Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love it (while you can)

'lessons learned' from 2013:

* whatever the experience (be it person, place, thing or event),  
Love it (while you can).

above: the gift exchange (november 2013)
below: a sparrow comes back to life

above: hummingbird frenzy with donna & tom

jo & al (nuff said) 

fsu vs. wake forest, with the charlotte seminoles club

virginia beach is for lovers

massage therapy's future

above and below: north gulf, florida, usa
summer gift exchange

above: whale watching, rhode island style

ft. collins, colorado, usa
future wellness coaches/exercise scientists

one of the saddest things that
any family can ever

"you don't have to die to get here"
-motto of blue heaven, key west, florida, usa

bambi, hanging out with wally... on the tamiami trail.

memories, part II

moving forward...

space-time fluctuation

space-time fluctuation [1]
by inner & outer space

space-time fluctuation
joy-fully expressing every-thing we think we see
nature can explain the reason for great expectations
in a grand design, a kind of
space-time fluctuation

*  the cosmic dance of space-time fluctuation is nothing more (or less) than electromagnetic light waves.

* the theory of everything (TOE)-tally explains why quantum mechanics is just another step in the process of Mega-Verse-All laughter.

* Infinite possibilities are produced with every thought, while each thought might be completely physics-ical – uh, with no choice at all.

* is the Play already pre-determined?  …or do we, the observers and creators of our own Uni-Verses, determine our future/past experiences?

* welcome, 2014.

* the harmony of superstrings, meta-phors, black holes and things… might just explain the cosmic dance of chance romance.

* maybe the Multi-Verse isn’t “out there”, but in (Here)…
…in every thought fluctuation of every perspective of every living thing.

* M-theory (miracles, magical, mobile, monu-mental, malleable, mega, miniscule, modern, mundane, massive, me) might just be wIe.  

-the Beginning?

[1] martino, j. (12.31-5.13 2013). book 78: round trip. © 2013 by wellnesseducation.us.
-inspired by the documentary “into the universe” with steven hawking.

what we know (we don't)

what we know (we don’t) [1]
by i. dunno

one true thing (in his-story) we might admit (we won’t)
what we know (is my-story) and (truth be told) we don’t

*  one, longstanding truth (in human his-story) is that we/you-mans don’t have a clue as to that which is actual, real, or true.

* the world isn’t flat.  there is no ‘god of the sun’.  the earth is not the center of the universe, and the universe might not even be Universe-All (relative to the Mega-Verse).

*  ‘loving’ gods do not ‘flood’ entire planets, killing-off their own creations, simply be-cause a few of those creations were behaving in a mis-created manner.  huh?  

* Truth is… we don’t have a clue.

* truth is… that makes it a little more fun (and real) for me and you.

[1] martino, j. (12.31-4.13 2013). book 78 round trip. © 2013 by wellnesseducation.us.

if it only lasted for a moment

if it only lasted for a moment [1]
by mo mentus

if it only lasted for a moment
if we only had one chance at this
if the pleasure lasted for an ever-lasting instant…

how might we approach the (final) kiss?   

* inspired by NYE (2013).

[1] martino, j. (12.31-3.13 2013). book 78: round trip. © 2013 by wellnesseducation.us.

comedy or tragedy?

comedy or tragedy? [1]
by a. c. omedian

comedy or tragedy (a simple game of choose)
no-thing but perception (might i win or might i lose?)
if we never take the chance we’ll never feel the pain
except the void of (never/really) dancing in the rain   

[1] martino, j. (12.31-2.13 2013). book 78: round trip. © 2013 by wellnesseducation.us.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

holi-days (and nights)

the setting...
...at the pre-holi-day wine-tasting 'event'