Thursday, June 30, 2011

it's a plot, part I

alternative title: rhode island red

yesterday, i rented a "plot" of land from cook's community garden in charlotte, nc.'s about the size of a small bedroom (10 x 12) and costs $30 per year, plus 10 hours of volunteer time.  ..the idea is to plant vegetables, etc. for personal use, and to help cultivate harvest for local food banks and shelters.

they also have a chicken co-op, where julie and i got to hold a rhode island red rooster.

below: sherry, julie, lenny, and "omelet" (although i think that his name should be "omelet's little helper").

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

larry crowne

julie and i got an invitation to an advanced screening of the movie "larry crowne" (courtesy of the charlotte yoga club) and we saw the special pre-viewing last night.

larry crowne (tom hanks) is an average guy who "has to reinvent himself" after undergoing a mid-life downsizing. ..he finds himself at a community college, where a class (speech 217) and professor mercedes cranston (played by julia roberts) changes his life forever.

of course i'm (community college faculty) biased, but i gave it an A+ 
(and, as mercedes would say: "i'm not an easy A").

note: the theater was packed, and jules and i were forced to sit in the front row. ..julia roberts has a giant mouth already, but if you can imagine her lips 40 feet long...

a must see.

note II: for any free, advanced screenings... arrive to the theater early, so that you won't be looking up at giant projections of light.

Spirit Mind/mind body mind/Mind Spirit

Spirit Mind/mind body mind/Mind Spirit

somebody put alex grey's art together with
sacred geometry, along with some upbeat music:


upside-down tomato

upside-down tomato
by ima little plant

upside-down tomato
all the world (a sage)
we could make a mint (the way that basil hits the stage)

parsley and cilantro are the toast of this small town
planting thoughts of oxygen:
tomato (upside-down)


* anyone who has ever grown fresh herbs knows the difference between fresh herbs and the alternative.

* a plant offers a microcosm/mirror of life: its strival toward freedom, its interdependence with itself, and its ability to adapt, conform, and cooperate – all while expressing itself independently and uniquely.

* if the ego is an upside-down and backwards reflection of the All, ego must also be a part of, a partner with, an expression ofAllness.

* in this way, every-thing (living or inorganic), is an off-springing of the Devine.

* in this way, no-thing ever need fear of being cast-away from its very Self.

* the upside-down tomato may, if fact, leave its mother, but it has already returned to her -- in the form of exchanged gasses and water and soil-based nutrients -- all contributing to the Whole of our tiny solar-system in this, a small galaxy of Vibrational Light.

-the beginning.

special thanks to rosalie martineau, for inspiring the upside-down tomato planting., your "i-dear" is already producing fruit.


yes, you can do this -- even if you happen to live in an apartment.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pi and Phi and i (oh, my!)

Pi and Phi
by a. p. pleseed

Pi and Phi went day tripping (though neither one knew why)
All Is One (at Play, for fun),
from Breath of Peace to...

* if the Uni-Verse (One-song) is alive, then It Breathes. ..let's imagine (just for a moment) that it Breathes Peace and Love.

* the Sing-u-larity (Love) expressing as duality (fear/love), birthing event-u-ality.

* in any event, einstein contemplated the physical expression of Allness as "relativity." a world of Oneness, every-thing is Truly Relative.

* to "sigh" is a physical expression of distress/fear reduction, which is (naturally) a sign.

...but now it's time to sine-off, and sing my way to a day's work. could say that "it's time that i left. right?"

even better, check this one out!

just One-der-ing

–verb (used without object)
1. to think or speculate curiously.

2. to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel (often followed by at ): He wondered at her composure in such a crisis.

3. to doubt: I wonder if she'll really get here.

–verb (used with object) 
4. to speculate curiously or be curious about; be curious to know: to wonder what happened.

5. something strange and surprising; a cause of surprise, astonishment, or admiration. 

6. the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest, sometimes tinged with admiration: He felt wonder at seeing the Grand Canyon.

7. miraculous deed or event; remarkable phenomenon.

1.  to contemplate the meaning of One-ness (Union, Yoga, God, the Uni-Verse, the Macro, the All, the One, Truth, Reality, Bliss, Omni, Peace, Love, etc.).

One thing is for sure: One-der-ing is "out of this world." 

 * definition of "wonder" from

Monday, June 27, 2011

fish (swimming)

by connie nected

fish swims against the current (he can't take much more of this)
fish finds a place to rest: fish (swimming), current, water,

* when we fight against the flow, we sharpen our senses. ..we build muscle. ..we learn how to swim, and we learn how to navigate the stream. ..we become better at living in the river.

* when wIe go with the flow, wIe experience less resistance. ..wIe relax. ..wIe contemplate the nature of the river, and wIe can contemplate the nature of water ItSelf.

during a life-time of resistance and acceptance, 
wIe breathe, wIe consume, 
wIe experience, and 
wIe reproduce (in our own image).

* when wIe have had enough of swimming against the current, when wIe are tired and ready to surrender to the flow, wIe completely re-Lease our-self back into that which is Water.

