Sunday, December 4, 2011

good guys are Good...

...for this planet.

amid all of the negativity, criticism, attack and judgment, it's re-freshing to witness some boyish hope, some sparkly-eyed passion, some belief, some dedication, and some fun (for a change).

even if it only lasts for a moment (and it has lasted for over 6 weeks; and it has actually lasted for many, many years)...
...wIe are lucky...

to be able to tune in to a Higher part of ourselves, a more Grateful side of ourselves, a more Appreciative side of ourselves, and a less judge-mental side of ourselves...

when wIe can observe Good guys and gals doing Good things, 
for no reason at all but the Love of doing Good.

in a world of sad story-lines, i'm overtly happy to be able to tune in to something that is really, really Good.

and this (the video, below) is from several years ago.

this is not about football.

this post is not about religion, or righteousness, or winning, or whatever.

it's just an opportunity to say (maybe to myself?) that there's a better, deeper side of every-one, and that wIe can all tap into that essence in ourselves, and wIe can all re-Cognize it in each other.

-the beginning

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