Tuesday, August 30, 2011

alternative realities

in an expanding Uni-Verse of In-finite potential realities, what is One to do-be-do?
  • why not do-be-do-be-do (dance and sing)?
  • why not feel the feelings?
  • why not Play the game?
  • why not In-joy the scenery?
  • why not make sense of it?
  • why not make love?
  • why not Be Love?
...as if we could somehow not. (chuckle)

instead of a trap, the play can be experienced as a drama-tic expansion of unbridged potential, just waiting for freedom of choice (or not).


Monday, August 29, 2011

human, Be-ing, hurricane

human Be-ings are like hurricanes.

* each comes (Complete) with a beginning, a process, and an ending.

* each can be described in terms of a past, a present, and a future.

* each comes from a place that is "of this world," yet "out of this world."

* each returns to that from whence it came.

hurricanes (in reality?) are "core" entities, yet they extend outward, prepaving a path that is subject to numerous twists and turns.  ..drama happens (mostly in the center) throughout the process, and even after the hurricane's lifetime.

at times, human Be-ings will "extend out" (kind of like the energetic body of a hurricane) and experience parts of themselves that they might (one day) become. ..this doesn't define someone, so much as allow one to explore his/her own potential.

from an energetic (chakra color) standpoint, note how the entity is created into the violet (Highest Self), and follows a color process that allows for maturation, over time. ..the red (root) transforms into orange (base needs) into yellow (sense of self) into green (love)...

...not shown are the blue (communication) and indigo/violet (Inner Wisdom) and white (re-Unication) stages.

when two beings come together, we can experience each others' outer ripples. ..the outer ripples exemplify the potential of the entity, but should not be mis-taken as it. ..on the other hand, a human/hurricane is its Whole self, so every experience (even the exploration) is real.

when two entities can experience each other at a core level, this is Union.

birth... relationship processes, drama... rebirth.  

sometimes it's not pretty, but there is no denying the incredible beauty of natural cycles that permeate this, our relative world experience.

"don't let me down"

according to msn.com, today is the anniversary of the beatles' last show. ..below is a short clip from their "rooftop concert."


and (of course), some of the best lyrics ever musically recorded.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

charlotte YTT (8-28-2011)

the charlotte yoga club completed its training of the summer (2011) teacher training course. ..pictured below (in a modified "tree pose") at the common market:

mardi, denise, lenny, joseph, and (one of our teacher trainers) chrys.

may we make our teachers proud.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

is your GURU happy?

is your GURU happy?
by U. R. GURU

is your guru happy?
is your leader fun?
is your teacher healthy, or is some-thing to be done?

* inspired by christine (today's yoga workshop teacher), who asked us:

"is your guru happy?"

...with the implication being:

"in not, why follow?"

* Truth is, "GURU" (spelled "gee, you are You") means that each of us is best positioned to determine our own next step along our own path. ..you are y/our own GURU.

* are wIe happy, healthy, fun?

(or is there some-thing to be done?)

Friday, August 26, 2011

what is Really real?

virtual reality
by virtue al reality

virtual reality
simulation, time

let's compute the nature of the motions of the mime
let's address the frequency of thoetry and rhyme

virtual, reality?
here's looking for a sign


* maybe it's ALL virtual reality. ..maybe  it's ALL a Play.  ..maybe it's ALL just a Perfect Uni-Verse, pretending that it's all relative.

* maybe the idea is to have a little fun, to experience a little drama, to surf the highs (and lows), and to go where nobody knows... for sure... the True Nature of Reality.

-the beginning.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

crying "wolf"

unfortunately, for a lot of individuals who happen to be in the path of hurricane irene -- nobody believes anything that any newscaster says, anymore, ever! ..the news d.t. (digital tabloid) has become such a joke. ..doomsday story after doomsday story...

newscasters cry wolf continuously.
no one believes half of the words that they spout.

the internet perpetuates this problem by luring people to click on sensational headlines, only to find another non-story, another hoax, another nada.

here's hoping that they are all sensationalizing (again), but the satellite imagery appears to dictate otherwise. ..beware, east coast. ..beware new jersey, new york, and providence, rhode island.

granted, maybe nothing will happen. ..in any event, half of the country will have something bad to say about the president. ..politics aside, however, please take this one seriously.