* when wIe experience total re-Lese, wIe re-Cognize that the fish is the water, the water is the current, and the current allows for the very Consciousness of  swimming itself.

fish (swimming), current, water, fish

in the law of attraction, abraham-hicks talks about "going with the flow" vs. "paddling upstream," and she emphasizes that our new experiences are "the cutting edge" of Source Itself. Essence, living Be-ings are what Source is doing, and all of it is Source energy.

* all photographs by l. martineau, at various locations within a short ride from charlotte, nc.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

two birds on the Same tree

click on the pic(to enlarge)
deluca, david (2003) pathways to Joy. the master vivekananda on the four yoga paths to god. pp. 122-123. makawao, hawaii: inner ocean publishing.

thanks to chrys kub (charlotte yoga club), who let me borrow her book after inspiring our class with this story.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

life... is a 4D move-ie

alternative titles:
  • dimensions
  • vibrations of life
  • good, g∞d, G∞d, G∞D vibrations
  • ????? (your choice)
tonight, on the drive home, i did what anyone can do: i decided to watch the scenery as if i was outside of my body.'s easy: just imagine that "you" are located somewhere behind your head, and that you are watching you do whatever it is that you happen to be doing.

some religions call it "witnessing."  ..this post will call it "4-D." 

let's imagine that the Uni-Verse has 11 (to the 11th power) dimensions. other words, a lot of realities. ..what that means is that you might happen to experience the same experience differently than someone who experienced the same experience that you did.


everyone knows that we perceive the world differently from others -- but we can also perceive it differently from ourselves.


when we drive home tonight, we can i-magine that our physical body isn't solid. ..we can image-ine our-self as an electromagnetic being. ..we can image-in our-self as "sensors" that detect (and report back) to a Source of some kind.

we can imagine that (instead of "hands, holding onto a steering wheel"), we are a bundle of sensory vibrations, tapping into the "sensed" which happens to be our ride home. ..all we have to do is to lean our head back, and perceive:

  • that the bird, pecking at something in the road, becomes magical.
  • that frustrated drivers, behind us, become comedy.
  • that slow turns of the head become increased awareness of the multitude of potential scenes that can become the scenery -- based upon our attention to your scene of choice.
  • that every-thing is moving sloooooower...
  • that every-thing brings a gentle smile to our face...
  • that every-thing is really real (or maybe not).
you find yourself, smiling at the price of "gasoline."

you find yourself, chuckling at the guy on the moped (driving, wearing no shirt), turning into wendy's.

you find yourself, not caring about the traffic.

you find yourself...

the 4th dimension is a wonder-full dimension that sets us up for the 5th, 6th and 7th. ..eventually, we might find that there are eleven dimensions, and (after that) it's more like eleven to the 11th power.

interestingly enough, the only dimension that matters is the one that you can perceive, so even this dimension is completely up... to... you:


the beginning.


blood wrestling?

alternative titles:
  • you know that it's going to be a bad night, when...
  • "don't try this at home"
  • the birds and the bees?
thankfully, only family and friends will ever have access to this post.  ..heck, it might be sooooo disgusting that i'll probably hide it from everyone (event-u-ally).

the evening began quietly enough, as i left the house for my yoga teacher training course. ..i did what most people do (sunglasses on, hearing devices in, two oranges in hand, lock the door, carry the bag)... when (suddenly) a wasp was hovering around my hand. ..

no, the wasp had landed on my right index finger. ..nooooo, that nasty little wasp was stinging my finger!


at this point (and i'm glad none of my neighbors were around to witness this), yours truly dropped everything (oranges, bag, etc.) and attempted to "swat" the wasp away.  ..unfortunately, there were two more wasps, ready to engage!

yes.  ..surrounded by thousands of killer-wasps, i attempted to get back into the house.  ..this was not a good idea, as the door (of course) was locked, and i had no clue as to where my keys were (during this horrific moment in time).

[picture lenny, trying to break down his own door, thinking/chuckling/sobbing: 
"i've got to write about this!"]

screaming (or was it whining?), and flailing wildly (knocking off sunglasses and smashing the hearing devices off of my ears), i ran away, down the stairs.

unfortunately, i had to go back up to retrieve the dropped items (once i'd determined that the killer bees were not going to follow me out to the car).

anywaaaaaay, i went back upstairs, got the goods, and ran (whimpering?) to the car.
meanwhile, a giant storm was brewing, just west of charlotte, and tornados had done damage recently, so i found myself driving into a torrential hailstorm enroute to yoga.

below are the pictures, yes -- the calm after the storm:

the yoga class was great, with 2 hours of hatha, patanjali, 2nd chakra focus, and several variations of difficult postures. ..we decided that we'd finish with the last hour of "philosophy" at the common market, a vegetarian coffee shop/market/bar/whatever.

when we arrived at the common market, it was obvious that we couldn't hold the last hour of class there (because it was packed with people).  ..the owner ("chuck") told us that tonight was "blood wrestling," and i am not making this up --.the "ladies" dress up as mexican wrestlers (complete with masks) and wrestle in blood (see the photos, below):

needless to say, i snapped several photos, but (in the interest of you, the viewers, and me, the person who edits the pictures on this blog), i deleted all of the "wrestling" photos,'ll just have to use your imagination.

