Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, December 18, 2011

victory and defeat

it is easy to captain the ship when the seas of victory make for easy sailing.'s another story altogether, attempting to sail when the sea is stormy and rough.

while it is intriguing to focus on the sailing drama of others, maybe we do it for personal insight into how we might act/react, in the face of the storm.

the storm, of course, is simply the storm. ..we can try to change it, or to blame it -- but in the end, it's just the storm. ..we can blame ourselves for sailing into it, but again, it is just the storm.

some avoid the storm, while others get a thrill out of the challenges. matter.

the good news (and there's All-Ways Good news) is that wIe can learn and grow and evolve and live (while setting the example) in a world of apparent victory and defeat.

-the beginning

home purchasing

what is most important when purchasing a home?

* location?
-to work
-to frequently visited places facilities
...restaurants, cafes
...entertainment (e.g. whitewater center)
-to friends/family (is the home accessible for them?)

* cost?
-mortgage, interest and taxes (monthly payment)
-homeowner's association fees (add to monthly payment)
-hidden costs (utilities, repair...)
-insurance (flood, etc.)

* amenities?
-number of rooms
-porch, deck, space for a hot tub
-garden tub
-office space
-community pool
-ability to freely upgrade (backyard, solar, etc.)
-yoga room?

* future (as in: resale potential)?
-is the community thriving?
-will the community be thriving, several years from now?
-is the city progressive?

my current thought process is that relationships are the most important thing (in life). it Spiritual, family/friends, community, etc., a home that allows for flourishing relationships is a plus. ..this also plays into location, in terms of the possibility of a future potential romantic relationship. ..i can (easily) become a hermit, so it is important to have community.

flexibility is important, because we live in a changing world, and situations can change quickly. ..a home that would resell (or rent) quickly and easily would be a plus. ..this means getting a great deal on a home.

low maintenance is a key element, insomuch as yardwork is better as a passion, not a burden.

in the final analysis, it will have to feel right. ..this is rather strange, because (for most of my life), i was compelled to negate feelings, whereas now, feelings are the most important thing.

amazing... how a potential home purchase can reveal so much...

-the beginning

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NamasTebowing (an international craze)

what do you get when you cross Namaste' with Tebowing?
(above: fantastic students -- dedicated, focused, happy, energetic!)

while NamasTebowing is all the rage, the photos (below) offer a few honorable mentions

photos from

swim team tebowing

         underground tebowing

           happy 2 year old, tebowing

eddy the yeti, tebowing
 bride tebowing

                  gumby tebowing


"don't stop believin'" tebowing
(this could be my favorite)


                                cookie tebowing

santa, tebowing ("how am i gonna to get out of here?")

what it all means:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the inexplicably beautiful Uni-Verse

the inexplicably beautiful Uni-Verse
by i. m. amazed

one look around (or inside?) provides a variety of sensory doorways into an infinite amount of experiential phenomenon, all of which are born inside of you.

y/our bodymind (the outcropping of a much more elaborate Reality of "You") allows for the appreciation of a speck of sand, a shade of blue, a scent of coffee, a touch of warmth or the taste of a sloooooow kiss.

all of this beauty exists not "out there," but also (actually) inside of the magnificent, magic-all you.

* the sea turtle (pictured above) was tiny, and could easily fit into the palm of your magical hand.

people are awesome!

people are crazy awesome!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

role, model

"there's more to winning and losing than just victory and defeat"
-al morro

role, model
by ima n. o. rolemodel

in a world of model worship,
in a world of playing roles,
it's good to see role model (and the story, never old)

* and the magical (tim tebow) story continues, and it's soooooooooooo much more than football.

* and more and more, it's about authenticity.

* and wow... a real good guy role model, right here in 2011... just doing his own thing, his own way, in the best way that he can.

* and it somehow feels good... even for those of us wanna-be role models who have slipped and fallen along the way.

maybe each of us has it in us... 
to choose a better path, 
to strive for a better tomorrow, 
to for-give and to move forward -- 
wherever that path might lead. 

* and here's what's (Really) cool: when he experiences defeat (as we all must), he will come through with the same positivity that defines his earth-bound experience.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

what does Love look like?

what does (falling slowly in) Love look like?

Friday, December 9, 2011

grief or glory?

"grief" is often experienced over the loss of someone/something that accounted for some glorious moments. ...and grieving can be a choice -- much like the choice to re-Member those moments of glory.

one choice is grievious, and the other, glorious!

...and wIe have the choice to choose which experience to experience. 

-the beginning

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011


the end of this short video is pretty darn cool.

good guys are Good...

...for this planet.

amid all of the negativity, criticism, attack and judgment, it's re-freshing to witness some boyish hope, some sparkly-eyed passion, some belief, some dedication, and some fun (for a change).

even if it only lasts for a moment (and it has lasted for over 6 weeks; and it has actually lasted for many, many years)...
...wIe are lucky...

to be able to tune in to a Higher part of ourselves, a more Grateful side of ourselves, a more Appreciative side of ourselves, and a less judge-mental side of ourselves...

when wIe can observe Good guys and gals doing Good things, 
for no reason at all but the Love of doing Good.

in a world of sad story-lines, i'm overtly happy to be able to tune in to something that is really, really Good.

and this (the video, below) is from several years ago.

this is not about football.

this post is not about religion, or righteousness, or winning, or whatever.

it's just an opportunity to say (maybe to myself?) that there's a better, deeper side of every-one, and that wIe can all tap into that essence in ourselves, and wIe can all re-Cognize it in each other.

-the beginning


you don't have to be a believer... to be able to re-Cognize a positive attitude; and to re-Cognize someone who is passionate about what he believes in.

the belief system itself can be secondary to the uplifter -- s/he who lives and speaks from the heart.

we've all made mistakes. ..but those mistakes do not define us. ..rather, they set us up for the next thought, the next word, and the next action -- and the multitude of ripple effects that erupt from our tiny little tic of time.

Friday, December 2, 2011

sunset walk

a few pictures from a post-meal walk in providence, r.i. with donna, jessie, and kevin:
below: kevin, after a jog around the track


Thursday, December 1, 2011

life never ends

assuming that the UniVerse is All-i-ve, and assuming that It is In-finite, then...
life (not necessarily as we know it) could never end.

...and even if/when it does, if such a life is re-Membered by those that follow it, then...
life hasn't (Really) ended, has it?

assuming (for a moment) that no-thing happens outside of the Infinite Now moment, then...
Now-ness (until it ends) holds the key to ever-lasting life... least for Now.

-the beginning