Monday, September 30, 2013

astronauts talk 'Oneness' :)

...and Wholeness, and Connection, and Awareness, and Union, etc.
(if you didn't know better, you'd think you were in a yoga class)

. * on second thought, maybe it Is.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

don't believe the man

don't believe the man
by n. onbeliever

don't believe the man
he tell you what to eat
he tell you what to read
he tell you what to think

he tell you how to live your life and how to bear your fruit
he tell you what to tell the little children in their youth

but something deep inside (you wonder how it all began)
and something deep inside It tell you not believe the man

* in a time when our own food and drug 'administration' is bought and sold by big agriculture,

* in a time when our environmental protection agencies are headed (and run) by those who care nothing about the environment,

* in a time when the united states department of agriculture is captained by well-placed leaders who have the power to censor speech,

* in a time when religious leaders base their codes and morals on books that were based upon word-of-mouth stories (some of which were passed-on over decades), and then written by the man, edited by the man, translated by the man, and again and again edited by men of power... 

* in a time when you know that every reporter, every coach, every athlete, every politician and every president is not cannot tell the whole truth...

* it might be time to re-cognize that we can't tell the whole truth, either.

think about it.  

if you were to voice your whole truth (yes, your inner thoughts and desires and fears and ideas), you'd be run out of town (usually by those who profess to love you the most).

alas, the saddest part about 'not believing the man' is when we re-cognize that we are he.
...and we probably even lie to ourselves, about that.

uh, oh...

they're at it again!

which, inevitably, leads to this:

Friday, September 27, 2013


everywhen [1]
by noplace l. ikehome

sub-atomic matter-waves are Here (then gone again)
maybe everything is everywhere and everywhen

space-time Gd vibrations, like a brand-of-new (old) friend
maybe everyOne is everywhere and everywhen

·        *  what if time and space (itself) are illusions?

·        * could life (itself) be a sensory play of Nonsense?

·        * could all of us (unwittingly) be in-on the Big cosmic joke, completely caught-up in our roles, completely engaged at different levels of the same reality, and completely/perfectly resonating/interpreting each (apparently subsequent) evolution as only each individual observation point can?

·        *  can evolution (backwards) be a re-Volution?  in other words, a process in which the small, independent, observer (‘i’) begins to See as ‘we’ – before re-Merging into the One, Whole, Complete, All,I AM’?

·        * is ‘evolution’ (spelled backwards) no-i-tu-love, which Is Love (Itself)?

·         * could this Whole thing simply Be Love, Love-ing… manifesting as multiverses of apparently inter-independent, separate ‘parts’? 

·         * mustn’t the illusion of separation (differentiality, variety, etc.) give rise to the illusion of oppositicality?

·         * if so, then there is no such thing as democrat/republican, up/down, male/female, left/right, good/bad, right/wrong, light/dark.  maybe On(e)ly Love Is.  maybe the I AM is simply I Amming.

-the beginning/end/beginning/end

[1] martino, j. (9.27-1.2013). everywhen. book 77: re-view © 2013. In-spired (in part) by “the elegant universe: superstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory” by brian green.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

every little moment...

every little moment[i] 
by mo mentary 

every little moment
every little breath
every little problem (or success [or glee] or rest)
every little agony, and
every little Dream...
every little bit is just a ripple in the Stream

we can Play (Euphoria!) or join in sorrow: moan
every little moment is the place that we call home

[i] martino, j. (9.24-1.2013). every little moment. book 77: re-view © 2013.

Monday, September 23, 2013


by skye a. tapestry

light and fluffy (quiet)
dark and stormy (loud)
though it seems insane, a place to hold the rain, in:


* much like the processes of respiration and circulation, h-2-(0h!) expresses as Whole, all the while embracing its own oppositicality.

perfect (deep) connection

perfect (deep) connection[1]
by connie necting

perfect (deep) connection
Present, future, past
when life fits (don’t stop, don’t quit) make every moment (last)

then dwell on the experience (through quiet re-collection)
smile and re-create (it’s fate) thIs
Perfect (deep) connection 
  • it is truly an amaze-ing experience, when life delivers a Perfect moment.
  •  in Truth, wIe co-Created that moment, that experience, that ‘tiny tic’ of time.
  •  although transcendent tics of time do not last, the human brain is able to savor the memory, especially if the observer was present/focused/aware during the process.
·         we can even savor future moments – contemplating (experience-sing?) that which can be (and Is).   it comes complete with sense/memory (projected in the mind, like a virtual-reality sit-calm), right Here, right Now, in thIs: the Present.

[1] martino, j. (9.23-1.2013). perfect (deep) connection. book 77: re-view © 2013.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

balanced imbalance

balanced imbalance[1]
by off b. alance

Perfect opposition
arguably fun
‘anti’ in the thesis
chaos, order, One

nature cannot replicate the quantitative stream
maybe all of thIs is just a qualitative Dream  
  • viktor shauberger (1885-1958) and callum coats (in the book ‘living energies’) emphasize that chaos x order = 1
  • the idea is that, in relative universes such as ours, reciprocity, oppositicality, and polarity are an intricate outcropping of energetic movement, which cannot and does not replicate.  in fact, evolution is the process of differentiality in creation – as every new process builds on (and differs from) that which came before.
  • in this way, it is natural to tap into quality over quantity, and, as viktor shauberger notes: ‘quantity, at its simplest form, is just mass.’ (living energies, p. 64).
  • in a world of Oneness, differences can be Seen as ‘part-of’ (instead of apart from) the One.  a Holistic viewpoint can interpret…
o   a sports ‘contest’ as a Game
o   a ‘fight’ as a Dance
o   politics’ as one, big, Party
...are endings, in Reality, Be-ginnings?

