Tuesday, July 26, 2011

scallops, anyone?

photos (click on any pic to enlarge/copy):
  • main street (greenville, sc)
  • lake keowee (clemson, sc)
  • color-full uga (athens, ga)
  • sanford stadium (athens, ga)
  • nona (athens, ga)
  • steinhatchee, fl:
    • pace's 
    • pace's #18
    • steinhatchee river
    • sea hag marina
    • abby and kelly
    • pete and willy
    • one-man helicopter
    • boating, fishing, running from storms
    • star, fish
    • green manatee grass (where scallops hide), depth 6 ft.
    • scallop cleaning
    • casey's cove
    • scallops (029 43 143; 083 35 964)
    • gulf of mexico (top)
greenville: a great place to live?

    lake keowee is just north of clemson university

    "uga" the mascot of u.ga.

    nona is one of a collection of bars/restaurants, across the street from the university.

    pace's cottages (we had the green one)

    launching the boat

    kelly, willy, abby & pete


                    stormy weather


    1. Great pics Lenny! I love the Casey's Cove sign and the Scallops look yummy! Looks like you all had a nice, relaxing time. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Awesome Pics Bro....

      Yummmmm I'll bring the bacon for the scallops, and the beverages of pale persuasions. Why aren't we living here?
      Hope you're having a blast..
      See ya soon

    3. Hi, Eileen!

      Yes, "Casey's" themes seem to pop up everywhere, and (of course) the first toast of the night is ALWAYS to Jim Casey.

      Pete and I also stayed at Matt and Tania's on the way, and they (as usual) were excellent hosts.

      Love, Len

    4. Dustin-man!

      You wouldn't want to live in Steinhatchee, but it's a nice place to scallop.

      I'm researching "Martineau Hill, which overlooks Martineau Beach on Martineau Bay (Vieques, PR).