"don't share your problems"

i heard this quote yesterday, on a cd series called "eat that frog: 21 ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time":

"don't share your problems.
80% of the people that you share your problems with don't really care anyway, 
and the other 20% are kind-of glad that you've got them."

of course, real friends/family do care, but they also have their own lives to live, so problem-sharing is best kept to a minimum.  .on the other hand, "describing challenges to someone who is equipped and ready to help with a solution" makes perfect sense.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i pass the torch to you

i pass the torch to you(1)

okay, i am your teacher
but i am no guru
it’s education relay, now, i pass the torch to you

okay, you are my teacher
the lesson, plain to See
you lead me to the promised land,
you pass the torch to me


• student and teacher are the same.

• student + teacher = “we.”

• teacher acts as a sup-port-al… a supportive passageway “toward” the beyond. ..there comes a point when the student moves ahead, leaving the teacher behind to do whatever the teacher is supposed to do next (e.g. teach/learn).

on the eve of another semester, it seems poetic -- to contemplate the learning (and ripple effect) that manifest from student-teacher relationships.
poemIcon.jpg   22 august... i pass the torch to you (2003).doc
(1) martineau, l. (2003). book 21: I Am the Sky. © 2003, 2008 www.wellnesseducation.us

Saturday, August 20, 2011

every-thing (earthly) ends

alternative title: 
imagine if the Uni-verse was designed so that 
everyone got everything that s/he wanted, 
all of the time.

((to be honest, that would be one, boring universe))

every-thing (earthly) ends.

it's only when we stop thinking about a thing from an earthly perspective, that it trans-forms into some-thing that is out of this world.

attachment is an earthy phenomenon, and it allows for some really good drama. .detachment doesn't mean non-caring, for-getting, or denial, but rather, it entails a slight shift in perspective... from loss to gratitude, from "my play" to Play.

may every, single one of us get every, single thing that we want...
...and when we don't, we can re-member that the only thing that makes this Play entertaining is the fact that we don't.

if this was (really) a Play, then we would have built-in some pain and suffering, just for the sake of it.

maybe wIe do get every, single, thing that we want.

maybe gifts come to us, wrapped in strange wrappings, so that each of us can Lovingly pulsate (ecstatically) in our own, In-divi-dual-i-zed experience...
...just for fun.

alternative title: 
just for fun

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

life is but a dream

life is but a dream
by i. m. dreaming

life is but a dream, a sense of space and place and time
virtual reality: a dance of yours and mine

* alternative ending:
virtual reality: a chance of y/ours and mind


why "hot" food is "healthy"

alternative title: "wow, that pepper was hot!"

truth be told, i have absolutely no idea if hot food is healthy.

howevahhhh, since the 21st century has allowed (virtually) every human Be-ing to have a take on (virtually)  every thing...

here's my take:

1. a humanoid eats hot food, burns lips...
2. the humanoid -- in an attempt to cause cessation of burning...
3. drinks water (sometimes with ice in it)
4. ice, of course, is water (what?) -- but that's another post for another time...
5. the humanoid body is made up of (mostly) water, so it makes sense to ingest that which one is.

but what does this all mean, basil?

maybe it is important to dis-cover who wIe Really are, and then to feed ourselves with more and more and more of that.

...or... hot food leads to increased water intake. 

-the beginning 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what is a "godsend"?

godsend: a desirable or needed thing or event that comes unexpectedly. -http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/godsend.

imagine if this lifetime was pre-scripted (to a degree).  .imagine if, during the act, we had the freedom to "ad lib" here and there, just for the thrill of it.

imagine if the Source of All was All Good, and that there was nothing else outside of the ALL. .imagine if all of this (the relative world) was In-side, kind of like a mini-play.

imagine if every, single moment in the Play was an opportunity to play, and imagine if the resulting experience was an expanding experience for the All.

imagine if even the "bad" things were necessary, and imagine if the whole bad/good continuum was an entertaining fabric of human drama.
  • would we feel pain?
  • would we exist, in constant relationship to everything else?
  • might we like move-ies?
  • might we 'reflect' reality (with virtual reality games and reality tv)?
  • wouldn't some of us have to play the role of the bad guy, in order for anyone to experience Good?
  • wouldn't that mean that the bad guys were (really) good guys?
  • wouldn't it be true that bad things were (actually) good things?
  • wouldn't every-thing be a godsend?
((imagine if every-thing was a Godsend.))

    graphics: alex grey art (top). .mel-lenny art (melanie marquis draws the yin/yang circles, often as doodles while sitting at her desk. .sketches, continua by lenny.

    Monday, August 15, 2011


    neti, neti, U

    neti, neti, U
    by t. h. eway

    not this, not that, but Union
    neti, neti: None

    neti, neti everything
    not this, not that: All/One

    * "neti, neti" (not this, not that) allows for a re-view-ing -- that all of the "good and bad" in the Uni-verse comprises the Whole, which cannot be conceptualized -- but can be experienced (often in fleeting, Now moments of non-thought).

    * have you ever "lost yourself" in the gaze of a child, the arms of a lover, the beauty of a sunset, or the co-Creation of art/song/poetry/dance?

    * when the senses seem to drop away, this is the doorway to "neti, neti."

    pictures: sunrise in key caulker, belize; watsu pool: pura vida retreat, alahuela, costa rica; and a sanskrit workshop by marcy baverman, charlotte yoga club teacher training program.

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    yoga for kids

    today's workshop (yoga for kids) allowed for some fun and play-full-ness.

    Thursday, August 11, 2011

    one for the birds

    alternative title: hu(o)mming

    jean - these are from the front porch.
    click any pic (to enlarge)

    the little wildman is in the lower-right corner of the picture on the left.
    <   (protecting his territory)

    can you find him in the picture (below)?

    left: ooooo-baby?

    below: mom?


    Monday, August 8, 2011


    by ima storm

    the shift of breeze, the sway of trees, the thought that these are signs (not norm), as everyone anticipates the storm.

    but could a storm ever (really) be de-fined, without calm? ..could calm ever be understood, without the storm?

    is it possible that the calm and the storm are not "one, followed by the other," but One? ..could opposite ends of the spectrum comprise the Whole spectrum itself?

    isn't the label of "calm" or "storm" merely a description of a small piece of the pie (in-the-sky)?


    maybe life is like the calm and the storm, and every-thing in between, which allows for the appreciation of any-thing in-between, which appears to be different (or a-part) from it's True Nature, while (all the while) Be-ing its True Nature.

    -the middle

    Friday, August 5, 2011

    shadows are not real

    shadows are not real
    by i. m. shadow

    shadows are illusions
    touch and see and feel
    shadows are confusion (uh, oh)
    shadows are not real

    * is it possible that our "shadow side" (or, better yet, the part of us that we tend to hide), is an illusion?

    * in other words, is it possible that you are Perfectly Perfect, just as you are -- even as i'm-perfections are perceived?

    * what if each and every One of wIe we're Perfectly Perfect?

    -the beginning?

    what is connection?

    what is it, that connects one person to another?

    is it a common perspective, based upon common senses?

    is it a connective energy, unseen, unheard, unknown?

    can it be 'like energy' and (sometimes, also) be 'oppositical' energy?

    is it possible that we are connected to those who we Love (those like us) and those who we Love (those unlike us) in a process of connection that seeks to show us that wIe are One, no matter what we perceive?

    are... you... i?

    are wIe All-ready connected?



    -the beginning


    are "wIe" no-thing more than energetic signals, based upon (previously perceived) energetic signals, which, of course, are subject to senses that (of course) interpret erroneously???

    in other words (ooooops), life itself is a miss-take.

    the good news?

    It. Is. In-Joy-able.


    by eleven x. seven

    a lifetime of eleven
    a game of seven times
    a play of seventh heaven
    a dance of silly rhymes

    a way to say hello (again), a roll of lucky (seven)
    a day to (maybe) smile (again), 
    a lifetime of eleven

    what is death?

    what is death?

    is it not just a transition?

    ...is it  not an opportunity to experience gratitude?

    ......is it not an opening?

    .........is it not a beginning?

    ............is it not the close of a chapter?

    is it not an opportunity to cry out loud, in grief -- 
    with the knowing that being here is (at times) harder than Love-ing, tHere.

    -the end?

    recessions and depressions


    life (doesn't) sucks

    life doesn't suck.

    if it did, we'd end it immediately (and we can all figure that one out, on our own).

    Truth is, life is a wonderful combination of drama-filled Good times, complimented by bad times that exist for the soul purpose of accentuating the Good.

    on this, an (extra) ordinary friday, i hereby thank you for being my friend/family.


    Good friends never die



    what if...

    alternative title: 11 breaths

    amid economic crises, political stag-nation, crime, war, and natural disaster...

    what if...

    • we had more choices than ever, in human his-story?
    • we have more of a selection of music (and video) than any humans at any time, ever?
    • we have more ways to communicate "i Love you!" than anyone has ever had?
    • we could obseerve whatever we wanted to observe?
    • we could hear whatever we wanted to hear?
    • we could taste whatever we wanted to taste?
    • we could feel whatever we wanted to feel?
    • we could see whatever we wanted to see?
    what if this part-i-cular lifetime had more possibilities than any life-time before it?

    what if the show only lasted 11 breaths (77 seconds or so), give or take a few breaths.

    what if we only had a few, tiny miliseconds to hold someone close, to treat someone well, to compliment, to praise, to support, to kiss, to Love?

    what could we do with those 11 breaths?

    "if your hair stands on end..."

    "when in a lightning storm,
    if your hair stands on end,
    hit the ground, because you're about to be struck."

    good advice.

    about 45 minutes ago, i was jogging in the rain (happy to be enjoying the 79-degree temperature)... when suddenly, lightning and thunder came out of nowhere.

    i was near a soccer field at calvary church (about a mile from my house), and things got so bad (lightning, followed by immediate thunder) that they were rushing the kids from soccer camp into the giant building.

    all of a sudden, a crack of thunder seemed to occur along with a lighting bolt, and i hit the pavement! ..my hair isn't that long, and i could feel static electricity on my arms and at the top of my head.

    luckily (for clare, the executor of my [not quite complete] will), i escaped physically unscathed (although i did run and hide in the church for several minutes).

    -not the end.
    * graphic from microsoft clipart.


    "don't be dismayed at good-byes.
    a farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
    and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes,
    is certain for those who are friends."

    -richard bach, illusions, page 132. 

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    again and again

    again and again  [1]

    (because a-gain is not necessarily a loss)

    our mom gave birth: fraternal twins
    forever we’ll be friends
    she gave to us the same first name, yes, again and again

    again: i walk in dark & light
    again: you’re up, then down
    again: i just attack/defend
    again: you smile and frown
    again: i think of love and fear
    again: receive & send
    again: we go around in circles:

    again and again

    [1] martino, j. (8-4.6-2004). book 33: without with-In: © 2008 www.wellnesseducation.us

    it's a plot, part IV




    jean visits charlotte :)

    we checked on "the plot" at cook's community garden...

    ...and then we headed for the whitewater center.

    ...and then home.

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Noplace like Ommmm

    ohm’s law [1]

    a rhythm in a bottle
    a message in a poem
    a thought, a sound, a lost & found:

