Tuesday, August 27, 2013

lost and overwhelmed

lost and overwhelmed
by l. ostandfound

lost and overwhelmed
don't know what to do
even simple things in life become so far removed
taking baby-step appears to come at such a cost
life can be unkind, when mind is
overwhelmed and lost

* the the fast-paced technological world, it can appear as if we are eternally behind -- playing a game of catch-up that cannot be won.

* paper, data, hidden fees, fake news, advertizing, unspoken social pressures, lack of healing touch, sedentary lifestyles, low quality food, fluoridated water, polluted air...

* in an a-maze-ing game of 'no way out', it is easy to understand why some choose (what they perceive) as the only way.

* but is there hope?

* maybe the answer is not 'finding a way out', but rather -- tapping In -- to the Inner resources that dwarf things like 'status' and 'fashion'.  kindness, cooperation, communication, empathy, understanding, non-judgment, forgiveness, Love -- man-i-fest as smiles, safe touch, listening, observing, appreciation, Praise, positivity...

* when overwhelmed, the first step is a-way -- from media and distractions.  secondly, we can take small (baby-step) actions from the inside-out, and watch as upside-down turns to rightside-up-and-In.

* re-Turn-ing Home again.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

one universe

one universe[i] 
by uni versal laughter 

one universe for you
one universe for me
one universe for all (from the perspective that eye see)

  • it would be typical for the human ego to believe that ‘this’ universe was the only one, and that his perspective was, of course, the correct one.
  •  …yet it is obvious that even this (one) universe allows for gazillions and gazillions of perspectives, including those of other humans, animals, plants, cells (and probably even molecules and atoms, etc.)
  • human ego has traditionally believed that the ‘one’ universe revolved around him, which is the height of the ego-ic desire to be special, different and unique.
  • in a sense(s), each of us is special, insomuch as we perceive what we perceive from a different perspective as everyone and everything else.
  • perceiving from our own perspective isn’t ego-ic (in its own sense).  it’s only when he begins to believe that his (personal) perspective is the ‘right’ one... that e-go gets going.
  • maybe there is only One Uni-verse, and (maybe) our puni-verse is but a sliver of a dimension of an infinite number of possibilities…  happening at the same (no)time, just as everything might be nothing, and just as every way is more akin to enter-ain’t-ment than reality.
  • maybe… we are One.
 (of course... uh, maybe this is just one ego, attempting to describe the indescribable)
[i] martino, j. (8.21-1.2013). one universe. book 77: re-view © 2013. wellnesseducation.us.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the sound of raindrops (rain)

the sound of raindrops (rain) [1]
by we r. raindrops

the sound of raindrops (rain)
the tear of teardrops (pain)
the not-so-subtle minder that the mind can find a way to flow (again)

and just when you were thinking that the thoughts you think (insane)
and (maybe) rain is teardrops, now:
the sound of teardrops (rain)

[1] martino, j. (8.12-1.2013). the sound of raindrops (rain). book 77: re-view © 2013. wellnesseducation.us.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

she flies away (at night)

she flies away (at night) [1]
by l. efthere

she flies away at night
could this be just a dream?
she flies away at night, that’s right:
things are not as they seem

by day we dance and laugh and sing and hold each other tight
i question everything (that’s when she flies away) at night

[1] martino, j. (8.10-1.2013). she flies away at night. book 77: re-view © 2013 by wellnesseducation.us.

Friday, August 9, 2013

once upon a time

by n. otime

once upon a time
on a sunny day
once, within a rhyme
in a funny way
once the actors settled into verse and song and mime
they began the day with play (here):
once upon a time

Thursday, August 8, 2013

i (miss U)

by miss ing

miss U walked in this morning
miss U came back at noon
miss U was here this eve-en-ing, she couldn't leave too soon
miss U can get inside my head (no matter what i do)
miss U walked in this morning, and i don't know wh-i:
miss U 

we think we think (we think)

by t. h. inking

we think we made of 'matter'
we think (sun rise and set)
we think that we think better than wild animal (or pet)
we think of things as separate, instead of One (and linked)
we think that we know better, as 
we think we think (we think)

happy birthday, dad

we miss you, brother al.