Monday, October 31, 2011

holy chemicals, batman!

as it is halloween...

does anyone remember the batman movie when the joker (played by jack nicholson) "poisoned" gotham city by putting toxins into health care products?

color me skeptical, but (at times), fiction has basis in fact:

in a world where individuals produce 0% of what we consume -- a world where the known purpose of a corporation is to make $$$ (not to protect the public) --  what's in your _________________?

fill in the blank:
  • toothpaste
  • soda pop
  • halloween candy
  • genetically modified apple
  • beef
  • chicken
  • soap
  • water???
the list (of course) could go on and on and on. ..known toxins, unnecessarily placed into products that will seep through the skin (the largest organ in the human body) of a baby...

...should never come as a surprise to humans, who have been served-up consumable toxins [hundreds of addictive chemicals in a cigarette?] since corporations first incorporated.

happy shopping :)

okay, i won't just leave you with that. ..what can we do?

we Know what we can do. 
we can make the better (usually more natural) purchase choice, 
given the option.

since every purchase is a vote, and since a corporation's sole purpose is to make money, the quickest way to evoke change is to purchase the healthier product. ..yes, yes, yes, it may take a little more time/research on each individual's part, but some options (free range vs. factory farmed) are obvious.

already, you can hear the chorus: "but it costs more!"
(as they pay for their big screens, gulp soda, and vote for cheap, fast toxic food)

individual votes/purchases have changed the world, and can change the world. can wIe change our own little Uni-Verse, today?

Friday, October 28, 2011


if you don't know what this is... doesn't (really) matter.

either way, it's pretty funny. .. 
check out this link:
 in the link, you've got to scroll down to the "mid-meeting tebow" (page 7?)
or the "running low on toner tebow" or soooooo many more...


...or this video:
personally?  ..i Love the tebow story (always have, even as a seminole), and i sincerely hope it continues, b/c good guys are very good for this planet.

when tebow was at the university of florida, even as it was hard to speak it... there was an inner voice (even if it wasn't saying "go gators"), it was thinking "you can do it, tim tebow!"

maybe... just maybe... every one of us has it in us... to dig-in,  to dig down deep, and to care in such a way, with such passion... that leaves absolutely no doubt that (even with blemishes), there is nothing more Perfect than the human heart, kicking it into overdrive... simply Be-Cause it damn-well chooses to do so.

-the beginning.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what if you were Miraculously Beautiful?

what if you were Miraculously Beautiful?

what if you (temporarily) inhabited a body comprised of trillions of of atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs that cooperated and communicated with each other simultaneously -- so that (in every moment) the whole system would seek homeostasis, ease and healing?

what if this "body" was created by the thoughts and emotions of y/our mind, and what if that mind was a mere extension of a Superconscious Soul that allowed you to experience the apparent chills and spills of a physical world -- while Peace-fully Be-ing your Soul reason for Being?

what if that (apparently individual) Soul wasn't (really) So[u]litary, and what if it was a mere atom of Light within a Majestic Dance of vibrational waves that could Create the most beautiful of colors, the most sooth-ing of sounds, the most delicious of kisses?

and what if All of thIs could manifest in such a way as to ensure that you (and your loved ones) would re-Main Completely Safe and Happy -- even as their earth-bound versions experienced the ebb and flow of good/bad, hot/cold, left/right, up/down, and us/them?

what if, amid all of the apparent turmoil, there was a Perfectly Perfect You, more beautiful than the most beautiful super-super model, more beautiful than the most color-full bird, more beautiful than the most stunning of sunsets?

and what if you could share some of that, and what if (by sharing) you experienced even more of it -- Be-Cause the interconnected nature of your Unseen Nature was Connection It-Self?

what if you were Miraculously Beautiful?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

beautiful day

beautiful day: a flashback

this morning, i woke-up in a lucid-dream-type state, and imagined that i was flying. ..i decided that it might be nice to fly over one of the most beautiful places that i'd ever experienced.