    there is Noplace like Ommmm

    • german physicist georg ohm came up with “ohm’s law
    • ohm’s law states that: V = I x R, when: V (voltage) = I (current) x R (resistance)
    ----------------------- “Ohms”
    • voltage = current x resistance (resistance is expressed in “ohms”)
    • example: V (12) = I (4) x R (3)
    • 12 = 4 x 3
    • if battery voltage Is “12” but the current through the wire is only “4” then the resistance with-in the wire is “3.”
    • if the Voltage Is constant, we can only experience increased energy flow (current) in the Present, Now moment – by reducing resistance.“e-go” (energy, on the go) is the resistance, SOMA is the wire.
    • G∞d, Constant, Unlimited Voltage is All-ways available to us.
    • is the pathway to experiencing Higher Energy Vibrations "to resist less"?  ..don’t rivers (and relationships) flow more naturally with less resistance? 
    ---------------------- “Ommm”
    • “Ommm” (on the other hand) is the primordial sound of “gratitude–wayne dyer
    • maybe, when we meditate to “Ommm,” we reduce energetic resistance via increasing inner gratitude.  ..does life flow better when we are grateful, versus when we focus on unmet desires?
    ---------------------- Ommms Law: “Ommm = more Presents”          
    • Ommmm = meditation
    • Revised, “Oms” Law: V = I x (R ÷ Om)  energy = current x (resistance, reduced by meditation)
    • voltage = current x resistance (ohms) ÷ Ommms
    • if one can “Ommm” at a frequency of 2… using the above scenario:
    --------------------increasing “Current”  by reducing resistance, in a Uni-Verse of Constant Energy:
    • V (12) = I (?) x R (3) ÷ Om (2)
    • = V (12) ÷ R (3/2) = I (?)
    • = V (12) x R (2/3) = I (8)
    • I” (“Current”) “Present” energy level -- increases when gratitude Is infused into the equation.
    • note that the Voltage, or “available, Universal Energy” stays the same, as the current shifts
    • does this mean that it is better for humans to meditate/pray/sing/dance/laugh in Unison?
    • is energy strengthened by attracting like energy (example: if two or more people want the same thing, or if a couple decides to meditate with the same awareness).

    --------------------“cues and clues”

    -is it any wonder that ohm came up with ohm’s law?

      [1] martineau, l. (8-5.9-2003). book 21: I Am the Sky. © 2008 www.wellnesseducation.us.  inspired by gary simmons in “the i of the storm” and a little research of ohm’s law.

      Tuesday, August 2, 2011

      the positive side of "disgusted"

      as 99.999999999% of the people on planet earth (everyone except american lawmakers) are disgusted by america's political/fiscal management, it's time to ponder something that tony robbins once said:

      "the worst day of your life has the potential to be unbelievably great.  
      the times when we are most disgusted are the times 
      that we are most ripe for taking action 
      toward making a change."

      (paraphrased) -tony robbins 

      maybe we can't change the actions/behaviors/thinking of others, but we can make internal changes that positively affect every, single moment of the rest of our lives, and the lives of those who we touch.

      - the beginning.

      Monday, August 1, 2011

      it's all Good???

      logical question: how can anyone say something like "it's all Good", when (obviously) there are things like ignorant, stubborn, partisan, political bickering by clueless lawmakers?

      let's explore this:

      1. good things are good.

      2. 'bad' things (loss, failure, dis-ease) wake us up to the good things that we weren't paying attention to, which is an opportunity to shift our attention to the good.  .this is good.

      bad things ('sin' or [better yet] 'mistakes') are opportunities to practice For-give-ness, which is (according to ACIM) one of the Highest forms of Love that can be experienced on earth.  .if the practice of forgiveness is good, then miss-takes (in effect) create the opportunity for one of the highest forms of Love to be practiced.  mistakes are good.

      bad things (murder, war, violence) are the end of a spectrum that (like walking toward a giant beehive) provide us with an idea of which way not to go.  .knowing which way not to go is good.

      in order for the 'it's all gooder' to believe that it's all good, s/he must step outside of he/r present perspective/box, and see things from a different vantage-point.

      the AllGood perspective is (usually) more long-term, it is often 'out of this world', and it (often) isn't attached to the idea that human beings are more important than mother earth.

      i'd like to think that wIe are All actors in a Big Play, and that (in a moment or two) we'll All wake Up, we'll turn on the Light, we'll re-move the veil/curtain, and we'll bow, bow, bow to the applause of wIe:

      the audience; the actor; the director; the script-y/our; the set-ting.

      does this mean that we shouldn't care -- that we shouldn't play our part-i-cular roles, here?  

      no... of Course not.

      we vote our votes, we express our expressions, we feel our emotions, we pre-pave our experiences.we live at the center of our own, individual Uni-verse.we star in our own Play.

      and, in the end, it is All Good.

      "and in the end,
      the Love you take...
      is equal to the Love you make"