, it is just human expression (coupled with capitalism).

every channel, website, commercial, newscast, etc. has one, ultimate goal (which you already know is not to report the truth).  this is different, however, from a conspiracy to lie.

the goal is simple: to get you to tune-in.  heck, we even do this (in the human sense) as part of the dating and mating game.

businesses make $$ (and people gain power) when they have y/our attention.  by design, the ‘news’ that gets reported/emphasized will be the stuff that gets y/our attention.  the photos, the verbiage and the predictions will sensationalize exponentially – knowing that today’s story will become yesterday’s news old.

that's why the news gives us the most sensational aspects of:
  • storms
  • catastrophes
  • human drama
  • war
  • nature
are they lying?  are they 'bad'?  are they manufacturing the news???  that is for the (individual) viewer to decide.

as consumers/viewers, it is our responsibility to re-center, and to re-cognize that newsmakers don’t care (so much) about reality as they do about getting us to tune-in.

again and again. 


[1] martino, j. (2.13-1.14).  round trip © 2014 by

Sunday, February 9, 2014

slow parade of tears

slow parade of tears
nothing you can do
nothing left but memories of us (of me & you)
nothing left but pictures, music (thoughts of Love) and fears
nothing left but gratitude, a
slow parade of tears

this thoem is dedicated to (all of us) who have felt the feeling of loss.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

the end IS the beginning

the end of the beginning [1]
by t. hending

the end of the beginning [2]
tomorrow never knows [2]
the Way is just the way (today) and that’s the way it goes

  • the end is the beginning, and (maybe) versa-vice.
  • it’s the kind of message sent from lennon (maybe twice)

turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
it is not dying, It is not dying
lay down all thought, surrender to the void
it is shining, it is shining
that you may see the meaning of within
it is being, it is being
that love is all and love is everyone
it is knowing. it is knowing
that ignorance and hate may mourn the dead
it is believing, it is believing
but listen to the color of your dreams
it is not living, it is not living
or play the game existence to the end
of the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning, 
of the beginning, of the beginning, of the beginning

lennon, john & mccartney, paul

[1] martino, j. (2.8.2014).  book 73: round trip. © 2014 by
[2] lennon, j. (1966). tomorrow never knows.  revolver (album)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

what if...

what if war, horror, death, loss is simply a part of the fabric of human existence?
what if the inevitability of death is designed, in some way, to allow for an appreciation of life?
what if the experience of loss is the very validation of positive past experience?
what if past misdeeds are the reason for a heart to Know forgiveness?
what if the experience of sacrifice (e.g. time away) precluded a re-Union?

click here for:

we don't know what the next chapter, year, or lifetime might bring.
what if we could stop (right Now) and sing?