Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my favorite super bowl commercial

lenny (black) v. computer (white)

in this 19-move knockout, lenny (playing black) develops his pieces methodically (yet quickly), owns the center, pins white’s king knight, and eventually sacrifices his own bishop enroute to a crushing mate. .white doesn’t necessarily blunder, but lacks creativity and enthusiasm with his development, leading to a cramped and weak position.

lenny telegraphs his bishop-sacrifice (which the computer ignores), and white pays the heavy price – not only with his queen but also with a devastating, lightning-quick mate.

black/lenny uses his textbook style (secure the center; develop openly; combine forces), giving his pieces plenty of freedom and options. .he castles into safety on his 10th move, but more as an insurance maneuver than anything else.

given the opportunity to sacrifice his king-bishop, lenny proceeds to crush the computer’s pinned and cramped existence, showing mercy only by expediting white’s eventual demise.

White (the computer) ..Black (Lenny)
1. g2-g3 ....................1. d7-d5
2. Ng1-f3 ..................2. Bc8-f5
3. d2-d4 ....................3. e7-e6
4. e2-e3 ....................4. c7-c5
5. Bf1-b5 ..................5. Nb8-c6
6. Bb5xc6 ................6. b7xc6
7. d4xc5 ...................7. Bf8xc5
8. 0-0 .......................8. Bf5-g4
9. Nb1-c3 ................9. Ng8-f6
10. h2-h4 ................10. 0-0
11. Rf1-e1 ..............11. Bc5-d6 (sets up the sacrifice)
12. Bc1-d2 .............12. Qd8-c7
13. b2-b3 ...............13. Bd6xg3!!
14. f2xg3 ................14. Qc7xg3.(check)
15. Kg1-h1?............15. Bg4xf3.(check)!
16. Qd1xf3 ............16. Qg3xf3
17. Kh1-g1 ............17. Nf6-g4!
18. Re1-f1 .............18. Qf3-g3.(check)
19. Kg1-h1 ............19. Qg3-h2 (mate)

Monday, January 30, 2012

all a-loan

have you bought a home lately?

the loan paperwork (alone) is 84 pages, sent to me from u.s.a.a. (electronically, of course).  if they'd printed it and sent it, the ink and paper costs -- combined with the weight-sensitive shipping fees might break the u.s.a.a. bank.

the good news is that the documents are written in such a way that you'd never understand them, creating the need to interact with local loan experts and meet new people.

the local folks (from "new american mortgage") will counter with a lengthy document of their own, and i'll be able to build a house on my own, using paper.

-the middle.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

thoughts become things???

* vaulted ceilings,
* warm bed,
* space, privacy, and family/friend fun,
* entertain-ment,
* ease,
* commute-icable ease,
* spring and summer and fall,
* water!
* return of the hummingbirds!
* massage (hot stones, hot towels, warm feet),
* warm feet (in in-time-ate relationship),
* Yug,
* a better future,
* appreciation, for the past-present.s,
* smiling, laughing, happy family times, and
* rhymes.
why not? this thought became a thing...


primarily speaking...

jean and i were talking about numerous topics (as usual) last night, and two of those came together once i got home. ..after we spoke about "nonjudgment" and "the primaries," i wound up watching a lot of the florida debate (live) on my computer.

in an attempt to view the episode in a nonjudgmental manner, here's what i witnessed:

* four intelligent men, answering the most difficult of questions, on a world-wide stage.
* people who are willing to undergo intense scrutiny and criticism, because they care about a cause that they believe in.
* in addition to (the anticipated) political attacks, there was plenty of agreement.
* different people can view the same situation and come away with completely different deductions.
* we really do enjoy a lot of freedom (in this society). . importantly, we are free to express ourselves.


i'd never have the stomach nor the courage to bare it all for the masses by running for any type of political office. ..the people who choose this path certainly choose a difficult role.

it was more pleasant (for me, anyway) watching the debate from a less judge-mental perspective. ..instead of hoping that one of them would "goof," i found myself listening... and tapping into the heartfelt messages that these candidates were trying to convey.

i happen to like our sitting president, and my belief is that it is difficult for any leader (in our system) to enact necessary changes without cooperation. ..that's my bias.

while it might be difficult to view future debates and commercials in a nonjudgmental light, i must admit that (primarily) the observation process was easier (and less primal) for at least one night.

