Sunday, December 18, 2011

victory and defeat

it is easy to captain the ship when the seas of victory make for easy sailing.'s another story altogether, attempting to sail when the sea is stormy and rough.

while it is intriguing to focus on the sailing drama of others, maybe we do it for personal insight into how we might act/react, in the face of the storm.

the storm, of course, is simply the storm. ..we can try to change it, or to blame it -- but in the end, it's just the storm. ..we can blame ourselves for sailing into it, but again, it is just the storm.

some avoid the storm, while others get a thrill out of the challenges. matter.

the good news (and there's All-Ways Good news) is that wIe can learn and grow and evolve and live (while setting the example) in a world of apparent victory and defeat.

-the beginning

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