Friday, July 29, 2011

instead of many, One

instead of many, One
by wIe r. One

instead of many, One
instead of lecture, pun
procrastination? (done)
instead of many, One

instead of many, One
instead of chaos, Fun!
instead of jogging, run
instead of many, One

instead of many, One
instead of star-light, Son
conflicted thinking? (none)
instead of many, One

* at times, the strival to experience 'many' flows into a slower, more focused, more intense, One. ..the atoms of the toenail, with the tissues of the kidney, with the molecules of emotion, with the pre-paving thought, with the (at the moment) un-imag-in-able -- synergistic-ally allow for a Full, Whole, bodyMind experience. 

* and then it seems to re-cycle.

* the Breath Cycle of material and Ether combine to give us the ReSpiratory system, Complete with ex-piration, InSpiration, and every-thing else in-between.

* it's no wonder that the multi-tasking mind seeks quiet.'s no wonder why the Macro Be-comes the many-fest.'s no wonder that It is All of It, All of the time, everywhere... (and probably Smiling).

Thursday, July 28, 2011

life in a day

for some reason, this made me feel good:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

scallops, anyone?

photos (click on any pic to enlarge/copy):
  • main street (greenville, sc)
  • lake keowee (clemson, sc)
  • color-full uga (athens, ga)
  • sanford stadium (athens, ga)
  • nona (athens, ga)
  • steinhatchee, fl:
    • pace's 
    • pace's #18
    • steinhatchee river
    • sea hag marina
    • abby and kelly
    • pete and willy
    • one-man helicopter
    • boating, fishing, running from storms
    • star, fish
    • green manatee grass (where scallops hide), depth 6 ft.
    • scallop cleaning
    • casey's cove
    • scallops (029 43 143; 083 35 964)
    • gulf of mexico (top)
greenville: a great place to live?

    lake keowee is just north of clemson university

    "uga" the mascot of

    nona is one of a collection of bars/restaurants, across the street from the university.

    pace's cottages (we had the green one)

    launching the boat

    kelly, willy, abby & pete


                    stormy weather

    Friday, July 22, 2011

    illusions, part III

    "every person,
    all the events of your life
    are there because you have drawn them there"
    -messiah's handbook, illusions by richard bach

    if the above line is True (and it's great fun to think that it is), then everything in life is for the perceiver. .every sunrise, every breath, every delicious moment. .every challenge, every bit of pain, every negative situation.

    all of it... for us.

    it's all enter-ain't-ment, which is (basically) the wIe channel.

    the good allows us to wallow in the good. .the bad allows us to perceive the good that would not be perceivable, otherwise. .the bad is good, and the good is good, and...

    -the end.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    illusions, part II

    "there is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.
    you seek problems because you need their gifts."
    -page 57, illusions by richard bach

    this line was written (on a piece of paper for me) by a girl friend, circa-de 2002.  .i thought that she was talking about the problems that we were having in our relationship, but i was wrong. .she was quoting illusions, and she was talking about all problems, all of the time, all-ways.

    i'm not sure where that little piece of paper is going to turn up next, but it allways re-mind-s me of the obvious.

    thank you, k.d.


    illusions, by richard bach (pages 1-24) can be read in 4-10 minutes, depending upon how much time one wants to play with it. .over the years, i've taken hours with these simple pages.

    if ever a prologue could be a beginning-to-end dialogue, this is it.

    the book (nowadays) might cost $3.25 on e-bay (used, as little as a penny).  .its value, however, is (as they say on the internet), priceless.

    enjoy/In-Joy the ride. .again, and again, and again.


    water flows

    water, in its many forms, flows.

    whether it's in the air, or in the sea, or babbling brook, iceberg, stream, faucet or river... water flows.

    even when it doesn't appear to flow, water is building up sufficient energy to burst any damn.  water flows.

    in the human body, water flows.

    as the dominant constituent of the earth body, water flows.

    it is likely that there are many, many places in this Uni-Verse where water flows.

    water flows.


    pictures by l.martineau (except for the underwater shot - that was taken by one of our "stingray excursion" buddies, on a 2008 adventure. art by alex grey at