Monday, January 23, 2012

no matter how you slice it...

G∞d things are going to happen (today, this week, this year, and in the future).

G∞d things
by p. ositive and t. h. oughts

G∞d things (in small of package)
G∞d things (at times, disguised)
G∞d things are even better than we ever could surmise

G∞d things can happen anytime a happy thought takes wing
G∞d things (inevit-able) when wIe think about
G∞d things 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

rest in Peace... Now?

apparent fact: each of us will rest (die), at the culmination of this life-cyle.

assumption: It's All Good (Peace, Love, Unity, Bliss, One-ness) -- meaning that the resting phase will Be Peace-Full...

then why don't we just rest Now?  
why is soooooo much effort placed into achieving 
why is sooooooooo much anxiety woven into life itself? 
why don't we take more siestas?

...or is it that the Spiritual Realm, Be-ing Rest-Full, enjoys the short-term physical sense-at-i-ons of sensory awakening?

...or maybe is it that the physical experience (here) is one of rest and action, of awake and asleep, of the good and the bad...???

is it possible that, at One Level, we are at Peace, whereas (at another level) wIe act as role-players in a reality-tell-a-vision performance fit for the Stars?

maybe apparent chaos is but a piece of Peace; maybe black holes are but In-Spirations of the Whole; maybe death is Birth; maybe it IS All One, Cosmic Joke; and maybe wIe are the Star, in the very Center of our own, personal, United, Uni-Verse-All Play.


goodbye, joe pa


what i choose to remember about joe pa:

* his putting education up there with winning, in a sport where it's all about winning.

* his legendary battle with coach bobby bowden (to be the winningest coach in n.c.a.a. division I history)... and to the way that they both downplayed it.

* one of my best friends met him (at a wedding), and says that he's a "down to earth" guy. .let's remember the Good about the man, instead of judging.

in a world where the media will pick you clean; in a world where everyone gets to judge, without having any idea of the totality of any situation; in a world where the benefits of fame ride in the same roller-coaster seat as the drawbacks of fame...

i can only say "rest in peace, joe pa."


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sand dancer


"it's like i can see the Big Picture, while making a part"
-sand dancer

Monday, January 16, 2012


might this be the one?
3 stories

top floor, master bedroom
living room (2nd floor)


i like stairways :)

below: the back deck

below: clubhouse, pool, tennis court, playground, marina... (yikes!)


 would you like to open a restaurant at riverfront?

asheville, nc (yesterday)

on friday, i made my way toward asheville, nc (via hickory, nc).  on satruday, asheville's first stop was at "points of light", where yours truly purchased a "crystal singing bowl."

what is a crystal singing bowl, you ask?

then it was off to town, to "a far away place" where i picked up a chime (to begin/end yoga class with).

the yellow sign in the window says: 
"there are only four questions in life:
* what is sacred?
* of what is the Spirit made?
* what is worth living for?
* what is worth dying for?
and the answer to these is the same:
only Love"
-johnny depp, in don juan demarco

everyone was sooo friendly and helpful (turning me on to some great yoga music and funky weight training music) that i eased on through the doorway to "world coffee."

when i complimented a street artist (mike) on his work, he said that he could create an original for me, so i showed him the wIe logo and we made a deal. 

below, mike (at world coffee) shows his version of "wIe"

the ride home...
asheville, nc (wicked cool!)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

it's a state of mine-d

yes, ladies and gentlemen, you've probably heard stories about the great state of rhode island: mafia, corruption, quahogs, cabinets and grinders, in-depth news reporting, and unique accents. ..what is impossible to describe, however, is how an average rhode island family spends a quiet day at the beach... uhhhhh... while being attacked by a giant lagoon creature...

view on, but please, puhleeeeease... use discretion:

scared, but not really sure why...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

what is a miracle?

by i. m. possible
what is a miracle?
a miracle Is... 

when the impossible becomes i’m.possible,
when the infathomable becomes fathomable,
when the inconceivable is conceived,
when the drama unfolds in such a way as to mystify even the mystic
a miracle isn’t (necessarily) an act of God, although it would be hard to rule that out
a miracle isn’t the result of some outcome (on the outside), but rather…
a miracle is an In-side experience -- that anyone can deny -- except for s/he who experiences…
a miracle

* my belief is that 2012 is a year of miracles...
and that y/our miracle  Is possible, In-deed.