Wednesday, October 23, 2013


by uni n. formed

data in and data out: a morbid situation
here we live, on planet earth, a wealth of information

satellite in cloud,
microscopic bliss
pharmacy and science and a gastric-bypass cyst
internet and facebook-friends and comment on the nation

data in and data out: it's death by information

does it (really) matter?

does it (really) matter... 
if humans go extinct?

if cancer is extracted from the water that we drink?
if mother earth is living just exactly as she should?

if we become extinct, the (happy) ending might be good

* any life form that becomes cancerous (replicating uncontrollably) will event-u-ally create an environment that is unfit for it to survive in.

* cancer appears to be on an insane, suicidal path -- when killing its own host results in its own death.

* but what if the cancer-cycle is simply nature's way of ensuring that no, one physical entity monopolizes its environment?

* if we sprang from nature, then we (and the scientific, prosthetic, technological, computerized mechanisms that we create) are nature, itself.

* it is natural, from a survival perspective, that we might be a little partial to 'humanity'...
...but, from a planetary, solar-systemic, galactic, Uni-verse-all perspective... what if the ALL THAT IS is just IS-ing?

* of course we combat the cold, the virus, the floods, the bad guy, the infidel, the enemy... because we live more in the present when we do so.

* what if Spirit doesn't care, because ALL is Spirit, and All is Perfectly Well, and All is All-ing (as it must)?

* it is insane to expect humans to 'feed every human on the planet' or to 'provide every human with health care' if the result of that -- is more and more and more people who consume planetary resources at a cancerous rate.  although it is romantic (and poetic) to want to save every single sheep, let's be honest: it is cancerous.

* if mother earth were a living body, would She want more of us running around?  answer that one honestly.

* what if our own 'importance' sprouts from the fact that we are us, and therefore, we are biased?

* obviously, living more in harmony with nature allows for nature's symbiosis to homeostatically balance itself out.

* will we destroy the planet?  it is more likely that we'll destroy ourselves, first.  ...but let's say we did destroy planet earth: then our solar system (as an atom) will have learned a galactic lesson, and, from a Mega-Verse Perspective, earth might simply have been a neuropeptide-like blip, like a pleasure-receptor firing-away, deep inside of a universal brain in a universal instant.

* think about it: you and i wIe: a sparkle in the sparkle of a sparkle in a galactic eye (a galactic grain of sand) on a universal beach, lost somewhere in the Megaverse.

* why waste a moment of your 78 years/minutes/seconds of universal fame?

smile now (or not).  it might not (really) matter.

(of course, to the pleasure-receptors in the brain, 
that simple smile could change y/our Whole Life Experience)

-the beginning...

beyond comprehension

beyond comprehension
by auto i. m. mune 

beyond comprehension:
we can't truly know
what on earth is Sacred?
how can seeds be sewn?

natural abundance is too beautiful to mention
what is life about, maybe it's:
beyond comprehension

* the video link ( discusses the Sacred, abundant, life-giving, healing, symbiotic aspects of plants.

* it will be interesting if/when we, as a species, rediscover that science is the true causative agent of human-cancer. 

Friday, October 18, 2013


...don't men die (more) from breast cancer?

1. men have breasts (we've even got the nipples to prove it)!
2. men can get breast cancer.
3. men do not get diagnosed with breast cancer as often as women... because, mainly...
4. men do not get mam-ograms.
5. men are not going to be told (by a trusted physician) that a very visible, very revered, very intimate part of the body is diseased, dying or in need removal.
6. men aren't getting all of the fantastically deadly treatments (think 'chemo-radiation') that women are persuaded to purchase.

for some reason, my heart says: "ladies, mammograms are not your friend."

(more to follow)
btw: i am not qualified to advise, on any of these matters.  i'm simply writing down thoughts.

1/19/13 (follow-up):
wellness is about feeling better.  after chatting with many women about their experiences with mammograms, not once has anyone ever said that it was an experience that made them feel better.  words like 'demeaning' come to mind, but having your breast smashed by a cold, heartless machine as part of the cold, heartless medical system... to search for 'abnormalities' that could possibly result in the removal of a body part that (in many ways) represents womanhood itself... is not a wellness-oriented activity.  some call it prevention.  others say that it is a needless witch-hunt that 'finds' non-problems and then takes credit for 'early-detection and removal' operations.  there has got to be a better way to examine/honor breasts.

contrast the mammogram with professional/therapeutic massage.  when a woman is treated to a massage, she feels safe, listened-to, understood, respected, honored, pampered, warm, and cared-for.  the environment is warm, confidential, intimate even.  soft-music, soft lighting, soft touch, soft voices... slow, methodical movements, tender-loving-care.  professional therapeutic massage (obviously) leads to feeling better before, during, and after the treatment.

we become more well as we feel more well, and vice-versa.  take the massage over the mammogram, and determine another way to detect/prevent/eliminate potential cancers.

-----------------oh, and it not just me:

but don't simply 'believe' based upon a blog post.  conduct your own research, and search your own heart, and tap into your own knowingness.

-the beginning

Friday, October 4, 2013


athens, georgia.  what else needs to be said?

it's a college town, an art/music mecca, and a beer lover's paradise.  ...not to mention that the lovely ladies LOOOOVE to wear short black skirts (usually anointed with a red belt or accessory or some sort.  it's a georgia bulldog thing, and it is an in-this-world, yet out-of-this-world experience.)

consider visiting the trappeze pub, where 'good beer matters', and sample a few of the 400+ beers in stock, with 38 on tap that most people have (probably) never heard of.

caution: it's hard to leave athens.  try to delay your hotel exit, and, since the trappeze opens at 11am, you might get a chance to sample the lunch menu:
  • portabella muchroom sandwich ($6)
  • side salad ($2.5)
  • ...and the rest of the meal i won't mention, because my u.s.a.a. friends frequent this blog.

that $2.5 side salad was light years ahead of $10 salads at other restaurants.