Wednesday, October 31, 2012

goblins, part II

another day in the neighborhood

Thursday, October 18, 2012


paralysis... a state where one cannot move...
...can be experienced in the body and in the ongoing process of life itself.

as my mother deals with the paralysis of both legs, my family deals with the paralysis of a medical system that is soooooo specialized that the proper communication of vital information can be compromised, lost, or simply not communicated.

as family members of a patient, the martineau family has often felt as if there was nothing that could be done -- outside of waiting, agreeing to physician's suggestions/recommendations about procedures, pharmaceuticals, and prognoses.

simultaneously, people around the globe feel paralyzed by what appears to be geopolitical stagnation, in a world that is badly in need positive action.  voters feel paralyzed by a system that is so stuck on winning, that it has forgotten that we are all One.

global warming?  water scarcity?  genetically modified food?  fluoridation, radiation, homogenization, chlorination, and medications?

when you feel the numbness, it is difficult to move (in any direction).

thank you, for holding our hands during this time.



say what you want about the stars, but this is special:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


halloween is upon us, and the house (up the street) is in full bloom:


regional farmer's market

near the airport, charlotte, n.c.: