Friday, September 30, 2011

Unified transitions

by i. n. transition

more than just a change of season (or a new position)
life is but a myriad of Unified transitions

* change is constant in this, a relative dimension of the Uni-Verse.

* challenging, fun, difficult, relieving, constricting, expanding: moving.

* life Itself is in transition, and to embrace change is to under-stand that change is.
...and no-body Knows what tomorrow might bring.

* that being said, you-man (beings) prepave their tomorrow experiences by paying attention, today. ..the big question is -- All-Ways -- what are we paying attention to?

pictures from a recent hike, crowder's mountain, nc.


by f. alling

slip into another set of pictures on the wall
winter springs into the summer, now it's time for fall

fall: a season of transition, as the heat of summer hints to the briskness of the next several months.

fall: to lose balance, and then drop to the ground. 

fall (in Love): to lose balance, and to become energized by that change. 

fall (as in water): a beauty-full blend of sight and sound and mist (and negative ions?) 

Who Knows what's in stall, for fall?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

simply obnoxious

  is that 60.0 miles per gallon?               

no, wait, 60.9 mpg???

...okay, okay.... there will be no more pictures of this silly mpg display (unless, of course, wIe get 70).
...actually, at 349 miles (showing 59.5 mpg), she actually got 59.25 at the tank, on fill-up. ..what is interesting to note is that, amid a global energy crisis, etc., this car is a 2007 -- and since then, nobody has taken the time (or made a significant effort) to figure out how we (as the human race) can do better.

lucky 11

what is luck, if not the result of a pre-paved path of positive thought?

why wait around for luck, 
when the very essence of "lucky" is un-man-i-fest, 
just waiting for the feast to begin?
what if the Universe is Perfection
and what if our experience (by design) is the experience of Perfection 
via the experience of that which it is not?


in other non-words, 
what if the Ultimate experience of life is simply a breath of thought away, 
and what if wIe could wallow and bathe in that experience...

Friday, September 23, 2011

it's almost embarrassing... think, that we could ever have a moment of fear, a bit of anger, a feeling of judgement, a tad bit of criticism... in this, a world of unimaginable color, creation, beauty, passion, drama, taste, scent...
...and (of course) the incredible experience of touch.

and (even if we do) it's all okay. ..everything in the past is past.

Now (however), we can touch with softness, we can inhale with passion, we can kiss with molecular awareness, we can speak in such a way as to convey Play, today.


practice it Now. ..find someone... in the house or in the street, or in the car next door to you...

(if you are alone, and if there are no pets in the area, 
think about someone who you Love... 
or [better yet] someone you don't), 


...send a Love-ing thought in their direction. ..if it's appropriate, hug. ..if it's appropriate (and wanted), kiss.

then remenise.

waves are coming in...

have you ever heard a piece of music, or a poem/thoem, or a song sooooooo special that it lifted your spirit to levels of Spirit that you never could have imagined?

did you re-Play that?

recently, i stumbled upon a bit of music, along with some visuals, and have decided to invite you to Play, [t]here, with me, in the future. ..plan on this: a once in a lifetime trip -- a spring break (yoga/thai-yoga retreat/intensive/immersion) trip abroad... for february/march 2013.

here's to y/Our re-Treat, at Pura Vida (Mexico), or wherever the music takes us (click below).

kick back and listen. ..the waves are coming in...

and guess what?

...they never end.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

of boundaries and expansions

what is expansion, if not the extension of a boundary?

doesn't every child (growing) Know this, at an innate level? ..doesn't every living thing (plant, animal, atom) reach to its own, Known edge... only to re-produce into its own particularized image, based upon its own, particular image-i-nation?

doesn't this all happen (in Reality) without trying?

the truly difficult endeavor, in life, is the restriction of expansion. 

contrary to societal experience, the Truly ease-y path is that of letting go.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

thoughts on "health promotion"

"health promotion" (imo) is the very practice of mind-body-Spirit (wellness). is the re-Cognition of wellness, the re-In-force-ment of wellness, the attention to wellness, and the proliferation of wellness-oriented thoughts, words, and deeds.

this also implies a recognition of that which is a movement away from wellness, but only when that re-cognition is a gentle noticing, an allowing flow, a momentary glimpse that results in re re-focus on Gratitude, Wholeness, Oneness, Union, and Bliss.

in a physical world, it is easy-errrrrr... to focus on the physical -- and it is easy to focus on the train wreck, the forest fire, and the cataclysmic moment.

...but a world of wellness is a different world. is a world of the Un-seen. is a world of the is a world of great me-mories, and it is a world of projecting and pre-paving a vibrant future.

health promotion doesn't ignore the inner tornado. ..instead, it re-Members the Wholistic nature of the bodymind, and re-Cognizes the magnitude of Perfection (often right in front of its nose) that dwarfs the negative.

One look at Nature dis-covers the Abundant Perfection of life, expressing HerSelf, re-producing (in Her own image), and living Well (even when it might seem otherwise).

-the beginning

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the best that wIe can do

question: how can every living, breathing thing not be doing the best that it can possibly do, based upon its d.n.a., it's experiences, and its interpretation of its experiences (based upon its d.n.a. and experiences)?

in other words, how can you not be your Perfectly Perfect self, living out your cutting-edge drama of earth-bound life, which  is the very fabric of the Collective, vibrating as One?

in other words, how can wIe not be us?


-the end

sweet, sunny, sun-day silence

sweet, sunny, sun-day silence
by nowyou'd thinkwe'd gettit
sweet, sunny, sun-day silence...
but it's not silent

but it allows for breezes, and chirps and flutters...
but it allows for the distant sound of motorized vehicular participation...
but it allows for a turning inward... the breath, the heartbeat, the In-side, which is (really) out-side, which (Really) has no sides

sweet, sunny, sun-day silence...
when you've got a million things to do,
but you choose not to

but you choose to dis-cover you 

ecstasy is a breath away, a choice every day, and a way...
to say... that every, single One of us may play... with the
sweet, sunny, sun-day silence

of this (that which we call our lives)
but (really) is it something else? ..something bigger? ..something inconceivable?

does it even matter?
did you have a thought, today?

it matters.  ..or not...
this day of
sweet, sunny sun-day silence

-the end/beginning

oklahoma 23, fsu 13

while the better team prevailed, fsu was only a play (or two) away from a victory over the #1 college football team on earth. ..while "it's only a game," that one was a good one.

Friday, September 16, 2011

58.7 mpg was a slight over-estimation

the car calculated 58.7 after 163 miles. ..upon further review, a couple of days later (with a fill-up):

349 miles, divided by 6.15 gallons = 56.74 miles per gallon (even though she says 58.6).

of course, this number might be skewed in either direction, based upon minimal fluctuations upon fill-up.

in any event, it's ridiculous that a car can get better mileage than most motorcycles.

as the prius approaches 100,000 miles... and if the average car gets 25 mpg, this one has saved me 50,000 miles worth of gasoline.

at 50 mpg, that's 1000 gallons of gas so far.

we (as a species) can do even better.

blessed by limitations

blessed by limitations
by u. n. limited

stopping point or boundary (for muscles or for nations)
who'd have ever guessed (that we'd be blessed) by limitations?

limitations provide us with information, such as:
  • how far we can bend,
  • where/when to pause,
  • what to do (to overcome limitations),
  • how fast we can drive,
  • etc.
instead of looking at limitations as "limiting," they can be thought of as feedback, along the journey.

thanks, for the limitations..

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    58.7 mpg??????

    there are not many things that beat driving a car, but driving a car that makes you happy is one of them. ..since 2007, the green prius has averaged a little over 50 mpg. .last week, in experimental mode, she was put to the test -- being driven the speed limit (and below).


    left: when driving along at 59 miles per hour in a 60 mph zone, the people behind you get nervous (sometimes)... but it feels GREAT to leave early, with no rush, so you can go slow.

    the results???


    i'm convinced that the sexy green machine can get 60 mpg -- if she's driven 55 mph.

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    blessed with GREAT friends

    this is the kind of message that brings one back to one's roots:

    i haven't seen brother andrew (and his family) for well over a year, but he writes this, from out of nowhere:


    Lenny brother,

    Hope you're doing well.

    Try this experiment.  Go outside, and just listen.  Turn off all music, phones, and whatever you have on that make noise.  Go outside: to your deck, patio, backyard, and just listen.  Listen to nature.   She has something to say.   After 5 minutes, you'll be surprised at to what you hear.  Do you hear the cricket?  Do your hear the leaf falling?  Do you hear the wind?  Do you hear the energy?   Do you hear the power?  Nature has a sound we need to get back in touch with.  So go outside and just Listen.   Shhhhhhhhh.  The silence is deafening.

    Drew, inspired on a great sunset evening!!!


    of course, i did it, and here's what i sensed:

    • heard crickets,
    • heard cicadas,
    • heard cars, and an occasional human, be-ing (sometimes wIe for-get that wIe are nature's off-spring, too!),
    • heard/felt my heartbeat,
    • felt connected,
    • saw green (herbs, trees)
    • saw red (hummingbird feeders),
    • saw white (railing), 
    • saw blue (glass, radiating everywhere),
    • saw red, white and blue (American flag), and was thank-full,
    • tasted the memories of times gone by,
    • inhaled/smelled the moments that are yet to man-i-fest,
    • touched... it All.
    -the end?

    let the hype begin!

    ooooooooo, baby!

    no matter what happens, this saturday is gonna be exciting!

    jo/al anniversary

    i thought: "damn.  .they've been married longer than i've been alive." ..then i thought: "duh..."

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    full moons and lightning

    flying home (providence to charlotte, 9-11-2011):

    above: check out the lightning (can you find it?) and the full moon

    above: full moon over charlotte

    st. edward's church, providence, r.i. (9-11-2011)

    the most beautiful thing about st. edward's church... the way that it makes these two people feel.