Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fifty shades of grey?


fifty shades of grey [i]
by dom i. nant and su b. missive

when dominant: submissive
when reason doesn’t rhyme
when love aligns with pain (the Same)
when places change (with time)

when sub and dom exchange a bond of trust along the way…
when upside-down and inside-out:
when fifty shades of grey
* what if that which appears to be dominant is, in actual-ity… submissive?

* in “fifty shades of grey”, who is straight-forward?  who is manipulating whom?  who really has the power?  who is really in control?  who submits, again and again and again?

* interpersonal relationships are never 'black and white'.  fifty shades of grey might actually refer to the norm (albeit, a moving target), while seducing our attention toward the apparently abnormal.

* what if the Uni-Verse decided to man-i-fest as multiple variants (of color, scent, and sound)?  what if we choose to look around?

* what if the Uni-Verse was a dancing play of love-ego-love-ego-love?  what if below is above?

* what if that which appeared to be love-ing was egoic (e.g. the self-absorbed ‘healer’) and that which appeared to be self-ish (e.g. the hummingbird) was looking for Union?

* what if our whole way of thinking is inside-out and upside-down, any-way?
what if pain is play?

what if the Uni-verse-All manifestation 
is both 
dominant and submissive?

* what if Every-thing is fifty shades of grey?
he appears skittish, he acts skittish, heck... he is skittish!

...but what he really, Really, REALLY wants...
 is the experience of Unified, Passionate, Love-ing Bliss.

-the end.

[i]  martino, j. (6.25.2012). book 70: Hoooooome. © 2012
* music from the cd "land of forever" by pamela and randy copus.

30 dolphins: beach/rescue

Monday, June 25, 2012

a familiar ring!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

a quick buzz

can we say "skittish"?


trying to get mt. holly hummingbirds to eat out of your hand (below) is a lot harder than in charlotte, where they'll land on your head (if it's sweet enough).

oh, so close!


oh, well... at least he stuck around for awhile...

below, he's on the right side, then sitting/chugging on the back of the dish:

 they are much better, off camera :)

.now that's more like it! :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

(young) life

(young) life [1]
by f. r. agility

young life:

so delicate, soooo fragile...
so full of possibilities, soooo full of potential challenges...
so thick and rich in real drama, soooo present in that which really matters...
so meaning-full

may we wallow in it,
may we celebrate it, and
may we savor the Love, experienced even as it unfolds

* on this father's day, allow me to praise and honor all parents.

* there is no way (for a non-parent) to truly relate to your experiences of Ultimate Joy and (potential) pain, so it's "hat's off" to you -- again, and again, and again.

[1] martineau, l. (6.17.2012). book 70: Hoooooome. © 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012

u.s.n.w.c. saturday night

sometimes, on saturday nights, the u.s.n.w.c. turns the guides loose for a little crash n' burn fun.

 -------------------------------below: short video (camera battery crashed)-------------------------------
below: one of the guides, inside of a water-ball plastic inflatable thing: 

below: the path back to the kayak --
in daylight!  yes!
 below: the kayak dock

below: this is how the paddle home
is supposed to look:

 finally, a return home before total darkness.

living energies

interesting quotes from the book "living energies:  
victor schauberger's brilliant work with natural energies explained" (2001):

"it could be argued, however, that what is called 'energy' by the scientist and 'spirit' by the priest are essentially the same."  
-callum coats; page36 (in chapter 2: energy

"without attraction between two or more atoms there would be no water, no plants, no chemical compounds, no living substances at all. essence, attraction is a form of love, so that in the polygamous relationship between two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, their mutual attraction and interaction gives birth to the marvel of water." 
-c. coats; p. 205 (in chapter 16: trees and light)

"water is a living substance."  
-victor schauberger; p. 107 (in chapter 8: the nature of water)

"victor viewed the Earth as a living organism, a being possessed of intelligence..."
 " an animate being, the Earth also breathes, pulsating its fundamentally female energies outward in tune with its gyration and in response to the energy received from the Sun."
-c. coats; p. 87 (in chapter 6: the earth's atmospheric envelope)

"of necessity, an entity such as the ECI (Eternally Creative Intelligence) must constantly create in the process of Its own might then be viewed as an expression of the Will-To-Create, as the agency through which the ideas of the ECI become manifest."
-c. coats, p. 39 (in chapter 3: new dimensions of energy

"the forest should only be cared for by people who love it. ..those who view the forest merely as an object of speculation, do it and all other living creatures great harm, for the forest is the cradle of water.  ..if the forest dies, then the springs will dry up, the meadows will become barren and many countries will inevitably be seized by unrest of such a kind that it will bode ill for every one of us."  -victor schauberger; p. 224 (in chapter 17: forestry: a noble of ignoble art?)

"if one observes the Universe as a whole, i.e. from the 'Big Bang' to the 'black hole', as it were, a form of motion is evident that victor schauberger called 'cycloid-spiral-space-curve-motion.'  
...he referred to it as 'original motion' ...a 'form-creating' dynamic."  
-c. coats; p. 55 (in chapter 4: what is motion?)

"Higher Spirituality is synonymous with a higher level of energy. this energy is renewed in the human psyche it permeates and enriches the noosphere, the immaterial realms of thought, the abode of the Will-To-Create, and the complexity of the creative energetic matrix is raised as a result."
-c. coats; p. 44 (in chapter 3: new dimensions of energy)

"...scientific study in costa rica, for example, showed that for every beef carcass exported, 2.5 tonnes of top soil were irretrievably lost through erosion.  quite obviously, such widespread damage is totally unsustainable."  
-c. coats; p. 269 (in chapter 20: the generation of fructigenic energies)

in a final letter 
(just prior to walking into the forest [to die], weeks prior to november, 1958)  
victor schauberger wrote:

"my dear mr. r., 
i have now reached the point where they can all kiss the place where my spinal column terminates.  ..i am old and seriously ill. only concern now is for all the poor children who are faced with a grisly future.
...if i reveal everything it will only be hushed up, because it not only involves the whole scientific establishment, but also the doctrines of the church.  ..all power politics will collapse once the truth emerges that science is the actual causative agent of cancer.
...i intend to return to the forest once more, there to die in peace..the whole of science and all its hangers-on are nothing but a band of thieves, who are suspended like marionettes and must dance to whatever tune their well-camouflaged slave masters deem necessary." 
-p. 13 (in chapter 1; who was victor schauberger?)

thank you, rosalie!

your upside-down suggestion has (once again) borne fruit:


"rabbi" the new name of one of our resident critters:


Friday, June 15, 2012

an (after-noon) on the river

a casual paddle,
a hidden cove,
a smallmouth bass,

a group of people toting a cooler-craft?
 below: shaun.... and the cooler-craft.
. .
a river party?

a visit to the u.s.n.w.c.?

a kid, dancing on stage? 

a-nother late night paddle home in the dark?

i'm having a hard time 
remembering their names...
(lisa? darren? jennie?)
...but they were fun.

above: every thursday night at the u.s.n.w.c.
how quickly can an afternoon become an after, after noon?

 home sweet home...