Sunday, December 11, 2011

role, model

"there's more to winning and losing than just victory and defeat"
-al morro

role, model
by ima n. o. rolemodel

in a world of model worship,
in a world of playing roles,
it's good to see role model (and the story, never old)

* and the magical (tim tebow) story continues, and it's soooooooooooo much more than football.

* and more and more, it's about authenticity.

* and wow... a real good guy role model, right here in 2011... just doing his own thing, his own way, in the best way that he can.

* and it somehow feels good... even for those of us wanna-be role models who have slipped and fallen along the way.

maybe each of us has it in us... 
to choose a better path, 
to strive for a better tomorrow, 
to for-give and to move forward -- 
wherever that path might lead. 

* and here's what's (Really) cool: when he experiences defeat (as we all must), he will come through with the same positivity that defines his earth-bound experience.

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