Wednesday, August 29, 2012

lessons... from the hummingbird:

  • many birds may do battle over one specific feeder (even as others are available) -- simply because one bird considers the disputed feeder 'valuable'.
  • male/alpha will guard its own territory/feeder -- not even partaking in its nectar -- but just for the sake of power and control.

  • one bird will try to control more and more and more area/feeders, as if never, ever satisfied.  s/he will only back away from total dominance if/when it becomes exceedingly difficult to control everything.

  • size matters.
  • agility matters.

  • thirst/hunger matters: birds will become more and more aggressive (and willing to risk/fight) as they become more and more thirsty/hungry.  

  • (note: the next global war might [well] be over water)

  • 'alpha' doesn't always mean 'male'.

  • if the nectar is seriously tainted, no birds will pay any attention to the feeder.

  • short-term attraction relies (mostly) on appearance, while long-term attraction has to do with substance.
  •  where there are birds, there will (very likely) be bees.
  •  no bird is an island.  even the 'loner' bird is a social animal.
  • defense = attack... especially when both are extensions/children of fear.

  • sometimes, the little birdbrain will control the actions of the whole bird.

this whole essay might be for the birds.

  • fly, mate, nest, migrate.  
  • eat, compete, attack/retreat, repeat.
  • sharing happens (among friends).
  • friendship doesn't end.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

is it a Dance...

...or a battle?

only the actors know (for sure), and even they are mis-led by their own sensory interpretations.

if players at play can be lost in the Dance, 
who is to say if it's fate or it's chance?
go 'full screen' with this one
the video (above) was recorded outside of my 3rd story window, by outlaw pete, on his cell phone on august 7th, 2012.  mag-nificent madness!

notice the territorial posturing, the subtle sharing, and the good-natured chest-bumping.  if a video could ever be referred to as "one for the birds"... well, this one chirps and flutters its way to the top of the list. 

alpha redneck

...and a several of the kids

Thursday, August 16, 2012

building a beach house

building a beach house [i]
by connie s. truction

a beach house (on stilts) needs balance and stability.

chances are, if we were building a beach house, we’d feel better with more stilts than with fewer.  can you imagine building a house on one stilt?

building a personal life is similar.

a person who builds his whole life around his marriage, for example, will experience his whole world ‘crashing in’ if the marriage/stilt were to 'fail'.

he would have built a much more stable home if he had utilized several stilts, such as:
·        marriage
·        children
·        family
·        friends
·        job
·        hobby
·        etc.

if we decide to build a personal home with several stilts… if we don't put 'all of your eggs in one basket'… if we refrain from 'betting the farm’ on one horse…

…chances are that we’d experience a higher level of wellness and ease (even if one of the stilts became weakened). 

think of the supermodel who bases her whole life
upon her physical appearance. 
as the appearances fade (as they must),
this beautiful woman might experience
unimaginable levels of insecurity.

beauty, riches, fame, etc., come crashing down…
…if the house is built on one stilt.

let’s re-view some of our ‘stilts’ (see the bullets, above):

* can we nurture/bolster any of these stilts?  (for example, can we strengthen friendships?)
* can we build any new stilts?
* can we recognize if/when our beach house is at risk?
* can we take the time (in advance) to question the building process (who, what, how, where, when, why)?

many of us are ‘building a beach house’.   if we choose to build for the long term, it makes sense to consider the foundation. 

never rush the long term dream home.  in fact, it might be wise to consider the reasons for building it in the first place.  it's not the dream home that we want, but rather, the way that the dream home makes us feel.

is it possible to experience the feelings, even without the beach house?  is it possible to experience the dream during the building process?  is it possible (during the building process) to reinforce the foundation?

have you ever built (or dreamed of) a beach house?

[i]  martino, j. (8-15.1-2012). book 70: Hoooooome. © 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012


and... click here, but only if you're ready for fallon-springsteen singing "sexy and i know it."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

scalloping (2012)

unlike last year, the scallops were slightly less plentiful this time around.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Balance... Is

Balance... Is!
by ifee l. unbalanced

what is balance... but the harmonious interplay between two mutually oppositical (yet Connected) forces?

when one force (as it must) experiences a shift in energy (be it an increase or a decrease), the oppositical force begins immediate adjustment processes, which lead to a number of other energy shifts, leading to a number of other adjustment processes.  it's kind-of like flying a helicopter.

the Overall process is Homeostatic, while the scene might appear as if something out of a move-ie.

'balance' might be something to 'try to do', here, but Balance is an Is.

the Uni-Verse Is Balance, as wIe... the dynamic, changing, apparently out of balance, man-i-fest.

-the beginning___________________________________

* inspired by chapter 16: trees and light; in living energies by callum coats.