Wednesday, December 26, 2012

positively regretful

positively regretful [1]
by n. o. regrets

in an ego-centric world of materialism and negative emotions, it is Healing... to utilize bad-vibrations as 'food' to fuel the positive.

regret, an emotion that many of us share, can hold us back from blossoming into our True, Expressive Self.   interestingly enough, regret can also be used as a re-Mind-er to shift focus and tap into positively Positive emotions.  

regret (behavioral, experiential) tends to attract similar ego-ic (fear-based) emotions such as anger, criticism, and judgment.

in my own experience, the shame of ((“i wish i hadn’t done that, back then”)) has helped me to become less and less judgmental, which has been the most Free-ing experience of my life.

this needs to be stated again:
the worst memories of my life are (now)
potential springboards into (what i believe)
is the most love-ing emotion that humans can experience –

try it, you’ll love it!

nonjudgment immediately re-Leas-es us from every, single negative emotion.   when wIe wallow in nonjudgment, even forgiveness is mute – because wIe under-stand that humans are complex beings, that things happen, and that every-one is doing the very best that s/he can, in every single moment.  

this is not to say that lenny is completely nonjudgmental… 100% of the time, but rather:

the Higher-Self part of us can be Nonjudgmental,
and it feels soooooo good to tap into that,
especially at times when the hell-acious ego is at the controls.

my Christ-mas wish, for you and i, is that wIe are more and more able to experience nonjudgment.  wIe can turn ‘regret’ into a positive experience...

...and that, my friend, is:

Positively regretful

[1] martineau, l. (12.26-1.2012) book 70: re-View. © by

Sunday, December 9, 2012


by joal

black is not the ending that you think of (when you’re scared)
black is just a doorway (open Now) for those who dare
black can leave behind the physicality (and pain)
black is not an ending, baby (take me home again)


Friday, December 7, 2012

santa claus is comin to town

'nuff said:

had to add this: (the boss, 'dancin in the dark' with his mom)