  • of Course, one might have to (visually and mentally) take a step off of tiny planet earth to gain that kind of Perspective – the ‘Aha!’ kind of moment that usually fades away as quickly as it arose (once we re-turn to the physical plane).
·        * for this moment, though, can wIe imagine male and female as One?

[1] martino, j. (9.19-1.2013). balanced imbalance. book 77: re-view © 2013.

coats, c. (2001). living energies. dublin: gateway

Saturday, September 14, 2013

bank (robbery)

bank (robbery) 
by iben rob bed
‘bank robbery’: when your trusted bank electronically steals your hard-earned money,
without your knowledge and without your consent.

disclaimer: yes, we all know that we are supposed to read all of the fine print on everything we sign or agree to (electronically).  yes, you know… kind of like the way that you read every word of your insurance policy, every word of your credit card policy, and the 'terms' of every internet site that you ever click ‘i agree’ on.
       of course, even congressmen will tell you this: when a document (like a 300-page treatise used by politicians to pass a ‘law’) is written in legal-gibberish and contains page after page of irrelevant information, chances are you won’t read/grasp all of it.

(have you ever tried to read a book like that?  bet you 'skimmed' it. :)

history: when i was about 8 years old, i got $8 for my birthday.  my father helped me open a bank account, so that my $8 could earn ‘interest’ and so i could invest even more money.  back then, banks would secure your money, make good investments, and (in return) give you a return on your investment.  the idea of a ‘savings’ account was that you could actually save money – and earn a bit of interest on your investment.

current state of the union: today, ‘banks’ (and everybody else who has learned this trick) charge you ‘fees’ – even when they do no work.  there’s a good chance that you have a monthly ‘fee’ attached to your checking or savings account right now.

my dilemma: i’ve banked with a good bank (in florida) for over 30 years.  i used to bank (locally) with bb&t, but only kept small amount of money in the account, for local cash needs.  when i (arbitrarily) found that they (without having me sign any agreement) began charging my checking account $10 per month, i immediately withdrew every penny and closed my accounts.
       a couple of years later, i bought a house.  as loan companies do, bb&t ‘took over’ my home loan by ‘buying it out’ from my original lender.  bb&t told me that since they had my house loan, i could open up an account with no fees.  what they failed to tell me that there was a ‘minimum’ amount of money that i had to keep in my new savings account, and that a fee would be deducted from any balance less than $350.00.
       my bank information is delivered electronically, so, when i don’t do any banking, i don’t read it with a fine-toothed comb.  what i didn’t realize was that, since last march, they’d been deducting a $5 monthly fee. 

time for a showdown: i went in there today, and i let them know that it was wrong to charge people fees without telling them.  “telling them” does not mean burying the information under gobs of other information.
         the attendant/manager gave me the usual “you are responsible to read… blah, blah, blah…” and i told her to withdraw every penny out of my account, and that i was going to refinance my home with another bank.  she let me know that, if i agreed to a small modification to my accounts, she could refund the $$$ that they robbed deducted from my account.
         here’s the deal: now they are going to electronically take $25 per month from my checking account and transfer it to my savings account.  this deduction (which has no rhyme or reason) will begin in october.  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the arbitrary movement of money (by a bank) allows for the potential for the bank to make even more money (potential overdrafts, etc.).

result: i got my stolen money back, but not without a fight.  i learned that you’d better be watching everyone who deals with you in any electronic-deduction way.  i am going to transfer every penny from bb&t to usaa next week, as soon as an ‘electronic transfer’ has been set up, and then i am going to bid bb&t ‘adieu’, probably using sign-language.

conclusion: banks are no longer where you ‘invest’ your money.  a bank is a place where your electronic numbers can be converted to pieces of paper (at the bank’s will).  those green pieces of paper will soon not be worth the paper that the ‘money’ is printed upon, because our country has no way of backing up the money it is printing.  banks can steal your money, electronically – without your knowledge, without your consent, and without the slightest idea that what they are doing is wrong.

do you believe your government (and it’s institutions of investment) will take good care of your money?  don’t bank on it.

final thought: learn a skill that is valued, and then learn how to barter. :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

50 first dates

self disclosure: this movie (at times silly, at times deep) makes me cry, at times.

maybe, somewhere (over the rainbow), a special someone is waiting.  

maybe, the moment of that first kiss is all that (Really) matters.

maybe... it is somewhere in-between.

in any event -- thank you -- for being part of the journey.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

restraint... the use of military power is a no-brainer, and it is easy to determine when a country has lost that which supposedly separates us from 'animals'.

while humanity is fun to watch, we can be disgusting, at times.

what happens to politicians, once they get re-elected?  is there a secret lobotomy-process that we are unaware of?


-the beginning of the end