"the dream" took me back here:  

Monday, October 24, 2011

the Perfect Play

imagine the Perfect Play:

imagine if a Playwright could set such an extravagant, believable scene that even the actors would for-get that they were Play-ing!

imagine if the actors had special sense-ors that caused them to see, smell, hear, touch and taste their environment, and imagine if these "senses" were attached to emotional circuitry that allowed the actors to experience feelings (at a deep level) as if the experiences were real.

imagine if the Writer could set up scenarios of oppositical differentiality and create groups of people who could experience Unity and separation simultaneously, and what if these you-mans couldn't figure out that it all happens "at the Same time"?

what if there were "sensory provoking opportunities resulting in tremendous sensations" (s.p.o.r.t.s.) -- that pitted one person, or one team, or one country against the other? ..what if the ultimate sport was called "we are right" (w.a.r.), and what if the "ultimate sacrifice" could occur on a battle-field (of sorts)?

what if there were demo-crats and republ-i-cans who hated each other... and who lived life to battle each other so hard -- that they never got the joke (that they referred to their own organizations as "parties")?

and imagine if it was all "upside-down and backwards" even in the eye of the Be-holder, and if the Play was a reflection of its very Source?

imagine if the whole thing was set up for the feeling of emotional and sensory experiences, and imagine if there was a media-ocre mean-s to produce and communicate differentiality, for the Soul Purpose of drama?

what if you could turn down the Light and heighten the special effects?

what if the special effects were soooooooooo great that the actors were fitted with "virtual reality body suits" that accentuated senses and feelings and stimulations?

what if there was a veil (or curtain) that hid props and characters (behind the scenes)?

what if this Source/Playwright could somehow Feel, and Experience, and Love through a feedback system so close that it existed In-side of the actors?

what if, when it was over, even those who died would not (Really) be dead?  what if the whole cast could return to the stage (en-Light-ened), arm-in-arm, red with blue, victim with perpetrator, good-guy with bad-guy, and bow, bow, bow to the applause of previously unseen observers?

what if it was All for Fun?

...and what if every actor was an extension of he/r very Source, and what if the Source was the some-total of the experiences of the act-ors, and what if there were an infinite number of ways to experience all of the chills and the spills?  

with a little thought, that just might be a Perfect Play.

the end?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

changes and Sameness

Same changes
by w. e. change

change the way you walk,
change the way you drive
change (the weather) channel, there's another show at five
change of clothes and change of those we Know (and Love) by name
change the way wIe think and life may [never be] the 


this morning, as i watched jean drive out of the reafield village parking lot, i was overcome by the possibilities of her potential future, based upon her opportunistic Now.

it helped me to re-Member that change is not only inevitable, but Change Is. ..interestingly enough, there's a Sameness in friendships, there's a Sameness in family, there's a Sameness that we are continuously drawn back to -- like a salmon to its Source.

jean and i got a chance to reminisce... about sooooooooooo many wonder-full times, and sooooooooo many wonder-full people.  ..we talked a lot, about:
al and jo, clare and jerry, larry and ro, donna and tom, steve and precy, brian, james, jessie, kevin, willy and judy, larry and connie, kelly, abby, katie, janet, lenay, dick and m.l., roberta, ant and karen, julie, pete; bobby and barbara, bill and donna, larry, dale, steve, suzanne; juanita, sharon, jacob, matt, chad, kerrie, jackie; ann steve, carl, ralph, christine, j.p., rick, jack, steve; cat, kristin, lori; al morro, pete richie; bob, chris, denny, boz, mike; mom, dad, sisters, brothers; al; and so many more.
...and we talked about jim; and we talked about jim.

...and we talked about the future, and fitness/wellness, and nutrition, and water, and everything else imaginable.  ...and we went house hunting; and watched f.s.u.-maryland; and we ate dinner and sipped fine wine from rhode island's sakonnet winery.

...and we laughed and laughed about soooooooooooo many crazy times... and we wondered how we were still alive; and we pondered what life has in store.