the good news (if there is any) is that the blood wrestling proceeds go toward some kind of "bike to the movies" fund, so it appears that some people will be cycling to local movie theaters in the near future.

now don't get me wrong... i've been to a "tomato wrestling" contest in alabama -- mind you -- only to support our office manager, who (for whatever reason) liked to wrestle... but this "blood-wrestling" thing was a tad over the top.

note: chuck assured me that the liquid in the pool wasn't human blood. ..he said that (maybe) it was "pig blood," or red jello, or "cherry kool-aid." ..but does it really matter

(actually, yes. answer my own question, it does matter!)

so anywaaaaaaaaaaaaay II...

i left (quicky) after the second match, and will need to rest up (purge the experience) before tomorrow's 9am-7pm class at the charlotte yoga club.

(afraid to walk outside tomorrow)

-the end?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Son flower

Son flower
by mani fested

open up the mystery of sound and space and time
open to the frequency of One (and yours and mine)
open with the tendency to replicate the Source
open to the Grand Idea that one is One (of Course)

* the sunflower, like every other living phenomenon, seeks to replicate its essence by re-cognizing its unique frequency based upon the re-cognition of that which it isn't.

* in other words, every one of our (human) problems is no-thing more than a cue... to shift away from that which is problematic, again and again and again, toward that which is one's True frequency.

* the dance (along the Way) amounts to a mellow-drama of sound, light and harmony (so bright) that One cannot help but resonate with a laughter of Love that Transcends this earth-bound dimension while in fact Be-ing this experience (simultaneously).

* interestingly enough, the story of every living thing can be echoed by the Son flower, as the story of the sunflower is echoed in every living thing.

from Macro to micro and back (again and again),
Love (here) is magical.

...and maybe that's what this Play is All about.

graphics by microsoft clipart and by google's "golden ratio images."

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a world of spirals

alternative titles:

1 x 1.68(ish)

each One is the (some) of the preceding two

the sequence of rectangular spirals

528 Hz

frequency of Love

infinite, golden, proportional

"nauty" little wave

and on, and on...

stayin' alive

this short video is corny, but we'll be showing it to every student in every class, because hands-only CPR saves lives!

please pass this information on to friends, family and anyone else you can think of.

Monday, June 20, 2011

goodbye, jungleland

in honor of the big man (clarence clemons) january 11, 1942-june 12, 2011

his solo begins at about 4:20, but the whole song is worth the 10:25

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


in only 19 moves,  
white creates a safe haven for his king while capitalizing on an innocent blunder by black – 
leading to sacrifices that result in a powerful mate.

martineau vs. the computer, 6-15-2011:
1. d2-d4           f7-f5 
 2. Bc1-f4        d7-d6 
 3. e2-e3          Nb8-c6
 4. Ng1-f3        d6-d5 

with his second queen-pawn move, black has given white a slight initiative in development.   

white controls the center, and is better prepared to exploit any opportunity.


5. c2-c4!         d5xc4 
6. Bf1xc4       

white removes black’s meager influence 
in the center, while developing his own king-bishop and setting up: (7. 0-0 castles)

…6. Ng8-f6
 7. Nb1-c3       Nc6-a5
 8. Bc4-d3       Bc8-e6?

while not a major blunder, black’s 8th move restricts his own king-pawn, 
which in turn traps his own king-bishop. 


9. a2-a3          Na5-c6
10. b2-b4         Rh8-g8?

black moves his king-rook, taking away his ability to castle on the king-side.   

white controls/dominates the center, has clear lines of attack, and the ability to castle into safety.

11. 0-0  (castles)           Ra8-b8?

again.  while not a major blunder, 
black’s rook move (11. Ra8-b8) removes his own castling options while not providing any type of tangible momentum.   

it's a wasted move.   

note that (in the meantime) white has safely
(and quietly) castled while developing his king rook, which, as it turns out,
will not be needed in this mis-match.

 12. Nc3-b5!    

triple threat!

the knight fork wins a pawn for white, with
(13. Nxc7 [check]) or the devastating (13. Bxc7!).

...12. h7-h5?

black's 12th move does nothing more than provide his opponent with future options.

13. Nb5xc7 (check)!    Ke8-d7
14. Nc7xe6!! 


white offers to "exchange" the knight, which will pull black’s king into extremely dangerous territory -- setting up the ultimate sacrifice.

             ...14. Kd7xe6

15. Bd3xf5 (check)!!! sacrifices the bishop.
notice the power of white's aligned bishops. is left with very few choices.

          ...15. Ke6xf5

16. Qd1-d3 (check)!    Kf5-e6
17. Nf3-g5 (check)!     Ke6-d7

white keeps pouring on the pressure, and black is powerless to stop the relentless attack.

it is important to note how black's mindless (...12. h7-h5) allows white's king-knight to exploit the g5 square on 17. Nf3-g5 (check!).

18. Qd3-f5 (check)      e7-e6 
19. Qf5xe6 (mate)

in the end, it becomes apparent that every, single move matters.   
purposeful action leads to opportunity,
and mindless movement places us into extremely vulnerable states.

let’s think (before we make the next move).