Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the inexplicably beautiful Uni-Verse

the inexplicably beautiful Uni-Verse
by i. m. amazed

one look around (or inside?) provides a variety of sensory doorways into an infinite amount of experiential phenomenon, all of which are born inside of you.

y/our bodymind (the outcropping of a much more elaborate Reality of "You") allows for the appreciation of a speck of sand, a shade of blue, a scent of coffee, a touch of warmth or the taste of a sloooooow kiss.

all of this beauty exists not "out there," but also (actually) inside of the magnificent, magic-all you.

* the sea turtle (pictured above) was tiny, and could easily fit into the palm of your magical hand.


  1. is that "love, love, love"?
    ...or three heartbeats?

  2. Destin? Is it Destin???

    Nice pics, Bro!!!
    xoxoxo, me