Monday, April 22, 2013

too much information

too much information
by over w. helmed

too much information
sound and sight and taste
too much information (is it really all a waste?)
too much information keeps us lonely and confused
too much information on the t.v. and the news

too much information (it's a media sensation)
too much fear, too many tears, with
too much information

Sunday, April 21, 2013



life is a video game.

imagine if you were the star of your own, Uni-Verse-All Play.
imagine if you pre-paved your experiences, just by paying attention to what you wanted to experience.

imagine... if we paid attention to war, injustice, political strife, economic catastrophe, or crime.
imagine... if we were to pay attention to immediate gratification (through eating, drinking, etc.)
imagine... if we believed what we were told, by people who (we know) are suspect.


imagine if we gazed upon the abundance...
imagine if we could look into that baby's eyes... and experience he/r innocence...
imagine if we could see our lover as s/he Really is: brand new.  evolving.  strange, even.
imagine if we could See ourselves as we Really are: Love, expressing itself as love, expressing itself as fear.

imagine if we were Completely (yes, read it again: Completely) responsible for every, single experience that we have/had in this play of Plays...
imagine if we 'dreamed' it all up, just to satisfy our own need for love/fear; pleasure/pain; or drama.

(maybe we like drama)

think about it: if the Eternal, Creative Force is Absolute, It would be bored silly -- albeit for a little bit of drama.

...instead, lets give ourselves the 21st century version of global warming; political catastrophic-isity; nightly news horror; internet hell; or you -- being videotaped and recorded at every, single moment (again, at your own choosing).


the video game would (at least) be interesting.  it might even keep us awake at night.

...but imagine if we could enjoy the game...
imagine if we could control the Play...
imagine if we could direct the Dream...

and imagine if wIe are doing it already, whether we Know it or not, be-Cause wIe are part and parcel Players in the Grandest of Plays!

uh, oh.
-the beginning.

where might one live, in the u.s.a.?

assuming that even some of the global warming predictions come true... ocean-border states will go broke, and life in such a state will be chaotic.  northern states will (still) be unable to grow/sustain food (year-round).

a viable option is to find land-bordered state in the south, and to find a city (now) with a community that is far enough away from the city yet close to farming and close to clean water.

while everyone will be heading for the mountains, you might be able to make it (for awhile) in the foothills.  when you eliminate ocean states and cold states, and search for good-natured people, and search for water... here's what happens:

  • florida
  • georgia
  • alabama
  • mississippi
  • louisiana
  • texas
  • south carolina
  • north carolina
  • virginia
  • tennessee... 
    • chatanooga (i'm beginning to think that chatanooga is a place for now, and a place for the future).  let the job searches begin.
      • chatanooga has access to the mountains, and also to the gulf coast (while it is still there).  chatanooga is temperate, and tennessee is bordered by north carolina, virginia, georgia, alabama, mississippi, arkansas, missouri, and kentucky.
    • knoxville might also be worth a look.
on second thought, shouldn't someone (besides carnival) be building an ark?

* honorable mention: colorado (if you can grow your food, hydroponically).  colorado is progessive, and (once upon a time) tried to annex block island, rhode island, because the governor wanted to have "colorado lobster".  i'll be visiting ft. collins in june, so i'll check it out for us.

Love (and loss)

in a world where young men and women fight and die in the name of the motherland, 
and in a world where 'combat' is often glorified, 
wouldn't it be different if politicians and big businessmen fought their own battles.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

beauty in the clouds

beauty in the clouds 
by bea u. tification 

beauty in the way that nature makes you cry (out loud)
beauty in the sky, oh why, such
beauty in the clouds
above: charlotte, nc                                                                                 below: santa rosa island, fl
above: maine
below: lincoln woods, near providence, r.i.
below: aruba

below: caye caulker, belize

left: 'rand-ommm yoga', caye caulker, belize
below: st. thomas, u.s.v.i.
below: rendezvous caye, off of belize
below: cambodia
below: navati, fiji

left: out islands, fiji
below: honeymoon beach, fiji
below: overlooking honeymoon beach, fiji
below: grand cayman
. .
above and below: hawaii
below: wanakka, new zealand
above: st. john, u.s.v.i.

below: grand cayman islands

below: lake lure, nc

below: st. thomas

above: mt. holly, nc

below: pura vida, costa rica

below: caye caulker
below: mt. holly, nc

Thursday, April 11, 2013

dance-sing with the stars

someone please let me know where these time-lapse images came from.
(need to give credit to the photographer)

the 'food guide circle'?

simple, yet profound...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

life is a show

george carlin once said something like:
'life is a freak show, and, in america, you've got a front row seat!'

allow me (or not) to rephrase:

life is a show.  
in human form, we've got a front row seat.
i used to think that, if reincarnation was true, 
i'd want to be reincarnated to another planet.  that's not true anymore.

this is where it's at.  yes, right here, and right now.
we've all got the opportunity to tap into sooooo much:
we can tap-in to the 3 year-old kid who can dance and smile, or

we can tap-in to explosions in boston; threats from north korea;
sinkholes that swallow you alive; global warming;
(you get the idea)

there are probably a lot more Good things happening out there (right now)
than bad things.

unfortunately, for an animal, we are cued-up to pay attention to the danger!
it. is. not. our. fault. that. our. neurophysiology. is. built. this. way.


wIe can change the rules.  wIe can focus on the Good.  wIe can acknowledge the beauty, the splendor, the Love, the fun, the nature, the Connections, the experiences...

wIe can tap-in... what wIe choose to tap into.

-the beginning.    

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


this is the beginning-ish of 30A, going toward destin, fl from panama city beach.

below: welcome to seaside, fl.


below: grayton beach, fl.


below: the world famous red bar at grayton beach.


below: blue mountain beach, fl.


below: the state park near crab island, destin, fl.
 below: 'redneck beach'

below: off of the deck at a.j.'s

below: us army recreation center, destin