...and we spoke of future Bliss as if it was Now, and so it was.
...and so It Is.

so, jean, as you drive off into the sunrise, know that i Love you. ..please be safe (and you are). ..please make the best choices that you can in every moment (and you will). ..please continue to be the Same, and to change, and to feel deeply.

in a period of two-and-a-half days, we experienced and re-called several lifetimes worth of events, themes, moments, and people.

to all of you out there
it is moments like this that make me overflow with memories of you... 
and i look at our pictures... 
and re-Member.

...and cry smile.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

fit for a change

on friday, 21 october, the founding fathers of the u.s. army physical fitness school teamed up with master gardener suzanne wilkerson and wowed a crowd of more than a hundred attendees for a seminar called "fit for a change."

the schedule looked like this:

  • prior to 10:00 - participant arrival, sign-in
  • 10:00 - administrative, welcome
  • 10:05 - instant wellness by leonard martineau, ph.d., l.m.b.t.
  • 10:18 - changes for the 3rd quarter: the 50+ years by suzanne wWilkerson, c.e.o. of a-vert energy
  • 10:31 - faith, fitness and your health by dale fletcher, m.s., founder of
  • 10:43 - success and change by bobby hoffman, m.s., co-author of "fit for duty"
  • 11:00 - intermission/break
  • 11:10 - panel discussion, fielding your questions on fitness, wellness, juicing, etc.
  • 11:50 - 12:00 administrative, feedback and certificates of attendance
the discussion panel included steve van camp, current director of the u.s. army's physical readiness program; larry scott, physical education instructor at north carolina state university; and jacob surratt, coordinator of gaston college's health and fitness science program.  we were also lucky enough to have bill schutsky, n.j. hall of fame basketball player (for coach bobby knight) in attendance. ..six of us worked and played together (indianapolis, 28 years ago), and jean montgomery couldn't resist driving up from tampa to be part of the impromptu re-Union.

with over 300 years of experience in the health and wellness arena, the event was filled with information, motivation, positive energy, and fun, fun, fun!

i kicked it off by playing a few mind-body wellness games to emphasize that wellness is a choice. ..suzanne then wowed the audience will a passionate presentation that focused on nutrition and self-sufficiency. ..dale followed that with a superb talk about the inseparability of Spirituality and health. ..bobby (playing the role of the closer) had the audience laughing and contemplating at the same time, while he talked about the importance of small changes.

during the discussion panel, suzanne gave us some juicing recipes and touched on the global implications of every choice that we make, including those that involve energy. ..jacob spoke from experience, and told a story or two about how his clients have been able to succeed in "sticking with" exercise programs.  steve brilliantly fielded a question about addictions, and larry brought us back to basics with some simple yet profound advice on day-to-day living. ..dale and bobby added valuable insights, and noontime came too quickly, forcing us to conclude a seminar that no one wanted to end.

afterwards, our experts got a tour of the gaston college fitness facility. .we also visited the campus greenhouse, where cultivated ideas are going to grow into organic food! 

the afterparty lunch was held at the u.s. whitewater center, where we shared memories and told stories that (to anyone else) would sound like fiction.

i could go on... but suffice it to say that this event marked a beginning as well as a reunion, and there's really no real way to put it into words, so i'll summarize by saying "thank you" to all of you who gave of your time and hearts on this, a fantastic day on this, a fantastic journey.


please send me your pictures, as my camera only had the (above) photos.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"junk" d.n.a.

by danel nel allen and don no anything

most of what we do; most of what we say
most of what we know about our nature (d.n.a.)

most of what we know of d.n.a. is very small
most of what we know of anything is "not at All"

most of what we think (on this, a very Sonny day)
most of what we are (a bit bizzare):

junk d.n.a.

* scientists call it "junk d.n.a." ..the very lifeblood of the Unseen, the Unknown, and the Unfathomable... the crux of incarnation It-Self... they call "junk." ..97% of us. ..the "Big I" in wIe...

(scientists don't Know much about junk)

*  if manifested life is a mirror of the Creator, then it's no surprise that what we see in the reflection is (often) backwards.

Monday, October 17, 2011


pictures of gaston college's main campus, dallas, nc.